Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

Whats for 101?


I just realise that this is my 101th post. Haha. I gave my 100th post to Leslie Cheung and i didnt realise only until i posted the previous post.

Is ok, i adore him very much anyway.

Well, i thought the 101th post should be some special post since it is the 101th post.
Hmm, but i haven tot of anything to write about now! Argh!

Well, i talked about myself briefly, in the post before the previous one. I do regular updates on events in my life (except the recent ones, christmas services with family and pressie shopping).

Oh right, i am supposed to share abit on that but i missed out. But i am so lazy to post pictures now 😦

Also, 101th post shouldnt just be about my happenings right?

I have so much to share actually, yet, it seems like not.

Alright, i really am lost for this 101th post. Any suggestions on what you would like to read?

Btw, i am fine with PM

Till then, be blessed and nope, it is NOT end of world yet. haha




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