Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

Still no pictures to update. My HP is still away in the Service Centre. Sadness 😦

Still no access to Whatsapp, i have friends complaining to me that i am not replying whatsapp, 😦 i still cant access Whatsapp !

Anyway, i have made some minor changes to my life, in and out. I am happy 🙂

I have decided on something with y sis on a certain issue, this is a major decision and i am glad that the sermon yesterday by Ps Kong and Ps Paul have enlightened me and confirmed my decision.

The next step will be motion, i have to act on my decision.

Thank God for Courage, and Blessings.

I met up with Kai7 and Gary ytd for dinner and chillax session, was definitely a good catch up, been TOO LONG!

Finally, i feel we are back to the Happy 3 days, honestly. I am very happy.

I know the both of them have been tolerating my nonsense and giving in to me. I am very grateful for the both of them.

Ever since Kai7 and Gary fell in love, Happy 3 did not feel as ‘happy’ as b4? Maybe it was only me, i did not feel the same because previously we were not bonded romantically, between the 3 of us, and suddenly, ther is a  couple in the 3 frens and i tend to feel awkward because i feel like an extra when we hang out.

Also, i tend to judge Kai7’s choice in being with Gary and alot of shits happened…

But i am thankful for having these 2 friends because ultimately, they did nt giv up loving me and i wonder what kinda  frens are they.

I mean, why do they bother so much abt me?! haha. If they are not angels sent, if this is not Love, what is?

Anw, Gary told me something which sorta motivated me abit more, and it is my 2nd confirmation for the day. (my decision with Sis).

Oh! did i forget to mention that my sis is very very nice to me now, like, suddenly, she learnt to be appreciative, not selfish, better than b4 and is starting to share (mentally and physically) with me (her thinkings, her material stuffs).I am very thankful. Thank God, You answered my prayers and i have ntg to ask  for. Really.

I am currently feeling good about everything and i believe it is a very GOOD start for 2013 and i believe more will come! Hallejulah!


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