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A piece of me


It is Monday again. Honestly, i do not really like Mondays unless it is a public holiday.


I was on 2 days leave last week and is back to work today. Totally love the days i was on leave, sleep as and when i want, wake up anytime i want.

I cant wait for more days like that.

Also, i have been praying hard for that year end  bonus to come, so that i can execute my plan of __. fingers crossed, God bless!

Anyway, i thought it has been sometime since i started this blog. A few months. I do not have plenty readers. But i think it is enough, and all i really want to do is to share some positive and good stuffs though i will sometimes whine and rant abit.

My readers might not be the close friends, as my friends arent normally the ones that read blogs. Anyway, i wont know who are the ones reading lah.
I see a few from other countries, Thailand, Hong Kong, Msia, and also the USA, France and etc.

Anyway, Friends or not, maybe i would like to let my readers to know me better?

I shall start with a small biography 😛


Name: Valencia Faith Zhong/ Valencia Cheng
Pinyin: Zhong Mei Yi
Origin: Singapore
Born: 5th May
Other name: Valliez, Val, Mei, Lesley
Family: Mum and younger Sister
Loves of Life: Mummy, Jesus, Family ( & relatives)
Religion: Christianity
Church: City Harvest Church
Occupation: God’s servant, Marketing Industry
Influences: Jesus Christ, Pastor KongHee, Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor Joyce Mayer, Pastor Phil Pringle, Leslie Cheung
Fav Food: Mum’s homecook food/ Fried rice/ Chinese Food/Chocs
Fav Number: 8
Fav Actors/Actress: Leslie Cheung, Channing Tatum, Hugh Grant, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Chow Yun Fatt, Scarlette Johanson, Leonardo Dicarpio
Fav Singers/Music: Leslie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, LaidBack Luke, House & Electro, Pop, Canto, Oldies, Evergreen
Fav Movies: PS I Love You, Passion of Christ, Happy Together, The Vow, Marley & Me, Shutter Island, I love Philip Morris, Hangover, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, all of Leslie Cheung’s movies, Infernal affairs
Games/Exercises: Halo, Left 4 dead, Gear of War, Resident Evil, Badminton, Swimming, Bowling

Ok, done! Short and sweet list i have there.
It might not describe me entirely but i hope its enough to have that slight brief idea about me.

Ayte, i gtg. Enjoy your week everyone!

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