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我- Leslie Cheung


I am what I am
我永遠都愛這樣的我 (I love ME forever)

快樂是 快樂的方式不只一種 (there are many ways to be happy)
最榮幸是 誰都是造物者的光榮 (I am honoured, i am the Creator’s proud creation*)
不用閃躲 為我喜歡的生活而活 (i do not hide and i live the way i like)

#我就是我 是顏色不一樣的煙火 ( I am what i am, i am colourful)
天空開闊 要做最堅強的泡沫 (as wide as the sky can be, i want to be strong)
我喜歡我 讓薔薇開出一種結果 ( I like ME, like a flower, i am blooming)
孤獨的沙漠裡 一樣盛放的赤裸裸 (even if i am alone in a dry dessert, i can blossom like a flower in truth)

多麼高興 在琉璃屋中快樂生活 (I am very happy to live with transparency)
對世界說 甚麼是光明磊落 (i show the world that i am transparent and what righteous is)

If you understand mandarin, or at least, able to read Chinese, is likely that you will love this song.
For people who do not love yourselves, please learn to see the beauty in yourself despite the flaws.
we are Beautiful because we are Imperfect.

Perfection is not beautiful at all.
It is artificial.
At least to me.
Imperfection like SCAR, reminds you of your past, and behold, dont let the past hinder your present.
It just remind you to be wiser.
Imperfection like SCAR, push you further to your future, to pursue more for your future.
Isnt imperfection beautiful?




*造物者 means Creator. For me, i refer this Creator to my God.
And indeed, i was constantly reminded that, God is very proud of His creation.
This song actually talked about that!
When i am respecting myself, i am respecting God and His creation.

The song is so spiritual, i am wondering if a Believer penned it.
Living in transparency and with joy, is 1 of the core beliefs for us children of Christ!

And of course, i love the man who is singing this song.  (thinking aloud: all my frens knew it, i think. ha)

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.”
Genesis 1:27

“God saw all that he had made, and it was very good.”
Genesis 1:31

張國榮 紅

This is so precious.  The demo of ‘Red’. A song by my favourite Singer.
It is just..Sexy.

When Cantopop meets Trip Hop

A Trip Hop piece:

In the Western Music industry now, Lady Gaga mixes Pop with Techno with great success.
In the Asian Music world way back, Leslie Cheung already introduced Canto-pop into another level. 
Similar to the above, he was also best  known for his flamboyant fashion performances.

Original Piece of ‘Red’:

Not many people dig this performance. Some feel that it is too heavy, some commented that it is too ‘gayish’.
I feel it  is just perfect, if you look beyond Gender, and view the performer as a performer, as an individual, it is very captivating.

p/s: Trip hop (or trip-hop) is a genre consisting of downtempo electronic music, originating in the early 1990s in the United Kingdom, especially Bristol. Deriving from “post”-acid house,[3] the term was first used by the British music media and press as a way to describe the more experimental variant of breakbeat which contained influences of soul, funk and jazz.[3] It has been described as “Europe’s alternative choice in the second half of the ’90s”, and “a fusion of hip hop and electronica until neither genre is recognisable.”[4] Trip hop music fuses several styles and has much in common with other genres; it has several qualities similar to ambient music,[3] its drum-based breakdowns share characteristics with hip hop,[3] and it also contains elements of house, dance, R&B and dub reggae. Trip hop can be highly experimental in nature.[3]


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