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Dont push me around like a Wagon. I might be Nice but it is not at the expense of being bullied.

Hi everybody.

It is a Monday and my mood isnt at its best.

It is a new month, March and i cant believe how fast time flies?

I am writing this with extreme anger. I know i shouldnt be angry, i know i should be slow to anger.

But i really cant contain it anymore. I mean, cmon, i am a human. I can be nice and all, but please dont push me around like a wagon.

I am trying very hard to not say out what i am saying in my head, if i do, sure, the whole world will blame me, i will be judged, and i let every1 down again.

Please bear with me, i mean, you do not have to. But if you want to, you may continue reading, if not, please exit because i do not want to spoil your mood or make you angry while reading (yes, some people wont and dont understand that this is MY blog, and thus controlling me like a control freak and wud request me to not write this and please write that)

I want to whine about 1 of my unreasonable co workers this morning.

Firstly, i want to admit that i am really not so awake and might be a little blur and that is absolutely my fault.

But i do not need to be treated like dirt.

I am not paid by her, i do not owe anything to her.

We are all working together, so what the fuck is wrong with her for treating me like her dog or worse?

Yes, that F word just came out of me. I cant take it no more.

I have bee n trying my best to be nice but whenever i am not a bitch, i am being bullied.

A short summary of what happened:

Me: Hi LL, just checking, did i pass this doc to you, just afraid that i miss out previously.
LL: PLEASE CHECK DOC NO. XXXXX and it is already March and you are asking for this and please check this and that and this and that.
Me: thanks, so, i did pass you right. Yes or No? Yes right? thats all that i hv to noe, thanks!
LL: you dont know meh? you must ask, other hotels and organisation also do the same wad, y you blah blah blah.
Me: lets not get outta topic, i am now aware that i passed you e doc. thanks.
LL: yah you Blah Blah Blah…ETC XXXX#$@#$

Guess what is worse than Monday blues?

All i need to know, is  whether she received the document i passed to her. THATS BASICALLY ALL.

I know it is a hassle to ask someone that because that someone might be busy, thats me being a nuisance. She has every right to be mad at me.
But i do not think all the lecturing and naggings and demeaning are necessary. I might be weak in my paper work. But i did and i am still earning for the company.

After that, i asked for something from the supplier in order for me to raise an Purchasing Order. Right, i was damn blur because i do not need to ask for invoice before work is done.

Again, this lady called me and shout at me. I mean, enough is enough.
The convo went like that:

LL: you mean u dont know? We have to do tis n that my dear, y you #$@#@## and blah  blah blah
Me: ok, so u dont need this right. can, i wont attach. no worries
LL: no, is not that you dont need to attach, you do not even have to ask, why do u go n ask ppl for it?
Me: ok got it, i wont ask anymore. no need for that. right.
LL: yah, y you need to ask and blah blah blah?!!
Me: no, i got it, i wont ask anymore, solved? Please dont shout at me.
LL: I am not shouting at u, i am just explainning, you canot ask for it and etc Blah Blah Blah
Me: hey, i got it, alright? I got it.
LL hangs up phone.

HELLO? How rude is that?

I mean, i hate naggings, i am NOT A CHILD. i do not need to account to you why i did that because you are not my boss.
I did wrong, move on la?
I alraedy said i wont do it again right?

Besides, it is not any grave mistake, i just asked for an invoice and i shouldnt be asking for it, yes, i did asked and i will not ask again.
Whats the Fucking Big Problem?

Why do you have to nag, interrogate why i asked, lecture me that i asked for the invoice like i freaking hit and run over your cat or dog?

Honestly, is that necessary?

Hanging up the phone like that. Great, i didnt wana say bye to you too, but i will say Thanks because that is only professional.

I really do not know why people must be so hard on me when i am being nice and giving.

It might be extremely juvenile but i sent an email by cc-ing her boss and mine, i really do not appreciate being bullied like that. I feel that the management needs to be aware of such bullies. I cannot be pushed around like a wagon.

I can do without friends but i cant do without self love and self respect, if i cant respect myself to defend myself, who will do that for me?

Moreover, i have tolerated for how many months? It is the ultimatum lah. really.

Given my temper, i would have scolded the bully and all long ago.

Back in LB (my ex co), that person would have gotten from me already.

No one is supposed to bully another just because that party is nice.

Do you know i have many updates to blog about and i have ZERO mood for that now.

I will be back,

For now, just leave me as it is.

You, i hope you see this, Please stop bullying me. I have emailed you directly, cc-ing my boss and your boss, i am not backstabbing behind your back. You know what you have done.

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