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CHC Trial in 2 Days

This is a ridiculous Google search by I-really-dont-know-who.

Anyway, the Trial is starting and i guess there will be people like that.


I just want to say, CHC Trial will not divide Christians,  we are all God’s people. Yes, i do agree that there will be discerning Christians and non discerning Christians.

There are far too many people who want to have a say in everything, they are not even from church, so i am very upset why are they critisizing so much when they are not well informed as we do.

Secondly, i doubt the characters of these people and i do not really want to feel that way towards people whom i call ‘Friends’.

So…. yah, i do not wish to see nonsense because such nonsense hurts the eyes and heart and is really not worth seeing.

It is 2 days away from the Trial, and i Pray that God can bring Wisdom and discernment to His people.

Comments on: "CHC Trial in 2 Days" (2)

  1. Do not mistaken trust in God with blind trust in leaders who preached trust in God.

    • thanks for the reminder, and i hope i do not have to re-assure people who doesnt know me or my church and the Crossover project.
      I trust God, and i will trust God forever
      I trust my leaders because i understand what we are doing, we are the same, we are a family.
      Please note that it is not only they i am trusting, i trust myself, i consider myself part of them because WE are in this together and WE believe in the Crossover.

      I wont say i will trust them forever as they are human too. They might make mistakes one day.
      But in this case, i trust them fully.

      This is not blind trust. It is just faith and trust in things i understand & i love, in the leaders i respect and i believe.
      In works of Faith.

      God bless.

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