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Preview of my Creative Ideas for CNY!

Omg i am so proud of myself! Look at the sweeties above! They are my creation!

Ahem, ok humble humble, dont be too proud Vallie. BUT! i am so excited! 😀

Nope,  I am NOT a designer….but the artwork turns out to be quite pretty right? :p

Ok, i really do not know hw to use photoshop, thus, i used Microsoft Words to do the above designs.

I thought it is still quite pretty la, considering the software i use… haha!

I even added watermarks to them! hehe. ok la, not that i am worried that someone will steal and use because there are so many awesome designs out there. But i feel like watermarking them because they are like my babies (creations) 😀

Honestly, many people will grumble if they have to do design when their job is Marketing. I used to whine and grumble like that too!
But i am very grateful i have the chance to learn! At least i know i can use Microsoft Words to create right? At least i can ‘unleash’ the ‘arty’ part of me in me, right? kakaka. If not, i will never know! 🙂

My leader Eng Han actually preached and mentioned before, God will open ways and His wisdom and creativity will flow through you and i really have to believe this because i honestly have never be able to do things thats beyond my capacity! If i am not an artist, then i am not la, u noe wad i mean? Y would i be able to do, not to say, do it well.

But i am so thankful now la. haha. Thank God! 🙂

So how? Anyone fancy my design? Wana buy any? 😛

I will come back and blog more, i promise! For now, gtg!

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