Believe. Faith. Love. When they are alive, HE is alive.

I walked pass a kind stranger the other day. He was very attentive towards the stray dogs near my house.
It was supposed to be a heartwarming sight but i can’t believe what actually came to mind.

That best girlfriend i used to have.

It was definitely not a good memory because i have totally forgotten about how nice she was before she decided to ditch me because of her crazy insecure bf. Her bf has dragged me into their quarrel and created havoc for me and my boyfriend out of his insecurity and inferiority. This best gf i used to have, actually chose to end the friendship i had with her before. What makes this even more dramatic is that she even met this crazy bf through me. There i am, being ditched, conveniently just because they cant handle their own pathetic love life and i have to be blamed after i was being persuaded non stop by the guy to help.

I can understand human beings being selfish and standing up for their partners but i can never forget how evil this pair was, in order to save their relationship, they can do anything to harm me and my relationship.

There are more to this tragic story but i really just want to forget.

The reason why she even came to mind after i saw a caring dog lover is because she claims she loves dogs. She and her crazy bf who used to hit her dogs like a maniac claim they are avid lovers of dogs. They shared hatred messages on fb if they see any dog being bullied or abused, especially her.

Frankly, i have long given up on such people and no matter how many people want to update me about her life with that crazy bf of hers, i expressed no interest. They are already out of my life, even social media life.
I have known too much, likewise, they knew alot about me and my bf too. The problems we had and etc. Thus i wont say that they are the only ones facing rs problems. But as far as i know, my bf and i have never try to harm anyone because we still have our conscience.

So, why do i even think of her when i walk pass a dog lover?

I then realised, maybe..just maybe, some people who behaves like hypocrites by declaring their undying love for animals, are actually human haters which have too much time to be bothered with serious issues of life, they can actually love dogs but destroy human beings.

By saying that, i do not mean that dog lovers are human haters, i just mean that some people are behaving worse than the animals they rear, they love. True story. sad too.

How ironic.


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