Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

28/11/13 112am

So, i guess FB is the most accurate medium to announce official stuffs nowadays. You guys probably knew it since last night.
To be honest, i am still not very used to not being alone, still not  very used to calling someone baby, still not used to mention the word “BF”.
But someone crept silently into my life recently and ….


Who would have imagined, after 2 years of AWESOME lonesome, i am back in the trap again. Like what i told him, IT IS A TRAP!
If you know me, you would have known how much i am against the idea of committing to someone/ a relationship (ever since my last abusive r/s)
But of course, i werent like that all along, i was a hopeless believer of fairytales. Then, those fairytales turn out to be nightmares, ofml.

Anyway, long story short, as much as i am still VERY skeptical (about r/s matters), Mr John Lim managed to make me (want to) explore the possibility of getting happiness out of our new status.

Of cos, everyone wants happy ending. Who wouldnt. But i cant guarantee anything nor confirm anything about him, about me or about us for now.
Quoting him- even though he isnt sure if im the one for him, he hopes that i am.
That’s mutual, that’s what i hope for too, thus we do hope something good will work out for us.

And if that happens, i will blog about the story of how we met and blahblahblah (if you are kaypo enough to wait)
If no magic happens, forget it lah! HAHA


Really do not know what the future holds, really really am afraid and skeptical, but till date, i still wana thank you John, for being my early Xmas pressie, thank you for being nice, thank you for being super duper smart so i can learn alot from you (but sorry, i am still not agreeing with your political views) thank  you for making me lol with  your arrogance though i seriously duno hw to reply u at times, thank you for loving me for who i am (errr hopefully you do becos i added this in myself) and thank you for your love (till date u r still doing ok )

To all the friends that messaged me privately, thank you. Especially Regine. Thank you  for talking to me,  i appreciate your encouragements and kind words very very much.
Thank you gf, you are still my pillar and will always be.
Thank you sincere friends who wished me (or us) well, lets chill and see what happens.
Thank you, ex bfs and haters who gave weird and negative opinions, at least you bothered to.

This post is for you John, u better dont say i never blog about u because u matter to me and it is not playplay k.

p/s God, Your Will to be done. Always.

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