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Facebook and its woes 1

Most of the time, as long as you are a real human being, and you possessed a Facebook account, you will encounter countless people who will give you different experiences.

I do not wish to comment on what people put on their status as i am not sure who hates my status anyway.
But i got to say that i really am frustrated at the numerous EMO status from the same old few.
You know who you are, you tell everyone how he doesnt love you, how sad you are because he doesnt love you, how feverish you feel because he doesnt love you and how sore your throat is because he doesnt love you.


Of course, you do get a few random pokes from the Buayas (Malay for “crocodile”. Means “lothario” or wolf, i.e. sleazy pick-up artist. May also be used as a verb) and  these people usually ‘poked’ and add random women online, for whatever purposes i do not wish to know.

No doubt, Facebook is a social media platform for making friends other than being an advertising medium. I totally agree with that and although i dislike the idea of adding or approving strangers online, it is technically faultless to do that.

The list can go on and on for the various encounters 1 might have on Facebook, like if you have stalkers who stalk and poke, it is inevitable that you will also have haters too.

More on the various types of examples and i promise i will list them out someday.

Today, i just want to post about this weirdo who added me recently, out of the blue. I do not know him and please see below:



I asked him if i have met him because i am super super lousy at remembering people and their faces/names. I reckon he is from the same church as the mutual friends we have are all church goers. Apparently this dude is indeed  from church as he has confirmed in his message.

There are so many people in the church and as you might have already knew, i attend City Harvest Church. Yes, i noted about the scandal, i noted about the recent video made of Pastor Kong Hee. However, i am keeping my comments and thoughts to myself for all that. Hope to seek your kind respect because i go to church for God and not the news and Pastors, thus i emphasize that this post is  nothing about the scandals.

So, back to what i was saying, i am a super blur sotong and many deem it as being insincere, cant help it. Despite that, i try my best to remember people.
Anyway, as  what you have read, and i am lazy to repeat since the printscreens made it super clear already, this guy added me out of nothing when he is already married.

Before i get bashed for being sensitive and all, i admit that i am really a sensitive individual but i really sincerely do not think that a married man or woman should add random opposite sex online to make friends. I dont see  the need  to. I wish i can explain why but frankly, there is no such need to explain why.

It is simply weird  to do that.

If you are saying that makign friends over Facebook is common, especially with the opposite sex, can i also question the agenda for that? Why must it be the opposite sex? Why not the same sex? If i am not the first woman this duded added, then why would he add multiple women online?

Which wife or husband will like that idea of it?

Sure, we are from the same church, you can add me up and talk about God, but why do that when we already have our own Cell Group to do that? Again, why must 1 add the opposite sex to talk about God (if that is the real agenda)?

So, you might argue that he might hv added the opposite sex too, Fair enough but i STILL feel that that is enough, he can stop at  that. There is no reason to add up the opposite sex because of various reasons and 1 of which is –  that can cause potential misunderstandings.

However, i feel that if the both parties genuinely know each other, it is fine and perfectly normal to add up each other. But not as strangers online. Gross.

He is apparently quite ‘famous’ since he went on the stage and spoke about his testimonial to how many people? 10k? (estimately 5k of people per service, Sat and Sun services)

If i did not remember wrongly, he and his wife really behaved like a loving pair of couple on stage, Well, i am not anyone to judge about others’ marriages but i do hope that if ever i am married, my husband wouldnt behave so intimately with me and on the other hand, adding random unknown strangers of the opposite sex online.

Again, i might be too sensitive but i feel this action is uncalled for.

To my dismay, this is not the first time that a married church goer added me online. The other time, it was worse because that dude would msg me in the middle of the night. What’s worse is, the rest of the church goers actually asked me not to judge that dude. I was like WHAT THE?!!

But anw, this is not about church or not, i am just disappointed that a Christian would do this, i mean, as i said, i might be too sensitive and all but it is really uncalled for (married men adding random female online and make friends)
Religion aside, there are plenty of married men (or women) trying their luck, doing the same or worse things behind  their partners. It is just so  common nowadays.

I am in no position to judge but clearly, i am disturbed. Hopefully, these people will reflect someday and think of their partners before doing anything that is totally uncalled for.

As for this man, he has deleted his request to be my friend on Facebook and officially blocked me off. Another uncalled for action and i really cant be bothered why.

P/s i am  totally aware that many will see  this post as i am flaunting about how many strangers adding me up, or see me as a sensitive prick that want to complain about anything and everything. Seriously, whatever. I feel that anyone and everyone will experience such crap and nobody dare to speak up most of the time. I happened to feel like speaking up because even my gf is disgusted by the amount of desperados adding her up randomly.
We noted that this is what FB is all about but i guess not everyone will add any stranger just like that.

There is this famous blogger that i happen to know, not exactly friend but more of acquaintance, who happened to be my friend’s ex gf. She added everyone and anyone and despite being super nonchalant, my friend still couldnt help feeling disgusted at his own gf for doing that for fame. True enough, she succeeded, and she managed to build up a darn healthy image. But, deep inside us, the people who knew her, we feel super MEH about her ‘fame’ and the ‘unintended famous tactic’ (oh i didnt plan to be famous, i just want to be friendly to my fans).

Oh whatever.

The last time i approved strangers requests was for work and since i have left the company, those tt are still in my list are genuine acquaintances while the strangers and the more buaya ones are gone.
Actually this part of self explanation is not needed but i thought i will just make myself clear about how irritating it can be, by adding random strangers sometimes.

Despite that FB is social friendly.

Really, Whatever.

FB – friendsbook?

Facebook has proven to be of great help to the world. As a social media platform, it is not hard to list the benefits it brings to the world.

However, it has also proven to be 1 of the worst invention. It sucks in helping people to move on from a broken r/s, it encourages new friendships but it became an avenue to certain people with ill intentions.

Pro or Con, u get to decide.

I always have no hesitation in deleting certain people out of my life, and of cos, FB. These people have proven to be foes that can be forgiven but not people whom i can accept as friends.
Exes are not necessary foes, and i usually do not behave like a kid by deleting  them unless necessary.
Friends that sent numerous irritating requests on game, i can still tolerate that.
People whom i dont know in person, is highly unlikely to be in my list.
Perverts who send weird msges, OUT, immediately.

Sometimes, is not so easy to delete a friend whom you care but somehow, you do not really wana see his/her updates.
Seeing them make u feel bad, guilty, sad, unhappy or mainly, just depressed

Should you keep them or should you just click the unfriend button?

I have to decide…yes,there is a slight stuggle here.

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