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Do you have eyes but fail to see, and ears but fail to hear? And don’t you remember? Mark 8:18

Today, i learn something. Never reason with a blind person.

Look, this ah lian might have forgotten the encouraging words i said to her when she posted some emo status on fb.

It is not big deal anyway. Just that, i didnt read her ‘post’ on purpose, it is on my newsfeed.

That time, when she was broken, i felt the pain for her. I shared with her my own pain of being abused physically by my ex bf. I can feel her because she was abused too.

Today, she said something that didnt make sense, like…finding out truth from 50 Youtube clips and i reason out with solid reasons, with logical analysis, she flare up with words lik “F*ck*, together with her childish Boyfriend.

What can i say?

Never reason with a blind person, they might have eyes but they cant see.

People talk nicely and reason/discuss with u, u say people get offended easily, then u block people on fb and b4 that, posted tons of vulgarities.

haix. why so petty and narrow-minded, y lidat ar?

Fyi, The Sentosa House that you are saying, doesnt belong to Pastor Kong. 90million, i am SO sure you see his name on the house deed to determine that the house belongs to him then? *coughs
oh yes, work harder and you can also stay in a 90million house too.
If not, you might have to try opening a church, and see if tt works for you since you think is so easy to earn money that way?
(kidding, in case you really think that i am actually encouraging you to do that. dont ok? : )

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