Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

And after all that has been said and done.
And Moving on…



And i believe that nothing is too huge for me to bear. I have been through the worst, and every crap that comes my way is just polishing me for the bright future.

But for now, i cant take the sleepiness  OH LORD! SLEEEEPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

On a serious note, i am so so so anxious and nervous for the coming year because it will be very challenging and tiring and mentally stressful for me. I really really do not want to worry so much and just do it but you know how one cant help it when it comes to fear.

Well, i will do my best, God do the rest!

Shifting my focus back to the very important task that is coming ahead. #anticipates

Comments on: "Just another day, but another new day" (4)

  1. u have a new relationship?

  2. just some personal stuff, def not a r/s. thanks for dropping anyway!

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