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Its a new month! Its May May May~ Its my Birthday month^ My Birthday was yesterday and i am wiser by another year 🙂

What Old? Old? I am still so young please. 30 is the new 20 and i am still far from 30, so technically i am still in my teens.


I had many celebrations this year and it was nothing i expected. If you read my blog regularly, you would have known what happened previously and also why i did not expect to have celebrations this year.

However, whatever is the past is the past, i really do not wish to bring them up anymore. I am just happy that i enjoyed myself this year with different celebrations.

Anyway, this is another post about my updates and also my birthday highlights. So, before i start with my birthday celebrations, lemme briefly talk about what happened before that.

I took 1 whole week of MC during the week of Labour Day. Not that i want to enjoy 5 days of PH though. Mon i was having slight fever but it is nothing serious. However, my back was hurting so much that i decided to see a doc about it. It really might just be the age (ahem, my body age that is) The doctor said that it might just be my sitting position.


For that, i really should just ask Gary about it since he is the expert.

Then i got to the polyclinic on Tues to check on my ears and backache followed by the slight fever (you know how serious the dengue cases are nowadays). Something went wrong with the ears and i cant hear clearly so they helped to clean up the ears and it improved.

I continued to take the anti pain medicine i got from Monday and on Tues night, i put on a mask before i slept.

Wednesday was Labour day and it was also a Public Holiday in Singapore. However, i woke up to my HORROR, to this:



I almost couldnt recognise myself. Felt so damn angry. I am not sure who i am angry with or what i am angry with, i am just upset.

My face was so swollen and itchy, full of rashes and my eyes cant really open.

I do not know which to blame, the mask or the medicine that causes the allergy but am i furious. My skin used to be so silky smooth and in just 1 night, it turned into sandpaper. As for my eyes, i am speechless.

Look at me.
With make up and without make up on the top and below pics are just way beyond recognition.
My friends thought i went for plastic surgery!


Whatever it is, i am not risking again. Thus i will never buy any cheapo mask that is on sale anymore. EVEN IF IT IS FROM GUARDIAN. Cheapo masks just cannot be trusted.
I am also gonna be more careful about the med i take.

The doctor did not really identify the real reason of my allergy but she gave me some anti-swell and anti-itch medicine and 2 days of mc for Thurs and Fri.

I guess my boss is displeased but i cant do much. As much as i want to be professional about work but honestly, to me now- work is just work.

Yes, we should be diligent when it comes to work but i really do not believe in sacrificing health for work. I used to do that when i was with Lifebrandz and frankly, nobody appreciates and despite staying till wee hours for my work with a swollen eye back then, there is simply NO appreciation from the direct boss at all (not to even mention the management-they all saw how bad my eye was infected but so? they do not care)

So…i really think it is not wise to risk health for work. It is afterall just work.
I saw this somewhere “never let your work make you unhappy, it is just work”

I think it is  very true.

Anyway, my bday week wasnt so good eh? Down with sickness and all. haha.
When i return to work, i saw this rude email from 1 of the IT consultant (we sub out to this IT person to handle our IT issues) :

The following needs proper instructions :

  1. Membership tab – Please provide the exact writeup for updating
    (FYI, i provided this info for 3 times and i wonder if he understands English)
  2. Event and Promo – Please let me know what exactly needs to be done, don’t let me decide, if it cannot be done, I will let you know.
    (i was asking for his advise since he is supposed to be the expert of IT. But he seemed to be offended)
  3.  Do not question why this and why that, if need to remove or change, please provide info.
    (I do not know why cant i ask the reasons. I have a boss to account to. What is so difficult about answering the IT questions because non of us know why and especially my Boss. Isnt his job to explain to us why certain glitch happens? If we dont ask him, we ask who?)

I am so tempted to post his company name here but i reckon it is not very ethical n since i am still working here, i shant announce it now.
I really really do not understand why are the people SO RUDE in here. The colleagues, the management, every single one.

Ok, you might say i am the real problem since everyone else ‘seem to be the baddie’ as i described. I really do not think it is unfair to say that because what you hear or see is just 1 sided story of mine.

But i can only say, i have never try covering my fault if any. Everytime i ask nicely about something, i will be snubbed, everytime i ask someone to do something (within their jobscope) they will behave rudely.

Worse, the people here SMIRKS everytime you present an idea. How nice.

Really really terrible here. I have been working for years and i met different people.
There were conflicts yes, but never one time did i encounter such weird culture before…a place FULL OF RUDENESS.

197686_539127249471432_151242746_n (1)

I am really enduring and if not for the plan i had………….

I can only say that i am upset daily whenever i turn up for work now.
Lost the motivation because there isnt unity when it comes to work. And i cant possibly be the only person to make things work.

But what can i do right?

Hold on since i cant do much and i still have plannings on hand…

Ok, anyway, i dont even feel like talking about my job no more. It will dampen my mood.

Oh, 1 more thing i just heard from the colleagues – “Malaysians are so hardworking, Singaporeans can never be as hardworking….”
(then why r you here?)
a min later – “Malaysians are best in cheating, Singaporeans better, wont cheat (in political votings)”

Then, another of my colleague is telling me how the bitchy Ops Manager is bitching about me behind my back, saying i feigned illness to skip work.


Feign Illness?

This is call Feigning illness????

This photo is NOT EDITED and TRY looking like this just to feign illness???





My Birthie is much worthy to be mentioned that the rotten worms.


IMG_20130501_024736Love the Birthday Card from Church. 🙂


My first celebration was with Zen my bff. Haha. We havent been catching up till recently. He is 1 of my best male friends, some one that i can trust alot but he is very noisy. HAHA.


We basically  hang out at KPO with Moscato (yearning satisfied) and we chat up for abit. Never really stay out for long as i am still tired from the backaches and never really celebrate but the catch up was good.










(Please note that this happened on Tuesday night, no more Fever and it was the eve of the public holiday. This is also the day i cleared my ear infection and thus was given MC for the day. Just the wait itself at the clinic took 3hrs. That is excluding the consultation and the procedure of cleaning the ear. Thus the MC given is also legit. **THIS IS BEFORE I GOT THAT SWOLLEN FACE AS SHOWN ON TOP. I was having ear infection and the problem was solved after the cleaning. I  continued to take my anti pain med for my backaches.)

Anyway, i hate to explain and reason everything i do, specially so when i am innocent. The above explanation will be the last explanation i have to give. I trust that the doctors employed by Singapore Polyclinics are not phonies that can help you take sick leaves just anyhow. Doubting me is just as well as doubting the doctors and i really hope that these bitchy people/colleagues will never be sick ever because i wonder who will say that they are feigning sickness the next time round they are sick.

I also went dinner with my Family. We ate very good food though they are just hawker food. My sis brought us there. I did not talk much to her but we did communicated and we started to talk again, not as much as before but we are talking at home.

I guess thats good. 🙂

So Mum, Aunt and Sis gave me a treat.

Thats my first Bday Dinner.




Went over to Gf’s place and had Mian Xian. She did not cook specially for me thou. HAHA. It was just coincidental that she cook mian xian.
We chatted, watched TVB drama and laughed about nonsense. I played w the doggies as usual.



IMG_20130503_2 IMG_20130503_3

Then, it was my Ex schmates turn to celebrate with me!

They really gave me a great surprise.

Initially i only asked 3 or 4 friends to gather and have dinner over the weekend. ( I even planned for it to be on weekend because i did not want to do it on weekdays since everyone and including myself is working. Look, if i want to feign illness, i can conveniently ask them to do it over weekdays since they also wudnt mind)

But anyway, they gave me a huge surprise when the other people whom i did not invite, turn up for the dinner. Actually i would love to get all of them but i was afraid that they wouldnt be bothered because they are very busy people! We have also not been contacting for sometime…

So can you imagine my happiness when i see these friends who made an effort to come for my Bday!

IMG_20130503_5Dress of the day, i like!












Thou my expression didnt show much because i am not really some1 who can show my excited and happy feelings on my face, but i was really very happy that night.

There were Regine (credits to her because she organised this party), Jay (he supported greatly and he choose the lovely lovely venue), Aaron and wife, Ricky, Alan, Cole, Shuling and KP.

We had dinner at The Fullerton Waterboat House. The food is very good and i will definitely be back again. Really very good catching up over dinner and every1 look so good and well. I am happy that each and every 1 of us is moving on and progressing well in life.




We moved to the rooftop bar above after dinner and we took hell lotsa pics that night, the place overlook MBS and has really nice scenaries.

Later on, Jay, Aaron & wife, Shuling, me and KP went singing while the rest ended their night as they  were very tired. Actually all of us were very tired but it is weekend and i am already recovering and my face wasnt so swollen already, so we thought of hanging out more.




















We headed home after the long night and i remember we were really happy that night.

The second last celebration was of course with my dearies HAPPY 3! My most most supportive friends – Gary and Seven.

We had Mookata and Gary treated us to that. So awesome but so sinful. He topped it up with a sinful choc cake that tastes like heaven. haha!

I love the earrings he and Seven bought and i will definitely wear them soon 🙂







We went to sing again because Gary felt like singing and i can only say…i was really touched by the love of these 2.

I was happy, really happy.

My last celebration was with my family again. Mum cooked alot of awesome dishes and there is my fav fried chicken (i had a really sinful week and because i was unwell the whole week, i did not manage to exercise last week -_-)

Aunt and Sis went to buy the Choc Truffle cake at SwissBake for me. It was really really nice of them and the cake taste so so so good!!!!!!

I thank Aunt for coming over specially to celebrate with me on my actual day! 🙂






IMG_20130505_31Pardon the PJ. I am at home, what you expect me to wear. haha.
Yah, i dont wear tshirts at home!
I love PJs!


Yea, thats all for all the celebrations this year, this year is by far, my best bday year ever. I remember i was sad every other year in the past years. So i am really thankful for this year. 🙂

Thank you my dear dear family and friends, thank God for these angels.

Thank you again and again, because i really did not expect all these surprises and love. It is true that surprises and happiness best come without expectations.

Although i have not many fanciful presents this year but to be very honest, i enjoyed myself more than any of my past bdays. Maybe as i grew, i cherish people around me more than material stuffs.

I think the medicine (anti- itch) is acting on me and i am groggy now.

So i shall stop here and let the pictures do the talking. Till the next update!

p/s thanks all who sms/whatsapp and fb me for my bday. Appreciate it!



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