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Vdates Aug (1)


I recently went to get my fringe trimmed. Boring me has officially return to having “bangs” again. Yeap. Boring.

I wanted so much to persist on having long and flowy fringe like my GF but i couldnt take it no more. The fringe is getting on my nerves by getting into my eye all the time.

It was kinda random because i just walked into a Shunji Matsuo after my workout at the Gym and requested for Bangs. I hope i look better now. GF said that i look like a kid but really, i wish i do. But ney, i dont  think so.


All along, fringe always has the higher votes, but who cares right, i gotta like what i see in the mirror and not accommodating to what others like. I used to keep my fringe long just because my ex bfs prefer that to “bangs”. All the while in the past, i was pleasing others. But honestly, if a person is gona love me any lesser just because of my hair, then he can go love others. I dont need such love. But of  course, i dont mean anyone must love my dirty hair if i never wash for weeks la.


Ok anyway, i love this bangs now. No matter who say what.


IMG_20130804_5the before and after!





Nothing much over the past 2 weeks. The usual, i hit the gym, stay home for movie marathon (alone and with Mummy), hang out with gf, played with babies, went church.

Frankly, i still go to church despite whatever is happening and despite the uneasiness in me. Thus i was hoping that the msg i receive can be pure. Last week’s msg was good and i did alot of reflection on myself as well. But honestly, it will be better if there wasnt so much hidden implications. I mean, it is a personal feeling, sorry if i wronged anyone but i love Dr Robi. I just wish that at certain point of time, there wasnt so much awkward hints of personal attacks without mentioning of names. I wish there wasnt so much clapping and cheering for the wrong reason.

Watched so much movies that i really cant remember how many. Haha! But i think the 1 that left a deep impression on me was Unfaithful.

I used to avoid watching some shows and betrayals/ adultery-related is def 1 of them. I guess it was due to an old scar in me. But well, everyone has to recover somehow or rather and so i did. The show was a long one, by Richard Gere and the beautiful Diane Lane. It is so rich with emotions and very realistic. But somehow, i can relate to how the characters feel in the show. Still, i was cursing the wife because she hurt the husband so deeply while indulging in her sexual desires.

Oh well…

IMG_20130810_223516 IMG_20130810_224552

Anyway, i took some pictures while trying some clothes. Guess which 1s did i buy?

I love them all though.

Like usual, i did not edit nor photoshop the pictures. I did filtered them though. I would also want to keep a record of how the body looks as time passes while i continue with my exercises.

The fact is that nothing much is shed, i am still not a Size 0. Oh please, i am not even a size 4. I am a size 8 to 10 and very occasionally 6 for certain brands.
But really, i am feeling better of myself now than 6mths ago because although not solid fit as in FIT, i am not as flabby as before. Especially my arms, and i believe my legs are slowly but surely becoming tougher.
It feels better no matter what i am decking on my body now, at least i know it is not on a pile of soft flabs. HAHA!

Some commented the clothes i wore above look disastrous on me, while my collgeaue just told me 1 min ago that she feels i have been exercising wrongly because she feels i still look ‘fat’ wor.

Ok, to say i am not offended by either is  gona be so  fake, i am affected but trust me, it is only to a certain extent.
In the past, i would be so affected till i feel inferior of myself, till i doubt myself, till i feel so scared whenever i head out. I would feel terrible and i would ask myself why are people looking at me.

Not anymore.

Really, i dont want to swear but trust me. Things are different now.

Look, my colleague is alot bigger than me and sometimes i really doubt her agenda of saying mean things to me. Of course, i am giving her the benefit of doubt too. She might really want the best for me but i dont think i should listen to someone that eats and eats and goes on diet pills. She doesnt exercise at all, and thus why should i be listening to her?

It doesnt help when i caught her staring at my new clothes. my body and my hair. It is super creepy because i caught her doing that while my back was facing her. Why would i know – you asked. I have a mirror infront of me and her expressions was reflected – crystal clear. Scary much.

Honestly, i am not a confident person which many thought i am. I have been through alot of things and along the experiences i have, i build myself up slowly and i am still not 100% as confident as you might think i am. But i am thankful i started somewhere, since i dont know where.

If you are a inferior person, I hope you can too, Look, you gotta start somewhere and you gotta do something about it. I am tired of wallowing in self pity and self blame. Arent you?

I know it is tough but slowly, surely. Remember that nobody is confident from birth. Sometimes i confuse myself too. Sometimes i mix up humility with inferiority. It is tough for me as i always thought that being humble is good but sometimes i tend to be too humble for my own good and it turns into ugly inferiority. It is really hard, and i m still figuring which is which. Dont ask me why because i do not know how to explain, it is just me.

But really, trust me, not everyone views you as how badly you view yourself. If you know you are doing the right thing and you know the right thing you do can produce right result, What does it matter if who say what?

For eg. my colleague. She is always saying i am fat when she is so much bigger than me, when she just eats and does not exercise. I and probably the whole world knows  that, exercising will be a long term beneficial plan than diet pills and supplements. I and probably  the whole world knows that i will look more freshened up, my muscles will look so much nicer and i will look toner than before.
Does what she says actually matters?

IMG_20130811_005455You prolly seen this in my insta. I shall repost for those that havent.

It really doesnt matter what others say.
Because not everyone is gona like what u say what u do what u talk abt what u wear what u watch whatever.
Some might just be jealous, some are just opinionated and the others are jus genuinely not liking you.
What matters is, do u like yourself?
Do u like what u say/do/watch/wear or eat? If u do, that settles it.
If u trust ur own judgment and preference, that settles it.
Nobody feels gd abt u if u cant even feel good about urself.
Check that mirror and see wonderful image and let those critics go on, they cant see a bigger picture.


This is just an example i would want to share with you. Sorry if my example isnt great enough but really, because i go through criticism like you do, and this is so real and instant (happened about 1 min ago), i just have to quote this example.

Alot of others doubt me too, saying i am not spiritual enough. But really, i do not have to account to anyone about my spiritual being, i know it is enough as long as i account myself to God. Some others quote bible verses and some others preach alot but i really dont see them walk the talk anyways. So, what you see might not be what is real anyway.

What i am trying to say here is, as long as you have a clear conscience of what is right, and you are not guilty of doing the wrong thing, who cares abt what they say?

Beauty is subjective, you can be Jessica Alba and there will still be people saying you are ugly. Thus lets not even touch on that. Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Confidence is Beauty but Arrogance is not, neither is Inferiority. I am very much aware of this thus i am reminding myself constantly.

I hope you too, keep that in mind.

It is definitely not easy for me to type these out because now and then i struggle with insecurity. It was just weeks ago that i cried out to Mel about my chest problem (i will leave it private and talk more about it next time)
It was just days ago i keep feeling bloated and fat.

But it is also God’s way of showing me that, hey, Jennifer Lawrence is so gorgeous and her body is so hot despite not being a size 0 or 6. She isnt your typical bombshell nor Kate Moss but boy, her body is so hot. (and she is weighing above 60kg fyi)
Yeap, i watched the Silver Linings Playbook over the long weekend. Haha.

Jennifer-Lawrence-e1355349012587Credits of images:

It is also God’s way of showing me that alot of people only talk the talk and not walk the talk when situations arise. That certain person who preaches alot is now missing in action.
I shant judge but yeap, alot of times it is like that.

Not many might know about your struggles and your credits for doing well, but you know, God knows. Sometimes it is enough.

Before i end this post, here is wishing everyone that God show u (including me pls) how much potential you have, and how beautiful you are and for those tt are too arrogant, may God shows you defeat so you practice humility.



images (2)In my opinion, Leslie Cheung has to be the most beautiful Man in Asia besides Takaeshi Kaneshiro.
Given the fact that Leslie Cheung is all natural, he wins Kaneshiro of course! (the latter had plastic)
But even Leslie himself was being insulted as ‘ugly Gay’. *Roll eyes- since when sexual preference has to do with looks right
Ryan Gosling, almost the next perfect thing in Hollywood, was just criticized by my friend this morning of being ugly. I mean, who the crap will say that?!

Now i really hope you see the picture, nobody will earn the liking of everyone. Not even Ryan Gosling nor Leslie Cheung.

I wish i can write more but i gotta go, i promise more for next time round! 🙂 Meanwhile be blessed and browse my random pictures. :p

IMG_20130809_233128Supposed to be a drinking session but it turned out to be durian + Red wine session over at Zen’s crib over the long weekend.

IMG_20130809_151701Pigeons around my house, lazy to even move when i am near.

IMG_20130808_215508Woo! Mum and my treats for the PH eve.
The Pink 1 was really very attractive, even more attractive after you open the packaging.
Taste good too! 

IMG_20130807_224924My 1 way ticket to failure of diet plan with my gf. 

IMG_20130809_014543The show i didnt manage to even start, gona watch it this coming weekend!
Gerard Butler~

IMG_20130810_225042Indeed and i am facing this dilemma non stop. 
I guess i will figure it out.

A song i long forgotten if not for the movie. My fav~

Stevie Wonder – Don’t you worry bout a thing

Vdates End Jul ’13


It has been sometime since the last update. As i get busier, i tend to forget most of what happened. Thus Vdates are gradually full of pictures.

I am back to work today after taking off for yesterday. Cant help feeling extremely Tired and Sleepy.

In fact, i am dozing off while typing this. Had fun during the Staycation with my Family for Mum’s Birthie (more on that again) and now, i m missing every moment of it, even the bickering sessions. Oh God, bring me back to 2 days ago. 😦

Alright, that is so not happening, thus i will start and end briefly on the updates.

Went to the famous E-commerce shop MDS collections’ physical shop last week at Raffles Chevron to collect 1 of the tops i bought.
It was the Orange top that i posted for sale previously, it is sold already anyway.

Frankly, i always have the impression that MDS is making it big and all but i did not particularly like shopping with them since sometime back. Firstly, i have to admit that the pricing does not really justify the quality. No offence but there are many other shops selling nicer items, of nicer quality out there. Even if is not nicer, there are definitely items that can be compared.

mdslogosquared_2Image credits :

However, i wouldnt mind to shop with them once in a blue moon if only the attitude and services of their staff is better and nicer than what i experienced recently.

I knew all along that their service is not extremely good but i brushed myself off and told myself that it is ok as long as i get what i wanted.
But the last experience i had last week at Raffles Chevron convinced me otherwise.

Well, i am not here to judge nor to sabotage anybody or any shop. If you read this blog regularly, you would have known that i like to share my experiences. Whether it is a simple skincare review or a hair cut experience, i will share the good and bad.

Also, i will make no reservations in sharing my Personal views/opinions and experiences with all Honesty. For eg. I wouldnt filter any pictures in my skincare reviews because i always believe that a real and sincere review does not requires that though many others prefer looking at fake pictures with cutesy stickers.

Thus after all the justification i made for myself, i am writing how dissatisfied i am towards MDS collections. Yes i know that the shop is making it big, if not they wouldnt have physical shops besides their e-commerce shop. Of course , i am also aware that they have been around for sometime.

However, what irks me is how arrogant the brand starts to get, after they make it big.

I couldnt really remember the incidents in the past and thus i am letting it go. I will just mention the last experience from last week.
The moment i entered the shop, there was no greeting of any sort but i am fine because i aint a sucker for such attention. It is also fine that the sales person allow us to wander around on our own as i prefer that to the frustrating aggressive promoters.

I guess what really frustrated me was  during my payment for my item. I took out my receipt to collect my item, as i made payment online previously.
I was being the usual me, saying Hi with a smile and i told the lady at the cashier that i am making my collection.

She did not even look at me and she took the receipt from me. She then signaled to her colleague and her colleague came over and searched for my item in their cupboard. To be honest, i was already pissed at that because the very basic of a business is courtesy and well mannered service and that includes eye contact and a simple Hi.

However, there was Zero interaction, no smiles and no greetings from the MDS staff.

Thereafter, the colleague threw my bag of item on the table and walked off. I signed to acknowledged the item and throughout the whole procedure, there was nothing said. After collecting the item, i said  Thanks and was expecting at least a nod.

And you probably knew what happened, both ladies working in the shop turned their back towards me and there wasnt even a simple “THANKS”

INSTEAD, as a customer, i have to thank them for attending to me. 

Honestly, this turned me off big time, but I thought it was because i was wearing like crap that day and thus the hostile treatment.
Because as you might already knew, if you wear like crap and you try entering big names like “CHAN**”, “PRAD*” or” LOUIS Something” in places like HK or even here in SG, you might be despised and the sales person might not entertain you nor serve you.

I thought that is really bad because good service is simply NOT like that.  But anyway, we are talking about MDS here, a local home grown successful brand, that has yet to become another Chanel.

Thus i hang around for awhile more to observe if  the arrogant sales persons entertain the other ladies who were better dressed. To my dismay, NOPE. They were not being served. Even the ones paying at the counter experienced what i experienced. Well, i am not sure about others, maybe there are people who are not as anal as i am when it comes to service, thus they are fine but for myself, i do not compromise to such quality of service.

There are countless e-commerce shops in Sg and overseas. There are bigger names around that provides excellent services. Frankly, i used  to shop with Love Bonito before they were so big, before they are known as Love Bonito. They were Bonito Chico previously and i used to shop with them frequently back then. The pricing were more justifiable back then but as they revamped and all, i personally find  that their designs changed (more common and less attractive) and the quality of their clothes are not as good as what was raved about by many many people. Thus i really do not find it as worthwhile to get apparels from them now. Of course, this is my personal opinion.

However, i still buy a few items from them now and then because honestly, there are still nice stuff to look at, their service has never drop despite anything. Their services and attitude towards customers are still comparable to the past which they first started and that is really a relief to consumers like us.

Look, i am not a stuck up princess that needs alot of TLC when it comes to shopping. I basically just hope for the basic needs of manners to be met. I have zero tolerance for bad service because for every cent i pay, i am paying not only for the item  but also the services. It is also very disgusting to encounter rude services from big names that are giving hostile services now after they have gained the fame and ‘status’.

Thus after saying so much, i regrettably confirmed that i will never shop with MDS collections again.

I honestly forgot about the previous incidents, if i am not wrong, it should be some email inquiries i made which were replied in unfriendly manners previously. However, for this incident, even if anyone were to argue that it is not fair to judge since it is only a one time event, i am still not gonna visit the shop again. I think that if 1 out of 2 sales persons in the shop  is rude, we can excuse the fact that every1 has bad mood now and then. But no, if the entire shop is ill mannered, it has something to do with its management. Its management has to make sure that their staff are properly trained because these people represent their Brand and  they are the most important people as they are the front line warriors, making interactions and building r/s with customers.

Of course, having said that, they might not be bothered as only 1 customer made such statements now (assuming there isnt anymore anal feedbacks other than me)
But i dont really care what action they will (or will not) take because i have said my piece and made a decision anyway.

This post is still on my updates but since i mentioned about shopping, might as well just include this part.

And so, i sold the top i got anyway because it didnt fit my chest at all. Terrible. I actually like the top very much but too bad, it didnt fit me.

Went to get brows threading done with my baby Sis on Fri and we both love our new brows now!  Not particularly in love with the Thick Korean brows but we wanted something more natural and of course, the straighter ones. We are satisfied and thank you Strip for the good services!

IMG_20130719_200924Brows before- Not too bad, but can be better!
Picture taken 2 weeks back? Treated Sis n Mum to Dinner for my humble pay increment. 

74044_10153029324505276_584360655_nAfter, i think looks better but barely noticeable though 😡

Visited gf on Sat with buns from  Barcook (that famous bakery and i will probably review on it soon because they have really nice buns!) Finally, i get to play with the babies. Oh man, i miss them already!

IMG_20130728_1That is Toro baby. 

Our lunch, fol.

Then I hang around and we watched some lame shows, went to get Ramly burger for dinner at Paya Lebar and then i head home to watch movie with Mum.
The next day, we went for our staycation and that will come in my next post.

IMG_20130728_13I love this picture so much! Big Thanks to gf and Chris for helping us so much, and thank you so much for the marvelous Fruit tart!


IMG_20130730_11Noshii sweetie!













IMG_20130730_12My Fav, Miko

Please check out their vid on my Insta!


IMG_20130721_185819Went to Dr Robi‘s session at Heart of God Church.
My 1st time to the church, It is relatively smaller than CHC and the members are younger.
However, as much as i am not used to it, the presence of God is strong.
Praise the Lord!
It was a wonderful experience and thank you HOG for inviting Dr Robi.

Find out more about Dr Robi HERE. He is awesome and you will love all his messages!

999076_518546634880762_832431974_nActually, there will always be people around you that do not believe in you.

This morning, my friend was asking me why is it that i appear slimmer in a pic and from the tone,
i can tell it is a doubt and not a question.
To be honest, i replied my friend and also would love to say, i did not edit the picture.
I lost some flabs because i have been working hard in the Gym.
Moreover, that picture was really taken in a better angle.

Sometimes, people doubt you because they themselves can never put in effort in doing what you are doing.
Thus it makes them feel better by doubting you and putting you down, in the hope that your are really like them.

You do not have to care about  those doubts, you know you are not like what they make you to be.
For me, i just know it.
I know my efforts are not wasted.




Mum and Sis cooked Laksa and it taste wonderful. 
Really blessed! 😛


IMG_20130724_1957131 of the pictures i took and i like very much.
During my break after 30mins on the cycle machine. 

Alright, for now, i pray for you guys (and myslf) a good week ahead!
Below are some of my loves, i am playing them on repeat mode now.

Ok, as you can see, they are soundtracks of Wong Kar Wai’s Days of being Wild and Happy Together. 
My fav movies, and thus my fav OTs!


IMG_20130722_204627I like this picture #LeslieCheung

The Legendary Leslie Cheung

Friends and readers know how much i adore this piece of Art.

I refer him to an Artpiece because he is simply perfect, as if his life is painted like a masterpiece.

Having said that, he is also flawed. I just didnt know how one can be so beautiful despite the flaws of insecurity, fear and sadness.

Once again, I cant stress enough on how talented he is and how much i would love to see him in person.

But that is really impossible and all i can do now, is to remember him in my own ways.

A Tribute to Leslie Cheung, once again.








images (1) images (2)

images (3)

images (4)

images (5)

images (6)



images (4)

images (5)

images (6)



Specially selected this group of photos over Google. Hope you like them as much as i do.

A Dedication Post to Leslie Cheung (updated 31st March 2013)

Its been almost a year or 2 since i was mesmerized by you.

I mean, i knew you since young due to my Mummy, she loves you.

But i didnt know you are that talented till these 2 years.

Its a few days away from your 10th year death anniversary.

Almost all my friends know i adore you very much, but some are very puzzled and some are even disgusted by my obsession with you.

I have to say, i do not have idols in my life. 

Yes i would ogle at the handsome hunks like Louis Koo, Channing Tatum and Takaeshi.

I would say i love listening to Bruno Mars and Jacky Cheung.

I would say i like to watch Andy Lau or Hugh Grant.

But non of them makes me addicted. Just to add, all of them are straight handsome dudes.

I cant even believe that i cry over u, i mean, who are you?
I dont even know you (in real life)?!

I have my fair share of brushing shoulder with celebrities due to work but i have never met you.

If you are alive, you are even older than my mum.

You must be damn special to attract both ladies from 2 different era, i mean, please.
We falling for the same dude?
Cant believe it. haha.

I love to watch entertainment with talent, real talents.
I am not keen in the K pop scene because it is crappy to me (no offence Kpop fans but i really think the Kpop stars are very cool with their outlook and no doubt, they are a hardworking bunch. Just not my kind)

You possessed both talent and good looks.

Yet, there are artistes that possess those qualities, so what it is about you that keeps me so crazy about you?

I am still clueless, goodness.

I am crazy for Jesus Christ & my Mum.
Yes, you cant be compared to the 2 but i can safely say you are almost the top 5 in my list. Goodness.

Well, your songs are damn old school, i cant say i like them all. I am after all just in my 20s. I might not be able to appreciate all of the old school songs, but i can guarantee that i know and i love almost 80% of your songs.


I wonder to myself too, whats with me, and whats with you that drives me so crazy.

The, I realized that we share the same agony in life.

I suffered from Depression way back (since childhood till 2 yrs ago), i lost my self worth since young.
There was unhappiness in the family since a long way back.

Things did not turn out good for me during my teenage and i did alot of things i wouldnt want to do now, things that were wrong, i have met the wrong people, made the wrong decisions in life.

Depression is something that is uncontrollable for me at that time.

It wasnt something that i can control, i felt sad and i just felt like dying, i felt  like how you felt- i just want to lept to my death so that i can sleep well, at least for once.

In Asia, Depression was considered a ‘taboo’.
We were not so open to discuss about Depression, almost everyone is conservative towards mental illness.

10 years back when you committed suicide, people were even more conservative than now.
10 years ago, my unhappiness was already bottling up till approximately 2 years ago.

Along the way, people improve in their thinking and through alot of case studies, YOURS especially, more and more Asians are becoming receptive and accept the reality of  Depression and the related discussions about this mental illness.

It is no longer a big fuss nor taboo to alot of people though some ignorant ones still classify Depression as “Lunatic”.

Somehow, i feel that although it is unfair and depressing to say- but you died for a greater cause.

Through you- many ignorant people are more aware of the importance of mental health wellness.

As a person who suffered from Depression before, i totally understand how it feels to be so depressed.

You are someone that is loyal to anyone you love. That’s my character too. Yet, we were hurt by many that we  were loyal to. Sadness.

We both grew up in the same environment – broken family. We both made it and we survived through childhood and teenage.

We are both very mindful about what others say of us, we are constantly living to expectations of others (which is not healthy and i can say, i have since changed quite abit about this, but you died with this…. )

Those are a few pointers, just to name.

Of course, i do not have that much achievements as you do, my stress level is so much lesser than you. You are a legend while i am just a commoner.

I do not have zillion of fans and i have no legacy to begin with while there are people crying over you even 10 yrs after your departure.

But, i can feel you because somehow, i go through similar pain and i learnt alot from you (through your words, your interviews, your songs)

Your songs encourages me, your words motivated me.

It is just sad that they didnt do the same for you.

Last night i quarreled with my sister, i feel so low this morning till i re watch this concert of yours, my heart feel so much lighter.

Why do you have such impact on me, i am still bewildered.

Honestly, i learnt to stop judging Gays because of you. Well, obviously, it is because i like you, i started to accept gays.

The thing is, you and your partner have gained my respect. I used to think that only a straight r/s is worth fighting for until i know about you and your boyfriend. The way you guys supported each other through the low times and the way you both stick to each other for decades won me over.

This clip is exceptionally touching. I cried and cried after watching it.

I would say, not all normal and straight r/s can attain that level of love, at least not for all my past r/s. Ha.

For the 1st time, i respected a gay r/s. I learnt to stop judging.

I would like to emphasize –  i do not support Gay r/s (just in case people spam me again).

But good for me, i stop judging.

It is also because of you, i learnt to love myself more. To be honest, i always harbor suicidal thoughts till i meet God.
After i knew more about you, i actually am very afraid to die. I saw how many are sad over your death and i realized  that the ones that suffer are the people alive and not the one that is dead.

I might not have many people crying for me if i ever die, but i know my Mum and loved ones definitely will…
I do not want to die before my time because i love my family and yes i love myself now.

In order to love yourself, you have to be extremely confident about your existence, you have to know why you exist, you have to know you are God’s creation and you have to know there are purposes in life, you have a purpose to fulfill.

God taught me that i am His wonderful masterpiece. You assure me that, when you sang the song “我”. You guys see the lyrics HERE.
Honestly, i feel i am beautiful, because of you. Omg, crazy again.
But indeed, the way you taught how to behave like a woman because of your feminine nature, i learnt them from you!
You once said something along the line of “you need to be sexy, stylish, cool and smart etc” and i was impressed by how versatile you can present yourself.

The way you behaved and presented yourself is full of elegance and posh. I am so far from that, shame of me. But i am still learning! Hurhur.
Yah, i learnt from the interviews (of your old friends and co workers) that you planned every move and expression for your concerts.
Maybe thats why you got me captivated by all your concerts and i can never have enough even after watching them so many times.

Not to mention the amount of Charity works you do. You gain my admiration for that.

The countless trophies and awards you gotten, including being 3rd for the World’s Music Icon award (Michael Jackson got First for that)..
I cant understand why are you so capable and perfect and why would you feel lousy about yourself? Thats the biggest question mark in me but also through this, i learnt to be thankful.
I am thankful that i can contribute to my family and some needy friends even though there will be no trophies for me.
I am thankful i am born to be capable in my small little ways :p

There might be other reasons (which i have not discover) to why i like you so much.  Shrugs.

It is rather creepy why i feel so close to you, like you are a brother, a father, or even a bf (errr).

But i would like to thank you for making that connection with me (eerie).

Oh yah, i enjoy your movies too.

I wanted to just post your concert clip here and i didnt want to write SO MUCH in this post, and up till this point, i am still very surprised why did i write so much about you in this post.

Readers, If you do not know Leslie (which i doubt), you may wana watch the clip i posted. If you are still puzzled by why i love him so much, you may also check out the clip, you will be amazed by his performance.

Lemme dedicate this post to you Leslie, its been 10 years but

You will be remembered forever.

A piece of me


It is Monday again. Honestly, i do not really like Mondays unless it is a public holiday.


I was on 2 days leave last week and is back to work today. Totally love the days i was on leave, sleep as and when i want, wake up anytime i want.

I cant wait for more days like that.

Also, i have been praying hard for that year end  bonus to come, so that i can execute my plan of __. fingers crossed, God bless!

Anyway, i thought it has been sometime since i started this blog. A few months. I do not have plenty readers. But i think it is enough, and all i really want to do is to share some positive and good stuffs though i will sometimes whine and rant abit.

My readers might not be the close friends, as my friends arent normally the ones that read blogs. Anyway, i wont know who are the ones reading lah.
I see a few from other countries, Thailand, Hong Kong, Msia, and also the USA, France and etc.

Anyway, Friends or not, maybe i would like to let my readers to know me better?

I shall start with a small biography 😛


Name: Valencia Faith Zhong/ Valencia Cheng
Pinyin: Zhong Mei Yi
Origin: Singapore
Born: 5th May
Other name: Valliez, Val, Mei, Lesley
Family: Mum and younger Sister
Loves of Life: Mummy, Jesus, Family ( & relatives)
Religion: Christianity
Church: City Harvest Church
Occupation: God’s servant, Marketing Industry
Influences: Jesus Christ, Pastor KongHee, Pastor Joel Osteen, Pastor Joyce Mayer, Pastor Phil Pringle, Leslie Cheung
Fav Food: Mum’s homecook food/ Fried rice/ Chinese Food/Chocs
Fav Number: 8
Fav Actors/Actress: Leslie Cheung, Channing Tatum, Hugh Grant, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Chow Yun Fatt, Scarlette Johanson, Leonardo Dicarpio
Fav Singers/Music: Leslie Cheung, Jacky Cheung, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, LaidBack Luke, House & Electro, Pop, Canto, Oldies, Evergreen
Fav Movies: PS I Love You, Passion of Christ, Happy Together, The Vow, Marley & Me, Shutter Island, I love Philip Morris, Hangover, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, all of Leslie Cheung’s movies, Infernal affairs
Games/Exercises: Halo, Left 4 dead, Gear of War, Resident Evil, Badminton, Swimming, Bowling

Ok, done! Short and sweet list i have there.
It might not describe me entirely but i hope its enough to have that slight brief idea about me.

Ayte, i gtg. Enjoy your week everyone!

Woman & Man

This is an awesome show.

And so is this…

Honestly, i am no different from the majority that doesnt really watch chinese movies (except for most of the old school ones).
I mean, i do enjoy quite a number of them but do not really spend $ in cinemas for asian films.

I guess, it is because of the cast, production and etc. In actual fact, some western chick flicks/ comedies are as bad as some asian nonsensical shows.
Perhaps, asian movies tend to be available in dvds or online faster and sooner than the western ones?

However, the shows i posted today are of the same cast and they are part 1 and 2 respectively.

Rather old school, starring Leslie Cheung and Anita Yuen. Both shows are fantastic. They are Not your traditional Love comedy.

I shall not talk much about the stories because i believe words aint enough to describe the natural acting of the actors, the perfect storylines.
I can only say, after watching, i feel both shows portray the same message, LOVE is unconditional, it goes way beyond gender, age and times.

The feeling of LOVE should be like what the shows portray, a form of Spiritual liking, attraction, sacrifice.

Love these shows and i watched 4 times already(for both) Recommending to you guys now!

Credits to Wiki and, find out more about the shows here:’s_a_Woman,_She’s_a_Man

Apple of my eye

Watched this show again yesterday night. I miss my school days suddenly, terribly.

I do not have any romantic r/s in school as my puppy loves back then were all outside of school. Thus i cant understand the romance behind the pen poking, in classrooms and along basketball court. hurhur.

However, i miss the friendship during secondary school. It was the most treasured. Primary school friendship is too unstable as we were all still kids from 7yr old to 12yr old, friends might be like toys, come and go.

During the more difficult age of 14 to 16, we are neither kids nor adults, the age which we step into maturity, the age  which we start to value relationships, (try to) handle relationships like adults, we go through thick and thin during this period in school, we ganged up against teachers, we stood united with each other- taking loyalty very seriously.

Thus, for me, friends made in secondary school are the most memorable ones.

As for romance, i have my story too, but just not in school. There are some people whom i met, spent time together, got separated, met again, but they left again. In this show, i wonder why didnt the guy try harder to stay in contact with the gal, i wonder why they didnt make up and why did the both didnt get together in the end.
Well, perhaps, thats the furthest they can go, as soulmates, but never lovers, Then i ask “but why?”, they look so good together and they get along so well? Perhaps, everything might change after they turn lovers? Perhaps they were never meant to be husband n wife and if they end up married, they might not get along as well as i thought?

I still do not like the ending, because i would rather see the both of them together. But, there are a few lines that i really love:

Gal: 被你喜欢过,很难觉得别人有那么喜欢我。
         Because of how you liked me before, is hard to imagine anyone else can like me as much as you did.

Guy: 我要这世界因为有了我而有一点点不同。
           I want the world to be slightly/ little different because of my existance.

Guy: 原来当你真的非常非常喜欢一个女孩,当她有人疼有人爱,你会真心真意的祝福她快乐。
           If you really love a girl so much, seeing her having some1 doting on her, you will wish her happy with your sincere heart.

I think, i can understand the first statement made by the girl, though i have my fair share of meeting the wrong people who cast doubts in real love in my life, there are still nice people that i met, who made me understand that sentence.

As for the 2nd statement, i feel is very inspiring. You do not need to be someone big or famous to make a slight difference in this broken world. A slight difference matters, for eg. when the world is broken down with greed and haters, you can make a diff by being a honest and peace loving person – influencing people around you? Shrugs, but that itself is already a slight diff made, right?

The 3rd statement – it can be excuse for cowards who do not dare to give commitment to the person they fancy, thus watching the ones they fancy ending up with others.
It can also mean sincere and selfless Love (Love is selfless, also quoted in bible).

I havent reach that stage yet, thus my Love isnt unconditional, not for any1 as yet.

Alot of thoughts came to mind when i watch this show. It is especially touching when the guy kissed the groom at the end of the show (watch to find out why he did that!).

Not fantastic big production, but it is a heart-warming show. I like it.

Whats your thoughts on this show then?

Music Love Dream

1 of my Favourite Movies. Aint sure if is Channing Tatum (felt lik 18 again, crushing on celeb. tsk) doing the magic or is just simply a sweet show. Amanda Seyfried is pretty too.

I knew she is pretty even when she acted as a nerd in Jennifer’s Body. Infact, she is prettier and Megan Fox is just hot.

Phew. Anyway, it was a rather rough day today. But i believe Tomorrow is a Better day, for me, my Family and my other Family. God Bless.


Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth (Ps. 46:10)

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