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Little Update


It is the 4th day away from work.

Besides being SUPER BORED, everything else is good and i cant ask for more.

No stress, do not have to b afraid if i can slp at night, do not have to worry if i wake up in time for work in the mornings, do not have to face certain people, do whatever i want at home and just slack the day away.

I love days like these 4 days

But honestly, even though life shldnt be built on just work,  i feel rather aimless, and dead/useless these 4 days.

I feel i am not productive and am very lost in life.

I start to ponder if life, is all about work, or are Singaporeans too used to slog and relaxing seems taxing?

Weird right? If i feel lost in these 4 days, then what do the people do in Aussie and New Zealand? They are so slack! Arent they sick of their everyday?

Well, perhaps i will feel much better if my work is something i love. Not meaning that i hate my job now lah, just that, there are stuffs i love to do more.

Well, i am not exactly satisfied but i am ok with the result of the wait. I am praying for better results in time to come.

I wish that my days of away from work can be better if i am feeling all comfy and all, watching tons n tons of shows online.

But is ok la, at least i sleep alot.

I think i cant be a taitai at all la, because i dont have many rich friends so i cant high tea wih nobody in the boring afternoons.

Besides, high tea-ing daily can b a chore too.

I cant majong, because i think most eng eng people (people with lotsa free time) usually plant themselves at the table day and night.

Perhaps i am born to do some work (ok i am not born to slog please, i refuse to acknowledge that) and def not lazing around (though i wish i can).

Ok, just a small small update since i have been away for many days. There will be lotsa new plans, activities coming up, i promised (myself).


p/s i haven been taking many pictures ah. Lazy to upload too. Ntg special to take also. I guess i will upload more pictures when i have the ‘mood’ to.



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