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The old school Music and my Prayer for today

Today i am gona go into Mandarin Pop. Sorry, not the latest one. It might be the age, i dont know.

*Ok, before that, i would wana apologise for my last post, i guess i was pretty upset ytd. Lets move on from there 🙂

Anws, m not so keen in the Mandarin pop nwadays. I do know who are the usual entertainers, but just not interested and i have lost clue on all the new songs and etc.

So, i am gona be so old school and post some of the songs from 90s by Daniel Chan. LOL, i remember he was the only 1 that made me broke my own principle of not buying albums. I bought the one and only CD and it was Daniel Chan’s.

He looked like a prince. I mean, he still looks ok now. Here are some of my fav….

除了你 我还在思念谁
我并不是害怕黑 寂寞
终于也是掉下眼泪 爱情
除了你 我还在思念谁
我并不是害怕黑 寂寞

Same clip lah, but in Chinese, not Cantonese. haha.

好想看看你 所以捨不得離去

讓我猜猜猜 你會來來來
我的愛愛愛 不分是非黑白
我盼盼盼 我在想想想
心好痛~ 好亂

OH~ 真的好愛你
不能想你 就像不能呼吸

OH~ 真的好愛你
知道我付出一切 深愛你

好想陪著你 就算不多說一句

OH~ 你是否願意

Very handsome right? My childhood favourite. Actually, not exactly favourite lah, i dont really have idols. I just listen to whatever thats nice.
I remember how i dislike BSB while e rest of my female classmates go crazy over them, oh, and the Moffats (where are they now ar?)


Just in case you do not know who the Moffatts are (they are a group of Canadian boys), they died down quite soon after that 1 hit Wonder – Miss you like crazy.
Quite radio friendly lah that song.

HAHA! Old School or not?

Ok, i know, my age is revealed. I know.
Is ok.
I feel people my era really look better anyway, LOL.



Of course, ntg beats my dearest.



Today, my mood is ok ok, is just the beginning of the day, so i cant really tell. But, by Faith, i am declaring that today is my best day as yet.

I have a wish today and my prayer for today, it is with my CG leader Eng Han. He is a man of Faith, of integrity.

I do not want to start all over again on the Church issue, but if you see me now and then (then as in i duno, 1 yr ago, 10 yrs ago), you should know how much the Church has helped me.  I might not be the most spiritual or well behaved person/Christian but you cant deny i have improved as a person and in life.

I thank my Church, my CG mates, my Pastor, my leader. Of  cos, my family as well. Just  that, i owe alot to Eng Han, he has never stop caring for me.

Whenever i need help, i just hafta make a phonecall, and he & his wife will try their best to attend to me.

Today, is a day i never expect to have, i have never imagine them, as high flyers themselves, will need help from us and al the help they nd from us is just prayers.

I remember saying this 1 yr ago “aiya, i am so paisey to ask them for help everytime.” (Paisey-embarrassed) 
Someone replied “u will never know when they need your help”
I was like “Oh please. how is that possible? they are successful, kind and rich”

But i guess the Greater man that do greater things has his trials to face.

I remember a year ago, i was a wreck. Eng Han and his wife, never hesitate to take time off their busy schedule to visit me and do deliverance on me.
After that very day, Eng Han gave me this verse which i remember till today and probably forever – Deuteronomy 28:8

I was a new person ever since. Call it psychology effects, but to me, i know God use him well. I feel God, i know God more.

And lastly, despite my small giving(comparing to some) or (in the past-no giving ($), he has never treated me unfairly. He treats me with care like hw he treated other business men and reputable people with status.
He is that ever humble leader, that always wana find out more about my life. Although sometimes, he does forget what i told him, i mean, if i have a group of 100 over people, i might not remember everyone’s life so thoroughly too.

But i am thankful, he still remember pieces of my life and will recall about the stuffs i said. I was extremely honoured to be with him during this trial, to pray for him and to be named as “a fruit” of CHC.

I pray for all to be well today, and for God to be the JUST here, and may Lord bless his family and himself with peace and strength, may Lord open the eyes of the people and the law, for Law was 1st made by God. May the QC appeal be approved for this wonderful man.

Thanks for reading (and listening)!

i will be back for mre updates yea!

Deuteronomy 28:8
The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand to. The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.

*Eng Han,  u gave me this wonderful verse before and i now want to give this verse to you too.
I know you will be blessed, despite the allegations, those that knew you b4 the incident, those that know you during the incident, are all with you through the incident.
We are in this together.

I hope to encourage anyone reading this, this verse is for you too. Dont fear.


Faye Wong Medley (Aural Pleasure)

Never like her in the past but i do miss these songs, especially the love songs. Her eccentric character kinda mesmerize me.

Nice voice, often described as the Asia’s Cranberries vocalist Dolores O’Riordan. Personally feel faye is special in her own way in terms of singing.

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