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Do you (still) not believe in True Love?

Ephesians 5:33
However, each one of you also must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband. (NIV)

You Belong to Me – Bob Dylan (Aural Pleasure)


I Love this song 🙂


He loves yesterday, today, tomorrow and till the end

I always know that HE loves me. I always do. ok, perhaps not since i was born of course. But ever since i knew Him, i knew since then.

During difficult times, even when i cant trust myself nor anybody, deep inside me, i know HE is crying with me even during the time when i curse Him,  scold Him, or  blame Him.
He is lik my Father, who tolerate my nonsense and cryings but still loves me.

During happy times, i know He smile when i am laughing away. He must be feeling the joy in me too.

At times when life isnt that bad, yet, isnt at its best, there seems to be no breakthroughs, life seems to be medicore, i might have taken His love for me for granted.
Nope, i didnt forget Him but i tend to ask Him “dear Jesus, when will you answer my prayers? are u listening to my prayers?”

In actual fact, i should be grateful that i am awake each day because each day dont come expected.

Friends, if you are feeling sad, feeling so lonely and lost today, if you feel that God has forgotten about you, or He doesnt love you anymore.
Remember Jesus, He died for you at the calvary then, He wouldnt die for some1 whom He love yesterday and not today, He wouldnt die for some1 whom He love today and not tomorrow.


Let the Light in

Many argued about Einstein’s belief and many concluded that the video clip was actually using his name wrongly as Albert Einstein is actually an athetist.Honestly, whatever, the name that appeared at the end of the clip doesnt matter.

I do know that when a famous genius speaks, everyone listen and believes (most of the time). When the same thing that was spoken by someone unknown, nobody really bothers. I dont care who the person is, what is important is the content. 

I love this clip and it is not the first time i am watching it. Darkness is actually the absence of Light, Coldness is actually the absence of Heat.
In fact, Darkness and Coldness do not exist, they appear to be existing because there is an absence of Light and Heat respectively. Technically, if you bring in the Light, or the Heat, you will never see dark or feel cold anymore.

Let the Light in

Sex isnt problematic, Lust is.

Sex is created to exchange spirits, not fluids.

Sadly, not many people see sex importantly. To many, it was just an action, like taking a dump, like sleeping, like eating. like any other normal activity that makes one feel good.

Honestly, i dont deny it is a form of pleasure, it is a form of temptation and no temptation doesnt make one feel good (though the good feeling dont usually last)

Sex is created by God, a desire that pleasure both parties. If you find that your sex life is sad, probably it is really sad because it is an exchange of love emotions and spirits, between 2 people and you shouldnt feel sad about it. Worse is you are sad and the other party actually do not know or care.

Usually, the ultimate pleasure cant be achieved during ONS, or casual sex session. People feel good only during that few mins, or rather, most men feel exceptionally good during those few minutes.

What actually follows after that is emptiness.

Before my friends feel i am preaching again, i am not saying SEX should be after marriage, i am not acting Virgin here. According to the bible, yes, sex is something that should be done after marriage. But in relation to the  ‘world’s standard’, it is not advisable to let sex wait after marriage because you wouldnt wana realise that your spouse is actually a sex maniac on the night of your wedding.

So, what now?

I feel, it is up to individual to engage sex before or after marriage.
But i am really against casual sex and they includes …..Personally, i am very turned off by paying for sex, yes, prostitution, adultery sex (yes, irresponsible-selfish pleasure), and random casual sex.
Maybe i didnt feel so strongly about casual sex in the past, maybe is the society, maybe is the media, i dont know. But i feel i was blind before i really realise the blunt truth – Sex is not exchanging of fluids but spirits and emotions.

Would you want to exchange your spirits with someone random, someone who isnt worth your precious body ( most of the guys, i noe, your bodies are not as precious as you think)?

Forget about moral values, forget about all the self-righteous moral talks. I aint gona educate nor judge, plenty of people are still gona sleep around after reading this, some will roll their eyes in disbelief, some just cant be bothered.

Is fine, thats your life.

As for me, i wouldnt wana exchange fluids randomly that might be danergous (certain diseases), neither do i wana exchange my spirit with some1 random (i do not want to risk getting bad spirit from someone i dont know, who knows what kinda crap he might be).

Actually, spirits here do not mean spirits like ghost or soul. I believe there are spirits in a person, spirits like jealousy spirit, anger spirit, spirit of violence and  etc and there are also better ones like spirit of patience, spirit of generosity and etc.

I used to convince myself that sex is just an act, like 2 pieces of flesh rubbing against each other or wadever you call it. But it is obviously not, the intense mixed emotions involved is more than enough to tell me that it is not just an act. It involves everything of a person, not only physically but also mentally. For example – a cheating bf during sex,his mind was guilty (though very little part of it contains guilt at tt point of time), pleasure (tons of pleasure), thrill, and whatever..
Yep, it is actually doing your mental state good OR harm during sex because you are actually building emotions along with the act.

So, if sex is good with the wrong people, wrong gfs, wrong bfs, it will be better when you are having sex with the right one. Right? And by then, we no longer call it Sex. It is Making Love.

Anyways, just my thoughts, whats yours? (ok i dont need to know. shh)


p/s I love my husband (yet to meet, haha) but i love you before i met you
because i know that if you are able to be my husband (and read this at the right time),
you must be some1 i really love.
I love myself but i love you too
and thats why i am protecting my body now, for you.
Because you matter to me, your feelings are important
and your happiness is what i care about.
I do not want to stain  myself with some random people and stain you.
I understand that not many, in fact, i do not know if there is anyone that still thinks this way…
But i aint a freak, you knew it.
I just love my body too much to let it risk being stained.


“At times of confusion, God will take our hands, guide and direct us through the unknown state to our destination” ― bolanle john


人生有许多无法理解的事, 不用追根究底





Do u think u deserve to be happy?

Everyone deserves Happiness.

Just not those that turn arrogant, egoistic and conceited after their tough times are over.

These people talked with their heads down when they were down, these people talk with a humble spirit and beg desperately for their desire outcome with zer0 pride during those difficult times they were in.

But, when those problems are solved, they forgot all about the tough periods they been through, they do not remember how humble they were or ‘try to be’-at  that time.

They become proud and conceited, they talked like they are the best in the whole world.

Do these people deserve Happiness?

Remember, you were once very down, you once lost everything, before you critisize and talk like a jerk, remember you were once being despised too. What makes you superior now just because your problem is solved now, when your problem shouldnt even exist in the first place?

Good that you can be happy now, but for the 1st time, i feel people like that do not deserve happiness. Well, you lost it b4, you cant guarantee you will not lose it again. So be humble and speak with brains and not with mouthfuls of craps.

Humility goes a long way and not just when you are down. If you cant keep it when you are up, u dont deserve to be happy for long.


Fight or Regret

Given my stubborn character, i do not really listen to advises most of the times.

Being obedient to God and my spiritual leaders is also a challenge. But it does not mean i am not open to opinions and i usually tend to reflect what people say, after sometime though not immediately.

Chatted with Mel today and i am sure what she says make perfect sense to me. Thanks Mel, for speaking out what i was thinking.

I am glad i am someone who fight for what i want. i am really someone lidat. It can be pro or con.  If i can fight for some1 who abuses me (in my last r/s), what can stop me from getting what i want? However, i dont use despicable methods in getting what i want. It is either i lay my cards on the table and come to terms to it or i dont.

I fought for what i wanted recently. I am very clear of what i want. I didnt get what i want because i figured that what i wanted was not worthy of my efforts.
It is not my problem if you are not brave, i cant sympathize forever. It is also Not my problem if i choose black or white while you choose grey.
I am not ashame of my fight, i am sorry you are timid.

Honestly, i am glad that i can understand the saying: Rather regret that you did it, then regret the what ifs (what if i do it and fail, what if this what if that).

Thats why i no longer discourage my sis in pursuing her dreams anymore. Really wish to see her do it than to live with regrets.

So readers, if you are reading this, pursue what you want, but before that, please do yourself a favour and be sure of what you want and stop sitting on your shit problems and negativity, lies or excuses?
Be it a cert, a chance to travel, be it someone you adore, whatever, dont live to regret.

If you are a Man, be Man enough, if you are a woman, be strong enough.

p/s Fight, in this article does not means literal fight but a spirit and emotion pursue.

anonymous friend

U did it again, revenge or not, but i promise, it will be the last.

of all, hatred should come last.

can i?

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