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Vdates June (4)


Here is my update before June ends, June has been very terrible and i cant wait for it to go away.

As i am typing away, i am wondering to myself who will be the ones reading my updates.
I have absolutely no idea who my readers are. I seem to be writing to myself but i seem to have a small group of readers.

It is a very weird feeling because you do not know who are the ones reading and digesting, who are the ones judging and hating, who are the ones that are waiting for new update posts and etc.

I do not want or need the whole world to read about me, not that i have anyway.
But I just feel that blogging gives me the chance to reminisce  my past events.
It is unlike photos, blogging includes more emotions. Everytime i read back the old entries, i can still feel the emotions behind certain blogposts.

Anyway, June is ending and before it ends, i got myself Cornea Ulcer or Holes in the Eye. -_-

I do not know what exactly is wrong with my left eye but 1 doc say i have Cornea ulcer and the other told me i just have holes in the left eye. Whatever.
No matter what, it requires time to heal by itself and the recent haze did not make it better.


Was referred  to A&E by my GP and i chose NUH even though it is the further-est for me. I know i make a right choice because the whole experience was really worth it.

Over at National University Hospital, the waiting time is so much lesser, the whole hospital is more organized, the staff are more polite and professional. Of course, this isnt any paid advertisement, a hosp do not need that anyway.

Starting from the entrance, they took my temperature and was directed to make payment immediately. After payment, i waited for around 10 to 15 mins to speak to a nurse about my condition. Then, i waited around 45mins to see the Doc.

After seeing the Doc, i waited another half an hr to see an Eye specialist. I took around 3 hours in total at NUH, comparing to the 8 to 10 hrs wait at the other hospitals and the recent SGH…i cant be anymore thankful.


I also want to credit the team at NUH because the MOs were very firm and decisive, they really behave like ‘adults’ and i felt much more secured than seeing the bunch of ‘kiddy doctors’ of you-guess-where.

1 thing that irked me at the hospital was the SAF guys. There was a bunch of SAF guys in green sitting around, with or without injury.

My Mum was limping around while i had a bandage on my eye. It was obvious we needed a seat. At least for my Mum who has difficulty standing up for long lah. However, after much stares  from the Army Boys, the one that gave up his seat for us was a Bangladesh worker.

I wrote this on my FB and have gotten various responses:


Honestly, you may think i am quarrelsome. You may also think i am a typical woman who likes to bitch but if you are a guy and u have to stoop to my level, you really have to do a reality check on your gender.

I was told by a gentleman that  according to the gentleman’s handbook, a real man would give up his seat to a lady- fat skinny tall or short. She doesnt has to b injured to earn the seat. Of cos, it depends sometimes on the location. A bus or train, or even hospitals.

I am sorry but i am not saying all, (because i still have a  few guy friends who are nice gentlemen) but Singaporean Men, a portion of you guys should really stop blaming Singaporean Ladies for blaming you guys.
We are not perfect but time and again, you guys show to us  that you guys are spoilt and in denial. We are not too picky, but sometimes, some of you are just too spoilt and refuse to admit that you are not acting like a real man.

Of course, we can never force someone to be a gentleman if he doesnt want to, i do understand that being Male is by birth for alot of you, but being a real Man is a choice.


So yeah, wassup with Mr Harrison in  this case? Arguing with a woman with an injured eye, arguing that the NS men should not give up seats to an injured lady nor a limping elderly.


I cant help but ask 不知道是不是男人

Anyway, i better stop before i start to feel angry all over again. It is not my business, i must remind myself  that how low a man behaves IS NONE OF MY BUSINESS!

Later in the week, i received a rather sad news and have felt a little down ever since. But please do not worry for me as i believe that God has see this coming and He has already planned. I just need to be patient and calm while handling my emotions and making the right decision.

I am not talking about r/s problem, because many people naturally relate that a woman can only be sad over romance issues.
This is more than that.

It has been sometime since i last chilled with gf, prolly paying her a visit this weekend?

I miss swimming but damn, my eye is not any better after a week and i am heading back for follow up on Thursday. Till recovery, i am not allowed to swim.

84d22ea2d97911e2918122000a9f4d8a_7 65867becd97a11e2b49e22000ae91347_7



Working out with Sis in Gym.

Anyway, speaking of which, the Haze is really better this week. My whole family and i were so paranoid because we received news that the PM2.5 will be caught in the lungs and might develop into cancer cells and etc. I do not care if it is true but if anything, i rather be safe than sorry.



IMG_20130621_3Lol, all covered up because my eye cant take the haze, too.

N95 was out of stock during the peak of the whole Haze Saga (PSI at 400) and i was so Garang enough to Q up for 4 hours at Lot 1 Choa Chu Kang’s Unity for just 4 pieces of masks. (i stay in the East -_-)

I can’t believe i did that but yeap, i did. We tried our best to get masks from friends and i was even offered a box at $60 (usual price at $25).

Thanks but no thanks.

I wish i have more sincere friends though.

So, the haze did made my eye condition worse and thank God that haze is gone but i have too many masks now. Any takers?

Yes, Govt told us to be vigilant as the haze might be back but my office (finally) gave another N95 so i guess i have enough and i can sell or give away. I know NTUC is selling now and everyone can get it conveniently, so i am just saying.

Ok, i think i have ntg much to write as of now. You can take a look at some pictures of myself







IMG_20130623_6and some other randoms:



super sinful supper after so long, with the cg.

8de5c2ccd9c111e29b0e22000a9f12cb_7a contradiction to the above

b30ea702db8411e28a6422000a9e08ee_7Sis made  this egg pancake, not bad!


Ok, the last picture is super random and i am super random and I am hungry and i feel like lunching already. Till my next post, be blessed!

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  1. Ruzhi Chew said:

    Was browsing through WordPress’ reader section and came across your blog. Interesting view you have on NSmen – I’ve always believed that this army-makes-boys-become-men notion to be a big joke.

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