Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

Happy 47th Singapore. I love you and i dont hate the Govt! 😀

Honestly, it is an eyesore for me to see people hating the Govt. I am not a Pro PAP person. I can be quite angry sometimes over the high living expenses, for the difficult times in SG, for the actions and decisions made (high amount of foreigners that jam the whole train, the high cost of buying a car, and the list goes on).

Honestly, i do not love the Govt, or rather, the PAP. But i am extremely thankful for them as well, i believe it is clear that, without them, we can never be proud of ourselves when we go overseas, we can never be the safest (i feel we are) country in South East Asia, or even Asia.
I thank the Govt for everything, i see how Singapore transform from a slump to a country of high standard now.
In short, we really have to give credit to the Govt, so we dont wake up to riots, we dont see drugs going around or people holding guns and etc.

Frankly, just 1 trip to our neighbour country and i am filled with thanks when i touch down back to my Home- Singapore.

I seriously feel that haters should stop hating, be better or go join the Govt to make Singapore a better place than just typing behind computer screens.

We Singaporeans should be proud of ourselves, why are there numerous haters hating and blaming? If you are poor, work harder!
I am not born rich, neither am i even consider rich now. but i do not blame the govt because they didnt make me poor, instead, they kinda motivate me to work harder. Thus i can tell people that are not from Singapore that “If i can survive in Singapore, i can survive anywhere”.

When will haters stop hating? No idea, they blame the Govt, they curse my Pastor, they blame everything except for themselves and when i take a look at these people, these are usually the people who will never be contented with life or they are just the ones that are not achieving much  that want to whine about everything in the world. Do something instead yo!

Practically, if you are so unhappy staying in SG with its Govt, migrate. Because the Govt is not gona change to please everyone, deal with it or just leave it.

Thus, Thank you Mr Lee Kwan Yew, i dont particularly love you but you deserve much thanks, and much appreciates goes to the Govt, PM Lee and his staff. Mr Tan Chuan Jin has also lent a great help to me and my family. So comon, i am not some rich, spoilt brat that speak up for the govt.
I believe the poor are suffering, my heart goes out to them, and i believe the Govt will try their best to help too, even if not the entire parliament, there will be help. Just hope, not whine.

Sad to say, nothing is fair in this world, even a beautiful country like France, they have beggers everywhere. Look at our neighbours ard SEA. Are they better off? Would you like to stay there? They are not countries that are difficult to live in, except that you might or might not have to face tons of riotings and drug trafficking.

No1 is perfect, no organization is perfect, accept it, be the best yourself and stop expecting. Love your country and even if you cant love the Govt, be thankful and fill yourself with gratitude.

Also, i would like to say Happy Birthday to my Dearest Mom. I love her so much. I will never be able to find a better Mummy other than her.
She is not the perfect Mum, but she is the best mum to me, EVER.

Mummy i love you so much, you are probably the only person other than Jesus, that loves me unconditionally and someone other than Jesus, i would give my heart and life to.

Happy 52! Long live Mummy! May God shower you His blessings of Love and bless you with Good Health and joy!
I know i havent been the best daughter, i know i am very rebellious during my younger days and i upset you aplenty. I hope is not too late to make up to you my dearest Mum.

Happy Birthday to Gary, a pal of mine, also, a belated HBD to my dearest 7. Thank you for being my friend, you both are awesome!

God Bless the above!

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