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Mind Your Own Business

For those that googled and search high and low with regards to Eng Han and CHC….

Really, just



I know there are alot of you out there and you know who you are. You are here because you googled it.

There are many people who knows too little to misled others, there are people who wish to know more to misled more people.

There are people who are inside and outside of CHC that wants to act on behalf of the Dark.

For those that come to me constantly to ask, to tell, to talk about this whole incident, please back off.

I have no mood to hear about your views on this matter because it doesnt matter, your views dont matter.

Especially to that certain dude who cant stop yakking about his view and forcing his views into my brains, please just go away.

Leave me alone, and leave this issue to God.

Literally, for God sake.



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