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Vshares – Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

I have waited long enough and i cant wait to post this review. To be honest, some might feel that this review is extremely mean and some might even not finish reading it.

But i really can’t be bothered because i have TOLERATED like crazy before i finally have time to write this, and to be fair to the brand  that i am reviewing, i have given enough time for them to show me otherwise.

From the above, it is not hard to guess that this review is negative. Yeap, it is and it is not because i am not sponsored, it is also not because i have paid $588 for the package. Read on to find out.


Basically, i have done Eyelash extension for  years and i have been to the worst and a few good ones around. The most common one has to be Milly’s. They are not fantastic but they are considered ‘fine’ to me, in terms of service and quality. The lashes might nt be all that natural (i am saying  this for the lashes i got 1 year+ ago as i am not sure if they have new products lately) but it was still considered as average in terms of the softness and quality. Their services can be better but i am glad that there is no hard selling, the ladies there are mostly from China and were relatively friendly.

Then, the few eyelash parlors at City Plaza…frankly, they are the cheapest lot but even if i have to go bare on my eyelash, i will never be back again. The quality of the eyelash is horrendous, hard and stiff is not all…the glue that they used gave a strong stench and also hurts the eyes badly.
Service is outrageous as well, when you complain about the quality of they glue & lashes, all they can reply was “no, we use very good quality stuff” #indenial
Seriously, i paid $50 for a lesson and  that was that.

Now, i am gona  talk about my expensive $588 package for the recent eyelash extension. $588 might be cheap to some, might also be acceptable to others. For me, it is not considered cheap if the service and quality sucks. It is considered as OUTRIGHT robbery.
If you calculate, $588/6months is equal to $98 per month if you go back monthly for touchups.
Look, if everything is well, i wouldnt mind spending that amount for a  6months unlimited eyelash extension package. Not that i am filthy rich but if it is worthy, i believe nobody will complain much too.

I have to emphasize that whatever is written on this  blogpost is merely MY OWN OPINIONS, i paid for the service and thus i have the rights to review and feedback how i honestly feel. I am not trying to tarnish anyone’s reputation nor branding here… but i am narrating what i went through as a customer and the unpleasant experience that i had.

I usually go to a small shophouse located in Bishan for my eyelash extension and the reason why i never go back is because it is rather far and they are always fully booked. The envionrment and service was superb and there is absolutely NO hardselling at all. They just do what they need to, collect the money from you, and  that’s it. Even though they are offering packages that cost a few hundreds, they just state on a board at the cashier area and if you are keen, you  take it. If you are not, they will not push it to you as well. The quality of the eyelash has to be 1 of the best i ever had, soft and the glue is not stinky nor pricky. After a few weeks, the eyelash will still stay ‘curled up’ and not droopy. To top it off, not many strands were found dropping. The price for this is approx $75 and this usually last me a month. I feel it is totally worth it. 1 of  the mediacorp actresses patronizes this place, i know because we used to be in the same church (i do not feel comfy revealing her name)

About 6 to 7 months ago, i came to know about The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist through a friend. She read about it online as the shop actually got a lot of bloggers to advertise for  them (just to name a few, Rachel Wong, Naomi and etc)
I do not read their blogs (due to age factor and etc, some are  too young and 1 of them also cant make herself clear in the blogposts which causes frustration when reading. Just saying) but i  thought i might just give this shop a try for the eyelash extension service.

It is 1 of my most horrible experiences. I will just say, i will not be back even if they are offering FOC.

Sometime in Jan, i went to the shop and wanted to try out the eyelash extension before CNY as the Bishan place that i went have bookings so full n i refused  to wait.
For this Prestige place, I was told that if i quote certain blogger’s name, i get a certain trial pricing or something. So i did.
In the end, i was asked to buy a 6months package because the lady (supposingly 1 of the owners) told me that they are charging extra as it is 1 week away from CNY) and that i should buy  the package because the quote (of blogger’s name) is not valid as well. (HUH?)
The total damage will amount more or less close to the package price which is $588.
They did not even bother to let me take a look at the $488 package (claiming to be some Japanese extenstion) but sold the $588 (Korean package) to me straight.

Ok, that wasnt their fault, i said yes to the $588  Stupidly. However, i thought back and maybe they should at least show their customers what is the diff between the both instead of just pushing the more expensive package.


Ok, whatever. I bought the $588 6months unlimited eyelash extension package.

Initially, it was still ok, everything was normal.  The quality of the lash is ok, the service was nowhere near good but still acceptable. Whenever i call to make an appointment, i will always be told  that the  dates and time i chose are not available. I thought “fine, this is what usually happen, moreover, i paid the money already thus i should be prepared to take such crap”
(having said  that, we really should not lower our expectations of service due to such bad service brands)

20140624_215747You be the judge. I swear i didnt rub nor even dare to touch these horrendous lashes done by them.




The staff there are not friendly but it is ok, i do not need to chat since i can take naps while they do their work. The thing that actually puts me off was that, they will push other packages to you and if you say “no”, be prepared for those black sunken faces. Somehow, the vibe changes from not frindly to demeaning. Maybe i was sensitive but they really do not make you feel that you are an esteemed customer of theirs.

They  charged me $588 right? Then, they told me i have to top up $30 for their newest product of ‘Mink lashes’. Claiming that it is new and very comfy. So i did, for the sake of comfy DESPITE PAYING $588 BEFORE THAT.
Today, 30th June, at 11am, i went to check out their FB…guess what i saw?



CAN SOMEONE ENLIGHTEN ME ON THIS? Why was i charged extra $30 for the Mink lashes when i have already paid $588 for the package? And why are they selling the package of MINK lashes at $588 now? 

DEAR PRESTIGE, if you are reading this, would you mind explaining to me and refunding my $30?

As this continues, i made lesser trips back to the place even after paying that sum for unlimited usage. I tried to tolerate till almost all the lashes fell off before going back for touch ups.
The most appalling experience will be the time which i went over at 645pm (i end work at 6 and although they hate that i make appointments at 630-645, they have to take it as i really do not have time to accomodate to their request of early timing since they are opened till 8?)

I reached the place at 650pm and requested for them to remove all the lashes that were half hanging and replant new ones. All i got from them was “We do not have enough time  to do that. Removing needs 1/2 hr and replanting needs another 1hr plus. We have to close soon”

RIDICULOUS. What the heck? Even beauty salons have to stay back if the customers have reasonable requests? Moreover, i arrived just 5 mins later  and they told me they cant do it for me?! Where is the professionalism and responsibility?

So, after removing all the half hanging lashes, they asked me to let my lids rest for time being and refused to replant the new lashes for me. They then started to off lights and closed shop.

How i felt back then? SHORTCHANGED. Unlimited services? BULLSHIT.



Droopy eyelash extension by Prestige, in just 1o days. Amazing.20140624_221902


Now u know where you can  get it too!

The experience for that torturous 6 months was terrible and the worst 1 has to be the last time which i went. I decided to end the misery the moment my package ends. Went back to touch up and this time round, they did it within 20mins. How amazing yea?

Of cos, i am prepared for the worst but i just want to end this bullshit package once and for all. The lashes fell quickly and on the first day of retouch, 3 thick strands have fallen off. The lashes were not only NOT curled up, they were pointing in ALL directions looking disgustingly disappointing.

Till date, it is 2 weeks since i last visited, well not exactly 2 weeks since i last visited on 18th of June…The lashes are at its very bad stage now. Pointing in all directions, and over a total of 10 thick strands have fallen.


Droopy AND Dropping.






I have to also emphasize that i did not rub the eyes, i took good care when it comes to washing face though i did not wear goggles because the good eyelash extension i had does not requires me to do that, i try to avoid the lashes whenever i am removing makeup.


Really, as if $588 for a 6 mths package of unfriendly services  is not enough, the poor workmanship is also heartbreaking.


Eyelash extension pointing in all directions, North South East West, you name it, they do it!20140624_215837

I will never step a foot back to that place again. It is full of lies, deceit and yes, it is only $30  that i am being cheated of but it is a matter of principle. Once again,  this is my own experience and  there are still dozens of bloggers praising that shop, well, i duno. Prestige might be really good, just not to/for me, they might be really nice to the bloggers, i am not sure. But you can be sure they are  really nice to the socialites and models/bloggers (basically whoever they sponsored)! Haha.

Irony isnt it, treat your customers like shit but the bloggers like God. This is one of the most disgusting traits a business should have.

I am not writing this because of the owner who made newspapers’  headlines due to her self-claimed friendship with the multi millionaire’s daughter. Neither do i know them personally. I have nothing to gain from this negative review. But i really need to warn all ladies out there. So yeap. Read this with an open mind.

But seriously, whatever, not going back again. Yeap.

Vshares on The Prestige Eyebrow & Lash Specialist

Category: Beauty/ Eyelash Extension

Value for $: V

Level of service: V

Likes: V

Will i recommend to my friend: DEFINITELY NO

Comments: Lacks of Integrity

Anyway, since it has been sometime since i last share. Maybe to recap on the above:

Here is a little elaboration and explanation of how it works, i will include the following points to make reading easier:

  • Category is product/services’ category.
    In this case, Beauty as it is.
  • Value for money is how affordable it is comparing to market price, you see 1 Vs and that is on the scale of 5Vs.
    1 V means it is rather expensive and 5Vs means it is very affordable  comparing to market rate.
    Thus here, i am suggesting that it is not worth the money AT ALL.
  • Level of Service is to tell you how satisfied i am with the service. Please bear in mind  that i am Not fussy but i am rather particular with services.
    In this case, i gave 1 Vs out of 5Vs. Which also means that the service basically fail because it is like 1 stars out of 5.
  • Likes means how much i enjoy/like the service or product in overall.
    In this case, it is a major flop.
  • Will i recommend to my friend: No
    Needless to explain.

KAKA the world best soccer player, belongs to Jesus

Vdate – Short update

Hi hi!

*hides sheepishly*

So terribly sorry. I am gone for the longest time ever. I know. I am swamped as usual and i hardly have time to breathe.

This post is gonna be rather fast as i am trying my best to squeeze out some time to update abit.

Firstly, i shall update about myself. A quick one. I am still stucked here in This place and nothing really changes but i have also been keeping myself busy on another and am working my ass off to watch it grow.

Recently, i have made peace with some friends… very ironic. Recently, I lost  some people whom i always hold close at heart but i am  glad, and for the first time, GENUINELY, i aint sore when i say i am really glad to get rid of such negative people in my life though it hurts initially but after days of cooling  down, really, i cant be anymore thankful x100000

Oh, i met  the friends whom disappeared some time back too!

Aaron and his wife are expecting a new life to their life (which i am very happy for them), he waved to me when he saw me and i cant describe the feeling. It wass like, whatever nonsense unhappiness we had previously quickly disappeared, it was also at that moment that i realised that wadever he and his wife did back then might be just another act of childish impulse while i reacted too strongly abt it. Ultimately, we did not aim at harming ech other and we are still friends. Maybe we can never return to the best friends stage but the thing that makes both of us really thankful is that, we are ultimately friends that will NEVER HARM each other no matter what.

Seven and Gary are expecting their little one too. How time flies…Even they are parents to be now!
Although there are stuff she did back then  that pissed me off, like being irresponsible as an insurance agent and non transparent as a friend…i realised that these are really minor faults which human beings will have. Human beings err. I wasnt perfect too but i was too angry at that point to think over. I just  thought of how she kept my Mum waiting and that blinded me with anger.
I was indeed too harsh to her… For that, i considered myself making the greatest mistake of crossing her out of my life.
She didnt deserve such harsh treatment no matter what.
But i thank God for her grace, we were close, not exactly Best friends before, we are not close now either. But we are cool. Another thing is, at the end of the day, we did not want to harm each other and we will never do that to each other.

So i  gained back friends that i thought were really mean, i gained back friends whom i let down / that i thought let me down… And i treasure them more than ever because out of my 29 years of life, i finally saw and know what is crazy harmful friends just months ago.

Sadly, i actually kept  these people in my life so closely… i did not even entertain the thought that  these people might be  the one that stab me hard on my back just because of their own selfishness.

Really, i was maligned like a fuck by this woman whom i tot is my bestest friend of all gfs. Just because i didnt say Thank You for her gifts and gifts she willingly gave, i am deemed as unappreciative. Who was the one that  told me to not be formal in the friendship?

I do remember saying Thank yous in alot of other instances though, but i  guess  those times were neglected and  that is the case when one is blinded (speaking with experience because i was the blinded one towards other friends then)

I helped to move dirty stuff from her mum’s old house despite hating to do house chores even in my own house, i was there when she was having prob with her partner, i was the one speaking to her when her partner cant even be bothered with her, i was the one rushing to the hosp when she was ill and her partner was snoring on bed, i was  there not in terms of monetary but physically and mentally. At times when i was tired and i cudnt make it to meet up, i was being blamed for being tired.

Look, if i know that not turning up despite saying i will, will cause so much misery from a friend  that cant even understand,  i would never even mention about meeting up.  It was my fault to suggest about meeting up and not  turning up. But i feel any friend would be understanding enough to let it go. I shouldnt expect much from her since she doesnt even move her ass to work, how can i expect her to understand what is tiredness?

To cut the story short, taking the shortcut way out is her way of ending my friendship with her because her ungrateful BF who claimed to be my good friend, fell out with me because of their own relationship problems. Yea, u read it right. Their own relationship argument actually became my fault when i was being approached constantly (to help solve their relationship problems).

Out of desperation during his heated argument with my so called best friend (then), this guy not only bitched to my bf about whatever i have said when i was unhappy(which best friend does  that btw) and went all out to harm me just because he cant handle his own relationship with his own gf. Fact is, if he is gona break up with the gal because of wadever reason, he wants to pull another couple down too. That is my 13 yrs of friend for you, Good game Alan Ho, u aint a man by doing  that.

And  for the records, yes, i did owe him some $ in the past which i am so  glad that i cleared off. I was even wondering if he will offer to transfer back the amount of God-knows-how-much back to me – the multiple Cab fares for years which i ‘tobang’ him to and fro, the money which i paid more for the alcohol which i drank 1/4 while he gobbled 3/4 of them, the cigs money, the teh peng money, the chicken rice money and etc.

And towards the false accusation of not returning the cab fares to the woman, i bought dinner as a form of payment so i am guilt free. The dinner they had are not cheap, 3 sets of western for 2 persons. And even though the world ask me not to pay her back the $70 ang pow money she diedie wanted to give back then, i made up my mind to do  just that – giving the $70 back. Not only i did not ask for it, i feel keeping money lidat really will bring me down further too.

People who cant realise their own mistakes, who harm others at the expense of everything just to make themselves feel better, are people that do not even deserve to be on this earth. Yet, turning around and blame others to convince themselves that  they are faultless.

Look, i was hurt and i wanted to salvage and resolve everything but all i got was ungrateful vulgarities. To me, i just want peace, but to them, they need drama and i can no longer be part of the drama they want. One is not working and has all the time, one is ..wadever la. Really.
I am not denying whatever we have shared as friends in the past, there were happy times, there were times which i felt very touched because of their ‘love’, but the moment i found out that there is intention to harm, that is it. I see no point in continuing in that wadever frenship you want to call it.
I am no longer affected by this ungrateful couple.  They can hug together believing that i did them wrong, convincing themselves that they are faultless, or  they can rot together without goals in life. I am just glad they left and i pray that i will never see them again. Not that i hate them, but i really want nothing to do with people that goes all out to harm others when they are too free in life.

Too dramatic.


Frankly, i lost my trust towards any human after this incident. Even the Bestest friend can forsake you, even the best Girlfriend can leave you because of a guy she just dated for mths, even the  people you trust can use your past or everything u do or say to harm you. But really, that was wad we were told since young, i was just naive to not be prepared for it.

Anw, that is that and as for my relationship, oh, it is like a roller coaster  ride. We have been tru really high and low periods. Alot of  my friends think that my rs with Johnnie is really perfect n rosy but what others do not know, is that we really try very hard to work out our differences and  there were hard times as well. Well, relationships is at the most challenging stage at  the  6th to 7th month because that is when the honeymoon period is over, and that is when couples start to get over all the obstacles and decide if they shld stay on.


However, i am thankful to God that He is giving us the chance to learn, to stay together with His Words and teachings. God also allow the both of us to learn  from each other and hug / appreciate each other after each argument and dispute. We are praying for more tolerance as the time gets tougher, of  course, we are thankful for the happy  times we had and will have 🙂

Basically, I am now very close to my family, esp my sister and i really am grateful to have her. I know i may be very out of control sometimes but she is very tolerant towards me and we can talk about everything under the sun now. It is a blessing. 🙂

As a family, we now have a common goal and we are praying towards it.

Ok, basically, alot happened after i went away that long but the above kinda summarized my life as of now. I will include more pictures and reviews the next time i am back!

I will be posting about my really bad experience with one of the Eyelash parlors next. Stay tuned! 😛


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