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You Exist in my song


I would like to share some good music with you guys. Recently, i am very into soothing Jazz, Bossa Nova, Slow rock, Shanghai Jazz.

It depends on my mood, weather (yes! weather makes a diff too! haha, really!) and time (i dont like listening to fast tracks in the mornings).

I was listening to various Jazz and Bossa Nova singers singing old school chinese tunes like ye shang hai, qing mi ai ren. It is so sensual and soothing.

Then, i was on Youtube listening randomly to different songs of the similar genre. Then i found this singer – Qu Wan Ting. I wouldnt say she belongs to Jazz nor Bossa Nova, perhaps more Alternative/Pop.

Yes, she is on my current playlist (together with Joanna Wang)

She has this unique voice that captivates and captures my attention. To be honest, i do not usually download ALL the songs of 1 singer no matter how much i like the singer.

But her voice really impressed me and i went to get a whole list of her songs just for her voice, nvm if the tunes or lyrics are not to my liking.

Not bad.

Here is some info of her, courtesy of Wikipedia:

This is a Chinese name; the family name is Qu.

Wanting Qu (also known as Qu Wanting; Chinese 曲婉婷) (October 10, 1983 in Harbin, Heilongjiang) is a ChineseCanadian pianist, singer and songwriter based in Vancouver.[1] In 2009, she became the first Chinese artist to be signed to the Nettwerk label;[2] she is managed by Terry McBride.[3]

Both her English and Mandarin tracks are very nice, if i were to describe them in my way, i would say… They are like glasses of fresh chilled Orange Juice, which you would thirst for, in the sunny Singapore.


Alright, I personally like these few tracks specially: Drenched, Everything in the World, Hideaway, You exist in my song

You may want to google / youtube Qu WanTing for other/ more songs performed by her.

Prior to Qu WanTing, there is this lady name Joanna Wang. Similar voice and also very outstanding, but i heard she isnt so into Pop music industry, and she left the pop industry. 😦
 I hope Qu WanTing will not disappear like Joanna Wang.

I dont know what has gotten into me, i am so into Oldies nowadays, Old Chinese Jazz, Old Canto/Mandarin Pop. I hope it is not the age thing. haha.

But these songs are so soothing, (like ice vanilla and OJ in the summer) how to resist!! I hope you will like what i shared 🙂

Recently, i took a leap of faith to try out SK2. Yes, i heard alot of rumours that SK2 might not be as gd as it sounds, i dont know because i have never use SK2 before. My frens whom used it told me that the moment u stop using, u will see the worse outbreak ever. I was lik…”really meh. omg”

So i decided to take the risk and try it out. I first used it ytd night and i will give myself anotehr 28 days or so to see the results. If is good, i will highly recommend here! 😀

I will be back to blog (like really sit down and write) soon.For now, i am off to the musical land, aww so soothing and dreamy! Music loves ❤


-Qu WanTing

-Qu WanTing

“There is a star shining on you
Star to believe
Star to reach
Star to a cheer
Star to dream of
Star to believe
Star to reach
Star to a cheer”
(lyris of Star in You)


-Joanna Wang

– Joanna Wang ,fantastic rendition of 償還. She made the song sound a little sad, a little sexy, a little angsty, while the original piece is very sad (by Teresa Teng).
 The ever awesome original as below, by Teresa Teng (i told u i am really into oldies)

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