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Gypsy Woman – Crystal Waters (Aural Pleasure)

It is getting cold as we approach the end of the year. I miss the beach even if i dont really like the idea of seeing the glaring sun. (i used to love the sun when i was younger and i used to get myslf roasted, i prefer to be tanned back then. :p)

I like this cooling weather but i miss the sun. Haha. Thats me being bitchy. Thats human being contraditcting and irritating, wanting things they cant get.

Anyway, i want to share this, i personally love it alot. The moment i listen to this (old song btw), i can see the beach and the sun Immediately. I can also see my ice cold beer and mojito.

I see myself getting floaty and tipsy (NOT drunk) and embracing the breeze, dancing to this tune!

Enjoy and here are some details of Crystal Waters :

I love how free she made the tune sound, so laid back, relaxed, lazy and fun.

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