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I guess i do not have to elaborate much on the below. Because it disgusts me to the max to even start talking about these jerks.

Pedophilia is sick, it is Terribly SICK.

I am not here to judge anyone, but if you realise that you might be pedophilia, please  consult a doctor. There will always be help.
I did not bother to do a research on what is the exact cause of it but i reckon it is not as important (in my opinion) at this point.
Those selfish pervertic old men  that stays behind the cam, paying kids to perform such obscene actions, omg i cant even imagine.

Because there is something worth more attention and urgent and i urge you guys to watch this clip, and participate in the petition. I did my part and my heart really goes out to these poor children, it is just a few clicks. Would you help the poor kids?

Please sign the petition here :

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