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Priceless Gifts


The weekend is over and it is back to YAWNS ….Monday again.

I am so sleepy especially when i am having Flu now, very irritated.

Anyway, i spent my Sunday at home, nursing the damn flu, packing up my house. I feel a sense of accomplishment after throwing 2 big trash bags of trash away.

The areas that i packed are now cleaner and tidier.

Of cos, whenever i pack, i usually look at all the stuff carefully before i decide to keep or to throw.

I was happy to go through a stack of cards and small gifts that do not cost alot but warms my heart.

I took pictures and made a list of items that i received from various people
These pressies bring a smile to my face 🙂

Here they are!

Super cute Birthday Card sent in 2012, from Daniel – Korea! The card is so cute although i dont know what it is written there. haha. But Korea and Japan, both countries have the nicest and cutest gifts and cards. I was delighted with surprise when i received this 5months ago!

Awwww. This is so CUTE. I am not a sucker for cute stuffs like Hello Kitty and etc (ok, maybe i dont even feel that Hello Kitty is cute, no offence to HK lovers but i kinda dislike how irritating it looks).

But  this is just so cute!

From Chris and Jam, Chris bought this in Korea too.

This Xmas card was sent sometime ago. From Regine. She used to be my best friend but we kinda distant away but we do meet up occasionally. Miss those days which we hang out daily. 🙂

I am using this now, it is pretty. ok, maybe not this side of the keychain because it looks like some souvenir you get at pasar malam or bugis street. You might like it better, if you see this:

May it serves as a reminder for me because i find it hard to love people. Not exactly hard to love people, but it is very tedious and challenging to love the very nasty and irritating ones.

This Birthday card was sent 2 or 3 years ago, i cant really remember. But back then, the cell group is filled with faces that i do not really see now.
I shant be a hypocrite and say that i miss everyone in this card. There are a few of them, i am really FINE with not seeing them anymore.
I do miss the unity of the group, and yea, i miss 1 of the elder bros, Allan (the 1 that used the biggest space in this card).
I would like to thank him for being the medium/channel that God uses, to bring me to this wonderful church. I might not have learnt the valuable lessons in life if i didnt respond to your invitation to CHC 3years ago.
Hope that you will have a mind of your own (like you always have, since i know you..till recently) and come back soon.

My second birthcert. Enuff said.

I kept this candle for almost a year already.
I got this from the candle light service last year, during Xmas. I was sucha broken wretch during that period last year. Went through a year of mental and physical torture and abuse, as if thats not enough, i was actually begging for more. I wasnt even rational to walk away from that unhealthy r/s i had. I remember crying bitterly while holding the candle. OMG.

Looking back now, i feel embarrassed to even take a look at myself a year ago. Lol.
I am looking forward to the candlelight celebration this year!
I threw the candle away already because i want to look forward to the new candle this year!

Cute Kangaroo bookmark from Aussie, Made in China. From Gary Tho, bought from Aussie.

So cute, the ang pows on wall. My mum stick them during CNY last year. I stick the Cross on yesterday. It was given by Seven.

Obviously, there are alot more priceless items/ gifts lying around my house. But here are the few that i snapped yesterday.

Took a few photos during work last week  for our Hairy Crab Wine Pairing Event. Yumyum!

‘Lion Head’ – famous Chinese dish 

If you are looking at somewhere elegantly decorated, somewhere really exclusive for your wedding (unlike your usual hotel ballrooms)
You may call me or PM me and i will be happy to assist you.
What are the chances of holding your wedding on the 53rd level, which is not easily and usually accessible by public?

This post is filled with nice pictures right?


Hope you like the post and have a fantastic week ahead, it is already halfway tru end of Monday!
It is a short week this week! Weee to PH this Friday! 😀

My friends say this picture look scary, actually i like it because its quite artistic to me leh. haha. Ok la, scary maybe, but it shows the different parts of the face, so i thought it is quite interesting. hurhur.

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