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The Legendary Leslie Cheung

Friends and readers know how much i adore this piece of Art.

I refer him to an Artpiece because he is simply perfect, as if his life is painted like a masterpiece.

Having said that, he is also flawed. I just didnt know how one can be so beautiful despite the flaws of insecurity, fear and sadness.

Once again, I cant stress enough on how talented he is and how much i would love to see him in person.

But that is really impossible and all i can do now, is to remember him in my own ways.

A Tribute to Leslie Cheung, once again.








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images (4)

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Specially selected this group of photos over Google. Hope you like them as much as i do.

Decision collides with Faith and it turns into a Belief


Today is the most hated day of the week.

Sometimes i wonder why is Monday sucha poor thing.

It takes on all the hatred and blames just because for most of us, it is our job that sucks.


I am so wanting to change this,  so wanting to  do things i wana do in my own timing and then perhaps, Monday will no longer be blue ever.

But it is not easy. 

I heard alot of msg of Faith and Courage but i still cant help fearing.

I wonder if i can do it and for now, i dont even know how to go about it.

But i believe no matter what, My God is with me.

And HE is gona unfold page by page.

And if my plan is aligned with His, He will bless me and do the impossible while i take care of the possibles.

Please guide me as i take each tiny step.


Skin Regime for the Lazy you! Featuring HADA LABO

Before anything, i would like to emphasize that this post is NON SPONSORED nor an Advertorial.

ccHello everybirdy! Happy TGIF`

I waited ages for this day, i guess it is what every 9 – 5 office worker feels when the day has finally arrived. It is like the Holy day of the week. Precious and Magnificent. HAHA. 夸张

Alright. I am excited for Friday because it means i can wake up the next day anytime i want, without having to growl at the alarm clock.
It is also a day i spend more time on my face. Yes, you read it right. I am not super committed and religious when it comes to taking care of my skin thus Friday is like the ritual day for my face, with all the masks. Friday allows me to spend a little more time to be vain.


I do realise that age is catching up and all the more i should take care of my face (and neck) to prevent lines and etc.
But i am just too lazy. Perhaps i am a little more  blessed, because my skin has all along been quite ok. It is definitely not perfect, but i really thank God that i do not have to face major problems. Again, i say this with thanks and not arrogance.
No offence to anyone, really, i might not have pimples and acne’s issues but my skin can be really sensitive and dry.

There was this time which i bought a mask at $2 at Guardian and overnight, my face went beyond recognition. I hope you have forgotten about this but it is like a scar in me, the phobia stays and since then, i promise myself that i will NEVER risk my skin to any new and foreign products ever again, especially cheap ones that promise to deliver, they never do.

Look HERE.


And a Collage of Comparison of the skin before and after the cheapo mask:


For myself, i have NEVER used any products except for a normal face cleanser since puberty till approximately 6 months ago.
If you have to know, that is around 13 years. 13 years of JUST CLEANSING and nothing else. Not to say Facial, i think i only went once.
I used to just grab any cleanser that is on the shelf, bought by the Mother and cleanse twice a day (morning and night) and thats it.

Ok, honestly, I have never taken interest in any facial products, trust me, i find it a hassle to apply these stuff on the face. The real hassle gotta be the steps to applying them. Like, toner before moisturizer and all that stuff. Oh man, i am a man trapped in a woman’s body. I really cudnt be bothered to.

Like what i mentioned earlier in 1 of the previous blog posts, approximately 6 months ago, i was introduced to this popular Japanese product call HADA LABO.

I was just casually mentioning to my Sister that my face is so dry i can feel it is cracking from the tightness and dryness. Sister went to grab a bottle of the HADA LABO lotion and asked me to try. She said that she is trying other products at the moment and thus she rather i use the bottle than wasting it.

And you shall read the rest HERE, HERE &  HERE. I shant bore you  guys by repeating the whole story. Also, please only scroll to the part which i talk about my face, showing the pictures of bare faces. These are long posts which included other stuffs. Of course, if you are keen to read the other miscellaneous stuff, go ahead!

Ok, anyway, today’s post is to update about my skin after this 5 to 6 months of using HADA LABO. I guess i need to dedicate a blog post to the brand, or my face. Also, i feel the need to have a “conclusion post” after these months! Oh my.

oggiano1_905Every woman dreams of having shiny & glowy flawless skin.

Right, my face now is at its BEST condition. It cant be better! ok it might be better but i cant rave enough about how satisfied i am now at its current stage.
As i mentioned, my face was swollen and flaky and was totally beyond recognition around 2 months ago because of the cheap mask.
img-20130502-wa0000 Taken the very next morning after using the damn mask.
Read HERE.

The silky smooth texture was gone overnight and whatever HADA LABO did for me previously, was gone in a night due to that cheap mask.
I was so worried and i totally went bonkas and was so depressed. I even started finding aesthetic doctors for help.

However, i did not go to any doctor because most of my friends were advising me to be patient and that the situation will be over. I did see a GP.
I applied some anti-itch cream and that is all.
Then, i continued with using my HADA LABO lotion, Moisturizing Cream and the Face Firming Cream. I use their Hydrating Face Wash twice daily.

You cant imagine my happiness when my skin returned to its original form after a week, silky smooth and tender soft.  I really thought i ought to give thanks!

IMG_20130527_202640Taken when the skin recovered back then, no edit/no filter.

Just to share with you guys on the list of my Skin Regime. It might not be the best for everyone, but i think it works well for me.
The best part is, it is hassle free and i do not have to remember the sequence of applying different stuff.

1)  HADA LABO Hydrating Face WashHADA LABO SHA Hydrating Lotion

20100811-hada-labo-face-wash-n-lotionI use the HADA LABO Hydrating Face Wash twice a day, once in the morning and once at night.
Same goes to the HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Lotion.
I usually use thrice a day (of the both) if i am working out in the gym that day.
I can never tolerate not bathing after working out and thus i have to wash every part of myself every time i finish a workout.

The HADA LABO Hydrating Face Wash is a steal. Let me assure you. I bought the 1st tube of HADA LABO Hydrating Face Wash on 3rd Feb 2013 and till date, i still have not finish using it! It has served me for ….ok it is July now, so it has served me for 6months.
I am NOT KIDDING. It indeed is that worthwhile!

I cant remember the exact price but i remember it is around $12. If you are wondering why would i remember the date i bought it, reason is because i bought it on the same day i celebrated my Sister’s bday, her Bday is on 7th and we celebrated in advance and i happen to rem  that it is 3rd Feb!

Amazing isnt it! I don’t know how but a very small amount of it can lather so much foam and it makes the skin feels extremely refreshed after using! So imagine, $12 over a period of 6 months, each month, you are investing only $2 for your face wash.


As for the HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Lotion, it is as good as a Toner. I previously do not know what a Toner does anyway, i called up to ask the HADA LABO consultant.
This bottle of Miracle water, like what i mentioned previously, is so so so much better than (the other brand) the much rave about ‘Miracle water’ that is alot more expensive.
I dont know about others, but it didnt really work for me.
Thus i am sticking to HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Lotion and i doubt i will be changing because it has improved my skin tremendously in this 6months.
I NO LONGER have that flaky problem, i DO NOT HAVE to convince myself that i have to “change skin” monthly.
Crazy right, i actually convince myself in e past that the flaky problem is because i have to change new skin. I can b a retard sometimes.

The toner is watery and it has a  gel-like texture that really quenches your skin’s thirst. Unlike other toners that might dry your skin, this works just the opposite. Skin feels EXTREMELY hydrated and ever since i started using this, i cant stress enough about how soft and tender it makes my skin feels, it makes putting on make up EXTREMELY easier too.

Indeed, it really locks up an ocean with a drop! I usually use 2 tiny drops.



IMG_20130719_2Pictures taken under normal light, no make up, no filter nor edit

Because i really love the 2, i actually called up HADA LABO to find out more about  their other products. I was  recommended to use the HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Cream since i complain of dry skin.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Cream 2

2) HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Cream. I use this instead of the Hydrating Milk because i was told that the Milk is more suitable for oily skin and since my skin belongs to the dry type, i should choose this instead.
Apply this every night and this cream is light and non-greasy. However, i do feel a tag sticky after applying it. It is bearable though.
I don’t know but it serves me well till date, also bought  this on 3rd Feb and i still have half a tub left. Forgot about the price though.
Skin is more hydrated than ever after using this.
I work in an Air Conditioned environment and i sleep in Air Con w/o fail everynight. Even in Gym, i am doing my workout in a dry environment because it is A/C. Basically, i stay in an A/C room for more than 20hrs a day. Thus, this product is extremely useful for me.


IMG_20130719_6I find that i m applying lesser and lesser coverage like BB cream/ foundation after using the Hada Labo Products. There is no need to!
Also, as the skin is very smooth, applying make up seems so much easier.
Above pictures are taken under warm lighting, with minimal make up and non edited/ non filtered.

Just to show the comparison between non filtered and a filtered picture, the picture below is the same as the one above, but it is  filtered to make the skin looks exceptionally good. HAHA! 


Ok…Before you guys fall asleep, i am gona introduce the last product on the list!

yhvfh (1)

3)  Hada Labo’s latest Retinol Lifting + Firming Cream

I reckon  this as a “Must Have”, especially when you are over your teens. It comes in a light, non-greasy texture that infuses the skin with continuous hydration. Ever since i got this, i use  this every alternate days, on days i am not using this, i will be using the HADA LABO SHA Hydrating Cream.

I was taught by the friendly HADA LABO consultant that it is not wise to combine the 2 as the skin might not be able to take it as it will be extremely hydrating. Thus, i was advised to use it alternatively.

To be fair, i feel that my face was never saggy, thus i do not know how to judge the result for this lifting and firming cream. To be honest, the skin is not loose, but whether it is the result of using the firming cream, i cant be sure.
I will continue using this though, till i decide to try out some others that might really help to slim the face, other than botox.


Just in case you are as confused as i am, i thought you would like to know about the differences between the Red and White Series of HADA LABO.

Screen shot 2011-04-14 at PM 04.30.45 9387

I was also told that the RED series of Firming products actually has the same Hydrating effects as the White series. However, the RED series are more suitable for ladies age 30 and above and the RED series actually emphasize more on Firming and Lifting.
As for me, i prefer to do prevention now since i am so near the big 3. Thus, i started using the firming cream and i bought the Hada Labo Retinol Lifting + Firming Lotion for my Mum.

jhbjSo that is all for now and i hope this blogpost help some of you who are as lazy as me or those who are new to skincare! I dont usually blog much about such stuff as my blog is more random, i blog mostly about what happened in my life and most of the time, they are not really happening events.

Haha, i always feel that sharing is good, and if it is something worth sharing, i definitely would. If it is not, i wont write a bit even if i am paid to. Thus i am not your celebrity blogger nor beauty blogger. Just like you, i am a simple commoner that wants to look good and live good!

Hope you like what you read and before i end this post, i am having good hair day today, and good skin (as always :P) thus i will post some non filtered pictures, under warm lighting. (taken just 5mins ago!) You can judge the skin for yourself but Dont be too hard on me, the skin might not be flawless but i am really thankful for it, especially when i am not spending a bomb or much time and efforts on it!



SOLD – Selling Brand New Tina Floral Romper (Pre-Owned, not worn before) at $25

romp2 romp romp3

Brand New Tina Floral Romper (Pre-Owned, not worn before) selling at $25

Sold out on (Original price at $28)


Crafted in cotton. Simple floral playsuit with floral prints and elasticised waistband. Featuring button down detail with side pockets and a single back pocket. Designed with a regular fit.

Approx pit to pit: 15”
Approx width across shoulder: 14″
Approx width across waist: 12″
Approx length down from shoulders: 28″

Reason for letting go: too loose for my shoulders.

Leave a comment or pm at
Images Credits:

My lips will glorify You Psalms 63:3

Because of U, i am born again. Let me take this time to thank U. I love you my Jesus.

DrRobiInvite (1)Speaking of which, i cant wait to attend Dr Robi’s svs soon! He is a fantastic speaker and i remember that the seats were always filled up whenever he preaches at CHC. This time round, he will be preaching at Heart of God Church.
If you are keen, you may check out the website of HOG.


Hey You JO


I think this is what they called it.



Vdates – Jul (2)


I am back for July’s Vdates and once again, there isnt much to update this time as well. HAHA. Please dont kill me.

I have been staying home, feeling unwell, or gym-ming away. I guess you wouldnt be very interested in the boring routine life of mine either. Sob.

Ok, despite the fact that even i m bored by my own life, i am actually loving it too. ~.~

But honestly, what do you expect from me right, lol.
I am just another “rather-chill-than-party person” now.

Well, I had my fair share of fun, i partied like nobody’s business for 7days a week, i drank like a  fish, i did all the ‘cool things’ that youngsters usually do (except for drugs, and drugs was never cool to me), i flooded my blog with ‘happening’ pictures in the past, i wrote about nonsense bitchy stuffs and all..and i reckon those are more interesting topics to more people thou. LOL

But those were the Days.

And For now, it is just gonna be me and my comfy life, boring and routine to most people.
But i promise that the things i do, food i eat, places i go are practical and they are mostly needs than wants (though sometimes, you will see indulgences also lah)
I promise the things that i share here, are factual and reviews of any sorts are reliable.

*sounds like pledge taking :/

Guess that is the only thing i can offer to my small group of readers.


working out. resting and got bored, thus took a pic of how tired i look, after 30mins on the cycling machine.

So, July was ok, we are here, mid July and i cant help but say again, HOW TIME  FLIES.
Although i am not particularly anxious about August, i am looking forward  to Mummy’s bday celebration (which is in late Jul and Aug)

Mum is starting work soon, after resting at home for months for her knee. I actually like Mum to rest at home and i dislike the fact that she has to wake up so early to wrk. But she prefers working as she feels bored at home.
I guess i will miss chatting with her over  my lunch break.


After Church on Sat, went to Granny’s

Sis spread the virus to me and i was coughing like mad, caught fever too. 😦
Thus i was feeling lethargic all the time these weeks and it definitely affected my workout too. Sadness.
Infact, i was so giddy yesterday when i hit the gym and i am still coughing away now.

Oh, to make things worse, my eyes are still full of holes. Maybe i mentioned but just let me say it again, if you wear contact lenses, please note the following NOs. I know these points are  repeated but i have to do it again, because i know how sucky it is nw…if only i didnt ignore all these points back then…

1) Do NOT swim with your contact lenses on. Even if you cant see in the water. I hope i do not need to explain this. I did it because i was lazy and i want to see clearly in the water. But if you are not really stupid, you would know that the water is extremely dirty ar?

2) Do Not wear expired lenses. Even if it is just one day after the expiry date.

3) Please do NOT wear your lenses to sleep, please do NOT wear them to showers too.

Ok, there should be more points to taking care of eyes. However, i listed the 3 above because i made the mistakes and ended up with freaking holes in my eyes now. Tons of holes, according  to the doc.

I deeply regretted  for my negligence. Too late, i can only wait for the  eyes to heal.

One more advice:

Wear Daily lenses even if it is much costly to. (just an advice from doc)
It is hassle free,  you throw them at the end of the day aft wearing.
You do not need to worry if you clean the lenses properly for daily lenses.

Alright, anyway, i went to do my hair AGAIN. I realise i have been spending abit too much on my hair lately. Went to Joe’s with GF and soft rebonded  the ‘Lioness Hair’.

I am happy with the result because i cant stand seeing the awkward curls everyday when i wake up. Trust me, it was EXTREMELY frustrating.

But before i move on to show some pictures (of my hair), let me just mention this crappy hair salon that GF and i passed by, before we made our way to Joe’s.

GF and i were at Marine Parade and we alighted at the bustop right infront of this crappy cheena hair salon. I shall post a pic of the place. It is right beside OCBC bank.


There were 3 Mandarin speaking women (2 of them are from China) standing outside the salon giving out flyers and pulling customers into the shop.
I told GF that i do not trust such shops and i was right, i should have insisted of walking away.

But GF wanted to try out some services there and thus we stopped and listened. The woman was telling me that rebonding cost ard $49 and i told her i want to do soft rebonding as it is more natural. She told me that she is charging me $79 and i was like “u sure?”

The convo goes like that:

I: That is below the usual market price isnt it. What products u guys using?

She: Shiseido and Loreal

I: You sure?

She: yesyes! Come in.

Since GF is planning to do something there, we went in. Out of impulse, i just said ok to them and was hoping that they dont screw up my hair.

GF went upstairs to do her whatever, and i went to rinse my head.

Then, the dude who was washing my head was telling me about the soft bonding, with an accent.
I can hardly understand what he is talking about and he cant understand me.
I tried my best to convey the msg in mandarin but he just couldnt understand me.
Thus i have to speak in English and worse, he dont even understand a word.

I was frustrated and he  got his Manager, and ANOTHER China gal over to speak to me and honestly, tt feeling sucks.
I felt very intimidated and they started pushing me some services and treatments and in the end, they started quoting prices to me.

I was lik “look, i came in with my gf, and i wanted to do my soft bonding here only because my gf is inside here and your price is reasonable. I already made a booking elsewhere and because it is more expensive there, i tot of trying it here. But you dont quote different prices to me before and after i enter the shop and expect me to take the expensive package?!”

Then, this is EPIC:

China Manager:  I already gave u the maximum discount for your hair length, what else do u want?

I: hello? i want ntg?! i did not want this service in the 1st place, you were the one pushing it to me. why would i want any discount if i didnt even ask for tis service??!!

China Manager: Do u know of this service or not, if not, why cant u try?

I:  y should i try? I dont want. I do not want to spend that X amount of money. I do not want to.

China Manager: So much discount for you and you still say expensive. It is only $200+, you say expensive? You dont have?
*and she shoved the  bloody calculator in my face while they are rinsing my hair.

I got terribly angry by then. It is pure rudeness.

To be honest, if i was not FORCED and treated with such rudeness, i would have consider.

But right after that sentence of “So much discount for you and you still say expensive. It is only $200+, you say expensive? You dont have?”


It is  SCAM to me.

I didnt bother to argue as i was really boiling and anymore debates will lead to terrible quarrels which i deemed unnecessary. I do not need her to teach me how to use my money and what service or treatment i should do. I can understand the rational behind bosses, they are eager to share their products and services to their customers, they want to earn more, FINE. I am fine.

I went to look for gf as she has started with her treatment and i waited for her for ard 30mins. The China manager was no where to be seen and her staff was super pissed at me for saying no repeatedly.
They were so desperate that they have to keep asking me to do the cheaper treatment.
I was lik “NO. I do not want to do anything here, i am not spending here.”

Not to say $200+, i am determined, i am not spending there, not even $2.

Frankly, i pay for services most of the time, if i were to pay for something that doesnt pleases me (for eg. Food), at least the service makes up for it. As for this crazy pushy China Shop, dont even think about it.

This will be the (first) and the last time i will ever stop to listen to these desperate sales talks made by desperate ignorant people. This shop especially. Even if you are offering me a free haircut, i will still say NO.

Ok, i am done with my whining. I just want to add, i should not have neglected the fact that the staff in this salon look really bad, they do not even have decent hairstyles to begin with. I must b blind and crazy to even want to attempt soft rebonding there.
I am thankful  i did not take the risk.

So, i went to Joe’s eventually and got my soft rebonding done.
Now, i am happy. It is not 100% straight (due to my damaged bleached purple highlights i did previously) and i guess i am fine with that as i wanted a more natural effect.

I guess i will always return to Joe’s because we are like friends already. It was only my 2nd time there and we can feel at ease with each other.



The above 2 photos reflected how curly my hair was before the soft rebonding. I cant say i hate it, but they can look terrible at times.

IMG_20130716_2Ok, i have only this photo (and the 1st photo of this blogpost) to show as of now but dont worry, i will take more to show the next time round.  This is the final result of the soft rebonding. I personally like it alot. I look neater.

Look, this is service.

I was just saying that i am having headache, Joy (Joe’s employee) would rush to get Panadols for me. They really go the extra mile.
Given the fact they are not your usual atas salon and not located along Orchard road but in a humble neighborhood shopping plaza.

After the hair is done, GF and i went over to Parkway Parade to get dinner. She went over to my place and we had dinner while chatting with Mum. Sis went to some prom night thingy.

GF went home shortly and i began rolling on my bed, trying to fall asleep.
For hours, i could not sleep and i was feeling really peckish. It was not till 3+ in the morning, that i managed to catch some sleep.

Poor me.

So, here i am, having headaches and all. I have a meeting later in the evening and i cant wait for it to be over as i have to rush home for dinner. Mum is cooking sumptuous dinner tonight!

Ok, i gota go. Let the images take over, they shall explain hw i spent my week.

Till my next post, God bless!

I LOVE AND I MAJOR LOVE THIS SONG… Nouvelle Vague – In a Manner of Speaking
The images in this clip are screenshots of In the mood for Love by Tony Leung and Maggie  Cheung.
I love Wong Kar Wai’s films. not all but most of them.
Every WKW film is like an artpiece , pretty and edgy, yet there is a subtle meaning waiting to be discovered in the stories.

If you are not a fan, you can play the clip below instead, same song though! ❤ the song

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