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Give Thanks to …


Tomorrow is D-day.

My brand new day.

I pray and pray i will be safe truout, before and after.

I pray that it will be obvious and visible.



During¬† those mths¬†and mths of¬† tiny tinges of sadness and impatience…the day is finally here.

By the way, i¬†was very honoured. My wedding workshop event was a blast and everyone enjoyed it (well, couples who came to me and feedback all the positive stuff, saying you enjoy the workshop, you love tis n you love that…i¬†can feel your love for me. haha. but if you were lying, i¬†wudnt¬†know right, so i¬†assume you did not lie. hahaha)

Maybe, just maybe..being a Marketing person, we tend to be forgotten by the bosses, afterall, it is sales that matters right?
So what if you create or have created major super good event, at the end of the day, it is the sales that counts.
Thus, the credit usually goes to the other side and i am not surprised.
I am just surprised how quickly i MIGHT BE forgotten. Like, how i search for the right people to work with, from scratch, from meetings and meetings, from price negotiations, from tis to tt.
How my colleagues were so against having this event, saying that my event suck and hard i fight for this event to happen…

Imagine this. u and another lead actor were nominated for the Best Actor award for the same mega film.
It is obvious that you ought to win the title but somehow, the other one won it.

I am not saying that others deserve no credit, i applaud the ability in that area because i obviously hate it but enjoy doing the shit job behind the scene n create an avenue for sales but mostly on awareness building.

But….i¬†just do not enjoy being unappreciated i¬†guess. Oh, colleagues that are reading (if you are), i¬†honestly have ntg much to talk to you guys anymore. I mean, since it is clear what you want or do not want from me, all the nasty words you gave me during work.
But do you remember how you despise me when i wanted to do this event?

Anyway, it is who i know and not what i know that make this event a success and i am SO GRATEFUL to the people below. Honestly, the credit belong to them!!


1) Steve Thio Рthe Chief Editor of Female Brides
He has to be¬† the most wonderful person in the media industry i¬†met. Superb attitude, helpful and i¬†dont¬†know what to say. honestly, he is really a very STEADY person. I know i¬†know, i¬†might chew off more than i¬†can bite, off him…so i am so apologetic too! But Thank you Steve. Love u so much!

2) Veronica – salesperson of Female Brides
Always patient towards my ridiculous requests, despite being preggy. You now hw preggy woman can feel sometimes, but i feel i am the preggy one when i work with her. Goodness. She has no temper! Very sweet lady.

3) Acoustic Tavern
They have to be the most dedicated musicians ever. Always working hard to improve in terms of performance. Meet my needs as a partner and very very hardworking. I love them so much. If you ever need wedding or performing bands, please please search them on FB РAcoustic Tavern.
Many of my guests enjoyed their singing and i am sure you would too!

4) LaiChan
Needless to say, he is branded. His Cheongsam designs are more than just gorgeous.¬†Remember¬†Wong Kar¬†Wai’s¬†‘In the mood for love’? If you feel like swaying in a tight body hugging sexy cheongsam like Maggie Cheung, please please, you gotta look for LaiChan.
I have never seen a more humble, sincere and nice TOP designer. He is just so nice! Dont be intimidated by his big name though, he is really VERY nice. Soft spoken and warm, i am so blessed to know great peeps like him.

5) The Prelude Bridal
Tann Ling, the owner of The Prelude is a stunning lady. Soft spoken (i dont know why all these designers/owners all very soft spoken n super humble 1, i am really blessed) and very gentle. Talented woman and she is someone you would want to talk to, with regards to your wedding gown requests.

6) Flavour Favour & Thinkads
Faye from FF and Sam from Thinkads. They are around my age, and naturally we talk and bitch while we work. Super nice ladies and VERY CREATIVE. Please look for them if you have any ideas for your wedding cards, ang pows, Guo-Da-Li stuffs. They will def make your ideas into 2382-389-032 ideas. Yes! they are that creative!

7) UOB Merchant side
thanks Joanne, you are the nicest and non-bitchy partner i ever have, especially when i am so full of requests! Thanks for being patient!

Ok, i hope i didnt miss anyone here. I doubt any of them gets to read this, BUT if , just if, if any of them reads this, i hope it warms their hearts!

Opps, i forgot to thank my lovely Boss, though she is sometimes anal about stuffs but ok la,  thank you for the chance.

And And And! The Guests, you guys are damn awesome la, so supportive, lucky me. If not i would tremble on stage with my nervous breakdown on stage la.

Ohohoh! The make up artist- Grego. Thank you my dear. I love you, you are just so ridiculously nice, i cant thank you more!

So happy that i have made very good friends along the way. ūüôā

Ok, 1 big big¬†stone off my chest now. 1 mission completed, i¬†am so gona complete mission by mission before… haha.

Alrighty, a personal big mission for me tomorrow. If you love me, please pray for me, for my safety, for my success (you dont need to know what success la, just wish me well? ahha. i love u!)

Thank you Mummy, this lady supports me very silently 1. i love her to bits.

Thanks Gary and 7. I know you guys rem my stuff, very touching.

haha. i machiam really nominated for best actor. But i just feel the need to thank la. You know, no human is obliged to treat you nice, so if there is/are, you should express and thank them! they deserve all attention and glory!

All in all, i would love to Thank God.

People always ask me why am i thanking God for my own hardwork.

Here is why.

Whenever i sit down to think of plans to do, i have ZERO idea in my head.

I pray to God and ask for wisdom.

The idea didnt come immediately but it eventually pop up in my head.

Then, i¬†will set my foot to go forward and do the 1st step. In fact, i¬†will go tru¬†many steps. But each and everytime¬†i¬†feel a voice in me telling me “no dont¬†use him, dont¬†go that way, dont¬†use that publication and etc”…i¬†will feel alittle shocked and uneasy..

Then..thats when i ‘make a u-turn’ and choose the other way.
It always turn out to be a better way to go! Just like this time, i¬†choose to work with Steve even before i met him…guess the spirit of discernment is strong in me, by God’s grace.

Many instances, i¬†am not saying Jesus is a lamp genie but it is like..weird… i prayed for a certain figure and it get that figure??? OMG. haha.

Of cos,¬†HE doesnt¬†do magic all the time. When i¬†started to doubt, i¬† can always hear this voice in me saying: I did not give you 100, i¬†did not and will not give you the perfect score because dont¬†you realise that you did not do a perfect job that worth a 100%? Didnt i¬†send people to comment on your work, your design, your marketing skills? Listen to them and do better next time. I will not give you a 100%¬† this time because i want you to learn”

This is scary isnt it? I mean, i do not usually imagine this kinda conversations in me, i mean, REALLY I DONT.
I daydream yes, i daydream abt Leslie Cheung, i daydream abt nice dresses and i daydream abt nice and new hairstyles but not such conversations la!

So it isnt¬†self imagination to me. ok la, haters gona¬†hate, non believers gona¬†judge, i am fine, so used to it infact. But i just have to get this off my chest because i really feel the 1 working for me…Jesus. Thank you Jesus. I really know it is you. Thank you for sending angels and opening doors, thank you for everything!

Alrighty i gtg. There is a lack in pictures in my blog nwadays and i am sorry. haha. I have not many images to upload but i will take more when i am back yea!?

Meanwhile, take care, God Bless!

p/s: to that atheist that wrote crap, please do not insult yourself by writing such thing. the bible is NOT bullshit. But i feel your blog is, because it is so rude to read about your insensitivity. If you have not experience God nor what was written, dont claim it as bullshit. You Just Havent Experience It. Yes, you were in church for vry long and you claim to be a Christian even. So what? Some people live all their life realising they havent been clear about what they have been living, they merely exist. Some people took a lifetime to figure out who they really love. So it doesnt matter how long you have been a Christian, if you havent have the chance to encounter God, prolly you are not very near to Him or whatever, then you havent encounter Him. It doesnt matter the length of you being a Christian. Calling the bible bullshit reflects badly on yourself and sorry but you sound like a bullshit yourself. Please show some respect.

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