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Cover Singings

Went Ktv recently (long needed ktv session) and recorded a few clips. Just for Fun and no professional, so please do not judge. 🙂

Click Here: Sammi Cheng’s 终身美丽 Cover by yours truly


Wanted to play this on 1st April to commemorate my favourite. But i cant wait already, perhaps i can do another one ? 😛

Really didnt do my best and i am ashame of it, but did it for my love for this song and the late Leslie.

Click Here: Leslie Cheung’s 我- Cover by yours truly

Watch original here:
Notice the lyrics, i pasted them in my blog previously, it is a very motivating song.

Ayte, gtg, feeling extremely drained but is really worth it, i will update very soon on why!


God bless all~

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