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Tho Update


I have nothing much to write today. I cant possibly update my blog daily because i will run out of stuffs to write in no time!

Haha, anyway, i just want to update for Gary Tho and you will know why.


And, to add, see how closely knitted we are, updates from GaryTho in Insta and i am receiving whatsapp from Seven above the Insta update. Haha!




I wish today can fly pass quickly,

For Gary Tho, my pet, my friend.

Gary Tho, Top 8 Finalist of August Man, also my pet, my bro, my buddy, my bitch, my gf’s bitch.

This is the first time (if my memory never fails me), that i am actually promoting and shouting for a pageant contest.  (ok, please exclude Michael’s Cleo Bachelor Contest, i was kinda working that time)
Nah, i have nothing against beauty contests or any pageants and whatnot, but is just never my concern because i feel it is all attention seeking, self-fulfilling crappy shows.

But thats hw skeptical i am towards such stuffs.
However, i have to admit that such competitions boost 1’s confidence and is like a benchmark of achieving/ accomplishing something in 1’s life (to some people at least).

Also, you never know what is your best and how much potential you can unleash till you are face with competition from your competitors right?

Anyways, i am clueless on how to vote here, apparently, organiser was saying they have closed the Voting, but i was informed (by organiser itself) that there is another voting system. Ok, organiser not sure about the voting system.  (-_-)

I still want to ‘support’ my buddy here, and wishing him all the best for tonight’s finale! I have never been concern about contests like these, but i know this mean alot to him. If i am not wrong about him, he isnt someone who just join for the fun of it (though it is fun too lah), but i know he is very serious in activities he engages in.

So Gary, if you win, please know what to do, i am yearning for oysters and i am dressing up (although not according to the 1920s theme the party wanted) for you, for your night! You are already a winner ok?

Haha. If you dont, dont worry, you are still the best. No offence to the other Alisters but i saw you guys and i was like…. ok Gary my bitch is still the best.


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