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Basically, the sentence above means that Professionalism is an Attitude.
What you decide to do and what you portray, is a kind of attitude.

Some people are of bad attitude, some are of lazy attitude whereas some gives an attitude of warmth, some givse an attitude of confidence.

It is how you carry yourself.

Being a Professional means you are disciplined, humble, swift, witty and the list goes on.

But being Professional isnt a inborn thing. Not for me at least.

I used to have impulses to achieve this and achieve tha. But weeks later, i would stop my plannings and i slacked and i slide away from the initial dreams and goals.

After seeing alot of examples in my life, be it my Pastor (Kong Hee), my Cell group leader Eng Han, some other church leaders and members, or even the artiste that i fancy (Leslie Cheung) and the late Mr Huang Wen Yong (local actor that passed away last week) i realise that being professional really goes a long way.

You have to do more than just being yourself, and doing all the routine duties. You have to go beyond yourself and do beyond routine.

Not only do you gain a name for yourself, you gain people’s respect, you gain the trust of people and you build a legacy for yourself.

Most importantly, you can be a role model for someone.

Whenever i feel like slacking and stop exercising, stop ministering to people in need, stop working and feign illness, i will think of all these Professionals.

They are the people that faces tremendous stress from various trials and tribulations. Yet, they are able to carry on their daily duties with a smile.

Who am i to complain????

When i reflect, there were times when i feel down, things that affect me like breakups (in e past), fights (with friends, with family, with whoever la)

I would be affected greatly and would take a day off  from work, telling myself is ok to take a rest since i am feeling so down.
I am not efficient in doing anything when i am sad – I used to say.

I guess that excuse is pretty good because we want to be efficient in the things we do. errr Right?

But a real Professional continue with his or her duties despite situations.

The real professionals are people that can do, and not only do, they do well in what they are supposed to do- despite situations.

I guess i have alot to learn. I guess i need to understand how to put my mind above emotions.

I am very guilty for not being professional for a long while, and i get emotional so easily that i will even turn nasty  if someone is hinting that he/she is against my plan or not support my thinking.

Thats really not very professional isnt it?
Childish too.



I would also like to emphasize that, Professionalism applies in all kind of work.

My Mum is not holding a job that is of very high post. She part time at a Auto Mobil place. But she is by far, the most professional person that is close to me. She will never be on MC unless she is really very sick and bed ridden. She is really 1 of the very rare professional women that i know of.

Today, i thank God that i make it to work despite feeling EXTREMELY tired after being giddy and nausea yesterday night.
Well, i am not that sick to miss work in the first place but i am having Fever now, sadly.. feeling very groggy and ok, fatigue?

But, I thank God that i have tried my best to sound approachable and friendly despite being snubbed by those colleagues again- whats new.

However, i know i still have a long way to go because i am not a very consistent person. To keep this going, i have to remember that

Being Professional is an Attitude that i have to build inside me and i have to make it into a Habit

It is humility and all about being disciplined.

I guess that is what God expects of us too. Afterall, HE is the real professional when it comes to everything he does isnt it?

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