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Enuff said

May i also add, babe, watching 50 to 100 Youtube Video clips wont get you any truth. If watching those Youtube video, neglecting what was shown and done in church, what was done outside City Harvest Singapore, what was done in China, what school was built (in Sun Ho’s name), what hostels were built in China, what mission works were done in various parts of the world…..blahblahblah.
Then why do we need to go to court? You-tube FTW?
Even though ‘ you dont see her doing anything to do with Crossover” (like u claimed), it doesnt mean she didnt do, is just that…you didnt see?
What you dont know is what you dont know, it doesnt mean she did not crossover, what you see and what you know is what you see and what you know, they are just small parts of what she did. Make sense?

I cant assume that you did not eat just because i dont see you eating right?

A Pop Secular Singer, also a Pastor’s wife, there is indeed a contradiction of status here. Being a pop secular singer means you need to sing songs that are not Gospel songs, means that you might sing songs that people hate.
You might have to wear certain sexy dresses for your pop image and most if not all, are sponsored even.

Being a pastor’s wife, all of the above seem to be so ‘sinful’ to people. 😦
Yet, besides being a pastor’s wife, Sun is also a woman of faith. She needs to spread the Gospel using her Pop Secular’s Status. Because this isnt what she wants? This is revealed to her through God, through Rhema words, through great men of God.
Which also seem to be logical because as i mentioned, is not easy to preach in TW back then, given the fact that the country is not very open to Christianity, but on the other hand, very heavily invovled in Pop culture.
The only way to ‘penetrate in’ is using Pop…

Anw, i have nothing against the little gal in this post, i dont dislike her, i just dont see how it make sense there, watching Youtube, seeing skimpy clothes doesnt really prove anything.

I said enough, but i still wana defend, and i will never stop defending not because i love quarrels, and is def not arguing. 
Just that…when you see senseless logics thats so twisted… sometimes, you cant let it go like that.
Yesyes, i have been telling people to ignore such ignorant comments, people have been asking me to ignore as well.
But at times, you just cant because u see something so warped happening…so twisted?

People ought to analyse situations with brains insteadof using mouths…or ‘fingers’.

*names and pictures removed to protect the gal in this post.

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