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Fight or Regret

Given my stubborn character, i do not really listen to advises most of the times.

Being obedient to God and my spiritual leaders is also a challenge. But it does not mean i am not open to opinions and i usually tend to reflect what people say, after sometime though not immediately.

Chatted with Mel today and i am sure what she says make perfect sense to me. Thanks Mel, for speaking out what i was thinking.

I am glad i am someone who fight for what i want. i am really someone lidat. It can be pro or con.  If i can fight for some1 who abuses me (in my last r/s), what can stop me from getting what i want? However, i dont use despicable methods in getting what i want. It is either i lay my cards on the table and come to terms to it or i dont.

I fought for what i wanted recently. I am very clear of what i want. I didnt get what i want because i figured that what i wanted was not worthy of my efforts.
It is not my problem if you are not brave, i cant sympathize forever. It is also Not my problem if i choose black or white while you choose grey.
I am not ashame of my fight, i am sorry you are timid.

Honestly, i am glad that i can understand the saying: Rather regret that you did it, then regret the what ifs (what if i do it and fail, what if this what if that).

Thats why i no longer discourage my sis in pursuing her dreams anymore. Really wish to see her do it than to live with regrets.

So readers, if you are reading this, pursue what you want, but before that, please do yourself a favour and be sure of what you want and stop sitting on your shit problems and negativity, lies or excuses?
Be it a cert, a chance to travel, be it someone you adore, whatever, dont live to regret.

If you are a Man, be Man enough, if you are a woman, be strong enough.

p/s Fight, in this article does not means literal fight but a spirit and emotion pursue.

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