Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.


PH is over and we are back to reality. But is mid week already! 2 more days to wonderful weekends, i miss you everyday. haha.

It was Jams’s birth ytd and we celebrated over at his place. Simple gathering but fun as we talked and laughed.

Wanted to swim but didnt manage to, was in a lousy mood, my hair thong caught fire (which i have no slightest idea why?!?!) and i will be having straight hair all day long from now till i get a new one.

I was a little pissed b4 the bbq because there was no1 ard to help Chris (Jam’s wife) to set up and to prepare the food. She already went out early to buy the ingredients and food, the least we can do is to go there earlier to help out instead of just arriving right on (dinner) time to eat.

Thus, when 7 and Gary arrived, i kinda told them off. The 7 i knew in the past, set her priorities right but not now.

Anyways, she isnt the only one that just arrive and eat. I wonder how some people can just sit there and eat, taking everything for granted. But, honestly, there are just people like that and as long as the host is happy….. whatever.

I should thank God that i did my part in helping, because i used to be so darn lazy and i cant b bothered with such gathering. As long as i show up, i guess, is enough (i used to think that way).

Omg, i think i am very disgusting in the past.

Ok, the air con in my office is freezing me to death and i cant really concerntrate now. I shall post some pictures taken and thats it.


The cake from me and Mindy, delicious yo!

Setting fire to the rain

aww how sweet

Stanley, the Leslie Cheung alike!

my fav teacher


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