Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

Be with You

This is my song  for the night.  Very peaceful isnt it.

I was feeling rather low again, for these few weeks. I have been thinking what can i do to make myself feel happier because i hate being emo. I am already such a blessing, being blessed with a life, yet i still feel there is more to it. I feel i need more, more of what?

I have been wondering what is the ‘remedy’.

After times and again, i am even more sure, Him and doing work for Him.

I love you Jesus, i was so tired and lazy, lethargic and i cynical, i nearly want to give up on being a friend to someone who is lost, and lonely.

I thank you for allowing me to be your servant.

I thank you Jesus, for i cant feel any happier, than this. I always feel so so so much happier to talk about You than anything or anyone. It happened so naturally and i almost cant feel myself talking but it was You, it was Holy Spirit that lead You to my friend.

Lord, i pray to u to bless May, i pray that she will come to know you, i pray for peace for my friend D, i pray for Jesus to pour down your love, let me soaked in your presence.

Thank you for using me.

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