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Vdates April Week 2 ’13

IMG_20130316_5  Hi there!

Cant believe another week flew JUST LIKE THAT. I hate how time flies, it is flying rapidly especially.
May is coming and May seems like someone’s birthday – mine! haha.

I know of people who doesnt give a hoot about Birthdays but i do ok, it is a big day to me because i am super         in love with myself. To me,  my birthday is a special day because thats when an awesome person is born and thats me. Thanks.

But as the age increases, the desire to blow candles on the cake decreases :/ but i am still looking forward to celebrating of cos.

Just that i do not know who to celebrate with. For a long time, my closed friends have been bz with their lives and we have stopped celebrating Bdays for each other.

Do i sound like a loner now? Omg, i hope not. LOL

(Realised that the dark picture brings across an Emo message but no!!! i just love the effects of the photo and it is not supposed to be emo!!!)

I mean, for Bdays- i would love to celebrate with the closest people and not just any random person…my closest people are all busy but i am sure some do rem lah!

Anyway, still weeks to go and i am not really looking forward to that day now so perhaps i will talk about this later. :/

Ok, i guess is time to do some simple updates for the past week and events. Not much happenings and as usual, i took pictures to make recording easy.

I realise i havent been doing ‘Serious Blogging‘ for some time (some self improvement lessons).
Not that i am expert at self improvement but there are some experiences that i might be able to share with you guys – if it helps-good, if not…shrugs. Haha!

Maybe soon!


Went to see a doc last week because of the itchy throat. I decided to knock off at 12pm, not that i want but the throat is feeling crazily uncomfortable.

It was just amazing how the whole experience turned out to be. I was rushing to the clinic near my office, i actually reached the 1st clinic at 1248pm and i was told  that i am late. The info they gave online was that they are open till 1pm.

The nurse insisted that their last patient has to be in the clinic and register by 1245pm. Ok i was late by 3mins and i am denied the chance of seeing the doc. What a clinic. The nurses continue to gossip and laughed loudly after i took my leave.

Very nice.

So i went to the next clinic that was 3 levels above the previous one. I reached there at ard 1253pm? Super late and i thought tts it, i will have to run to another clinic. But this time roung, the nurse there was so nice and she registered my name and i went ahead with the consultation.

The doc was a friendly and nice old man. He found out that i stopped smoking, he warned me  and told me NOT to touch it again. Haha.

Then, i sat down near the recept area and waited for my turn to collect my med. I was taken aback by a group of people who (suddenly) joined me and they took out their bibles and started their bible studies. YES! Right there! Haha. I was kinda ‘invited’ to join them.
I am not sure how they know i am a Christian, perhaps they saw my Cross pendant but i did not think it was obvious as it was inside my dress that day. Haha.

I joined them anyhow.

I am very touched and surprised by the message i received that day. I believe when a non believer meet with such situation, he/she will freak out and get disgusted (thats hw i wud feel when i was a non believer years back).

But for me, i know very well that God is always around me, no matter what and where. He is always talking to me. Thus the message that day really was very edifying for me.

It was 1 Chronicles 12.

Yes, the whole chapter.  You may read it Here.

However, just fyi, a short brief on the chapter:

It simply means that, if you are doing God’s work and doing it right (like David in the book). God’s favour will always be with you. Even people who do not like you, even neutral parties or even the enemies’s people, they might come to you and help you.
It doesnt has to be what you do or did that makes people wana take sides with you, it simply means God has favour over you and will send people to you.
You will also come out strong and defeat your enemy because you are doing God’s work, and being obedient to God.

This applies very much in life and of course, the current situation of my Church. I am touched by this chapter as i seldom touches the bible (opps) and i doubt i would like to read 1 Chronicles even if i happens to read the bible. I like the New Testament more actually. Haha.

Thus i am very grateful that a visit to the clinic actually allow me to feel and hear God. I thank Him for  the peace and confirmation he put into my heart. Of course, i will also apply this chapter in my own plannings for my own stuff. 🙂

Thank you God, for letting me know You are always around me =)

Project Fruits

IMG_20130405_2 IMG_20130405_1 20130405_222155


20130405_230525 20130405_211601

The Friday night.

I spent my Friday night doing this! Haha. I call it “Project Fruits”
I was supposed to have a meeting with my sis tt night but we postponed because of Project Fruits.

I spent almost 3 hrs cutting up all the fruits and putting them into sticks. Mum was helping alot on this and she was cutting and cutting, especially the pineapples. I am so thankful. I think i shall sms her now and tell her i love her. Haha cant help it!

It was so much fruits and it was the first time i bought so much fruits all at once. $30 worth of fruits! Ronald was kind enough to help me carry them back.
If not,  i would never be able to carry those fruits home, it weighs more than 15kg i think.

Project Fruits is actually for Gary’s clinic opening. He needed fruits and i offer to bring since i insisted of bringing something over.

I mean, who would attend an opening party empty handed? I can’t do that.

So i googled for Fruits Basket online and Duh…the fruits baskets that the various florist sell  look super MEH and  they are so expensive.
The fruits look super unappealing and i was disappointed.

Then i thought of doing something special and  thus i Youtube for DIY fruits baskets. Tada! I found clips on DIY fruits baskets! I thought it was simple but it actually was quite tedious and i am so blessed to have Mummy to help me. Mummy always nv fails me 🙂

It was alright except for the cutting and all.

Did the arrangement in the morning and i am pleased with my DIY Fruits Basket. Honestly, it can look better if i use more time, it can be improved actually.


This is the Top View


This is how it looks actually.



I instagrammed it while i was in the cab down to Gary’s clinic.
Of cos, it was meant to be a surprise thus i didnt reveal the real picture of the pressie till i reached the clinic.20130406_115236




I am glad the guests and Gary love it. I know  Gary is a perfectionist and he always expects the best. I know he shouldnt blame me even if the fruit basket turns out like shit but i do not want to give a pot of ‘shit’ to people on people’s opening la!
And if i am the one opening a shop, i wouldnt expect to receive a pot of ugly looking thing also la!

I am not expecting to receive praises and thanks, really i am not. I once mentioned in my fb, insta and blog that i appreciate people who are thankful and grateful and not taking others’ favour for granted but i really do not mean i need praises and recognition all the time, Especially this time.

But i was surprised that Gary thanked me a couple of times. I guess Seven n Gary r being extra careful and sensitive to my feelings nowadays. I am the one that is very thankful to them for being so sensitive to how i feel. Thank you Happy 3. I really do not need those praises and non stop thanks but i am  very happy you guys love me. 🙂

Anyway, i thought i did not do much and i feel very embarrassed to being thanked for a couple of times. Tsk!

Congrats Gary! Congrats on your new opening and enjoy the challenging new journey that awaits you!

Friends, if you want to know more about Dr Gary and his services, you may read HERE.

Also, even if you do not need Chiropractic treatments, if you are like me who wants to find out more on how to lose those bumps and bulges, you may also read up Dr Gary’s blog. He is a very positive friend and his encouraging blog might just help you some way or another!

Dr Gary will also be speaking at The China Club Singapore on the 22nd May 2013. Wednesday. This workshop is open to all China Club Members and UOB Lady Solitaire Cardholders Exclusively. Please find details below:



Gary and his  parents 🙂IMG_20130406_22






Mandatory Speech by Gary. Hurhur








There. Thats me obviously. With boring Dark Brown hair (sometimes very light brown because of sunlight)

I was thinking of adding some colors to my hair but i hated Ombre as it is so common nowadays and almost 4 gals out of 10 gals have ombre hair.

Moreover, my hair is abit too short for ombre. Thus i wanted something thats not so flashy yet chic ( i personally think that the flashy ombre that alot of bloggers did recently look kinda cliche, i understand that it is stylish but anything too much is Not. To me.)

Went to Ooosh  and got my hair done by Perry. He is a personal friend and he is the Director of Ooosh. Perry has very rich experiences in Hair and Beauty. Whoever walks out of Ooosh always brings a wide grin with him or her, thats my own observation while i was there.

Alot of times, i am there whenever im in town, just to catch up with Perry and his wife. I did not do my hair there (back then) and it is not like they are my preferred hairstylist from day 1. We started out as friends and then i realised that their works are awesome and their services really gain recognition and praises from the customers.

Just to add, i am not very impressed with Salons that sponsor the whole loads of bloggers and whatnot because if you are good, you wouldnt need to do that (thats my own opinion).
Moreover, i hate looking ‘similar’ or having the ‘same’ hair with another person, thus i prefer to go to a recognized and ‘proper’ hair salon.
I do not mean that the other salons are crap, i just prefer Ooosh in this case as i am doing something which the whole of Sg has already been doing. I trust that i will not walk out of the salon looking like another person because  there will be some ‘unique’ twists which Perry will add in.

My hair is now not super awesome but i like it, it is not too Flashy and it looks a little ombre but it is kinda hidden. Not exceptionally special and i am sure there are people with similar style but at least not a handful i guess?

Anyway, i also brought Mum along this time. I make it a point that whenever i am ‘enjoying’ , be it good food or good relaxing activities, i will include Mummy because she deserves good stuffs more than anyone!

Thus Mummy joined me and she got herself a new hairstyle that day too.
Mum has always been very careful with how she spends thus she always cut her hair at those $10 salons downstairs my house.
I had enough of letting her ruin her hair (lol, not that i despise the $10 hair salons but i believe in paying for good services) and thus i dragged her along with me to Ooosh.



Mum looking Happy 🙂 I love her to bits


Me and Amanda. She is super cute and chatty.
My long hours there aint that bored because of her.


Brought Mum to have dinner at Ion (forgot the name of the rest!)
and spent my Sat with her, walking around Ion after the Hair sessions.

IMG_20130406_6Our New Heads 🙂


Mandatory Before & After Pic

I personally think it is still acceptable and quite ok ah. Not very Lianish like some ignorant people would say.
Anyway, i feel it depends on a person’s behavior instead of appearance to determine a person’s character.
For those that do not know what is ‘Lianish‘ (as i have a couple of foreign readers) it basically means lady hooligans/gangsters with outrageous appearances or just think “Lindsay Lohan” =x

Of course, i adore my hair now and i would post a lot more pictures!









Ok, thats all for now! Haha!

Ooosh! at Delfi Orchard boasts a groundbreaking hair & beauty concept based on a social entrepreneurship model.
It is helmed by award-winning hairstylist Perry TJ.

Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road #01-05/06

Singapore 238876
+65 6733-1068 / 6733-6113



Went out with my Aunt on Sun and went shopping with her. Happy to spend time with her 🙂


Ytd i lost my patience with Mum, feeling so guilt stricken. 😦 But i am very blessed, my Mum understands my foul temper and always gives in to me (worse feeling builds up inside me).

I have to keep reminding myself to stop being so rude to Mummy and control that foul temper of mine.

Anyway, the week was a busy one and this Wed marks my last QiGong class, i am looking forward to Zumba and more intense workout sessions! Havent been losing much ever since that 2.5kg. =(

Anw, i did this funny crap:


P/S Looking forward to the Holiday i am having with my Family (although still a long long way :/ )


Gona be a busy week ahead, Till the next post^



Picture says a thousand words

 HiHi! It is Deepavali tmr and everyone is on Holiday mood today even though it is Monday. It is the best Monday for most of us and in fact, most of the people are not wrking today, they took leave for the super long weekend.

I dont feel like blogging at all now.  Just too ‘nua’ (lazy).

However, i want to share some pictures and thus…. haha.

Went for painting class yesterday with Gary and Seven. It is a 1 time class but i am falling in love with painting.
I always think i cant paint because i am not open to learning new things, moreover, painting seems to be a hassle, with all the coloring and brushes…

I also feel that i cant even paint or draw a decent image but i realised that painting and drawing is very personal. There is no right or wrong (of cos, the teacher will guide you on the strokes and brushes, usage of colors la, you wouldnt wana be too far off from professional right) and you can just draw whatever makes you happy!

To me, i feel better after painting because i painted my wishes, my visions and my desires. Upon completion, there is a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

I personally feel that, 1 can also release their emotions through painting, at least that works for me 🙂

I will get the details of the painting place and post it here. The teacher there is a young lady and her name is Jane. She is extremely helpful and nice. She is always encouraging me when i was feeling inferior of myself. The class was supposed to last for 2hrs and i took ard 3 hrs!

Haha. I spent too much time painting the sky and towards the end, i have to rush! My painting is more simple, direct, one can almost tell what i am painting about. I guess thats just me, i am not so deep to understand and i believe i am quite an open book.

(though i really dont understand why some will feel that i am closed and i m too ‘mysterious’. I am really not, if you know me, i will share almost everything with you!)

Gary and Seven painted some abstract pieces and i asked Seven about her painting after guessing what she wanted to portray.

Gary’s painting was very awesome too! I thought it is about life and the emotions in life, but he probably dont mean it tt way la. haha.

Anyway, we had fun and it was very interesting, the studio is small and cosy, with loud indie music (which is very soothing and nice while you paint). The teacher is so patient and nice. I will definitely go back again! 🙂

Here are the pictures of us.. and i was telling Gary that we are there for camwhoring instead of painting because we camwhored quite a bit for ard 10mins before we got started? haha

Can you tell which is mine?

Tada! (i feel my painting looks like 10yr old’s beside the both abstract paintings. But Gary keep encouraging me haha)

  Gary’s sketching before painting. (din manage to catch 7’s, she sketch so fast and she begin coloring so fast too!)

Thats my sketch.

Coloring starts! 😀

Seven sketching

Gary’s beautiful drawing!

Seven’s painting of ‘Promises’!

My painting of Peace,Hope and Love!

(i will only tell u if u ask me what my painting means!)




Tho Update


I have nothing much to write today. I cant possibly update my blog daily because i will run out of stuffs to write in no time!

Haha, anyway, i just want to update for Gary Tho and you will know why.


And, to add, see how closely knitted we are, updates from GaryTho in Insta and i am receiving whatsapp from Seven above the Insta update. Haha!




I wish today can fly pass quickly,

Laughter is Healing

Was listening to this sermon last night and i had a good laugh before i fall asleep! Pastor Joel is so funny 🙂

Ok, 1 great thing i heard about laughter is, each time you laugh, 87% of Youth cells are increasingly produced, who needs SK2 in that case! Haha 😀

Laughter is also Healing , find out why in this sermon.

My 12hours fasting starts now, today (10 Oct 2012) is a church-wide fasting day for City Harvest Church. We are praying and fasting to be closer to God and also for unity among ourselves and also for CHC to reach a higher level through various trials.

I personally pray for my own desires as well as Fairness and Justice to be with CHC 🙂

Alright, thats all, let me conserve some energy and meanwhile, you folks enjoy the Word!

Special note to Seven and Gary, thank you guys. Both of you really really made me understand what is true friendship. I always thought that i am a good friend, you know, loyal, helpful and etc.

But, i didnt know how to love and be sensitive with my words and minimize the hurts when there are conflicts. Thank you for showing me unconditional love and still loving me despite me being mean sometimes.

I love you guys truly and i cherish the bond we have between us 🙂

My Fasting Song this time:

Congrats Tho Alister & BBG’s Fruitful day

I blow up this big picture because i feel i look so pretty here! HeHe! :p (cut some lack & give me some credit for the 2hrs i spent! ) 

ZERO PHOTOSHOP. i dont use photoshop and i dont know how. People always say i look different in real n pics, or i look better in pics.
Honestly, i dont really give a damn now because either way, i am good looking.
So doubters, you can assume i photoshop all u want.
Ok, i filtered the pics tts all.


Alister Finale is over and Mr Tho got top 3 best skin award from Lab Series. 🙂

We njoyed screaming his name like groupie and honestly, i think we made the best fans than others. He was so loved.

Unfortunately, i lost all the pics taken, i wondered y and sigh, managed to keep that few only.

Went over to Zouk for after party but as usual, i am tired to stay late so i went off at around 1+.

It was a fun party with lotsa eye candies, 7 and i were part of them of cos, hurhur. Oh, we actually gave our best in screaming, with the City Harvest spirit!

Njoy the pictures!

I camwhored so much b4 i head out because it was my 1st time spending 2hrs + on my make up and hair! haha. My friend,my mum n n myself feel i look so different aft the major ‘makeover’. It was nice in a way, to me. but i doubt i will spend tt amt of time again, anytime soon. It was kinda tiring!

Before i do my hair:

aww, look at my pet, he is so handsome that night! but sorry gals, he is KINDA taken already :p

Happy 3 friends – our trademark! 😀

wee ee wee!

Gary  His partner Alvin looking sharp (Gary is not gay btw, oh, neither is Alvin. haha)

Alvin and his little cousies + me!

Seven all dressed up according to theme – 1920s Jazz Age!

The next day, i woke up so early for “Extreme Makeover”. Haha, it is not the same makeover above, it is making over Uncle Sam’s house!

Who is Uncle Sam?

He is currently staying alone in a unit at Chai Chee.
My cell group members and i are actively helping poor families to refurnish n clean up their houses.

Honestly, i do not particularly like cleaning up, because i can b quite lazy. But i feel extremely privileged to be helping out and i had fun fellowshipping with my cell group mates.

Is a different feeling from having fun outta shopping or wadever, at the end of the day, i turn joyful because i feel blessed to be a blessing to others. 🙂 Absolutely fulfilling!

Christina and me getting ready to clean up for Uncle Sam!

Uncle Sam and Juju, Juju kinda loves me 🙂

Taking a short break to take a few pictures for memory 🙂

Guess who i met? Mp of Chai Chee, BG Tan Chuan Jin. I mentioned him briefly in my previous post. He has been a great help to my family and i will probably blog more abt him the next time round.

BG Tan said to me “thank you for helping :)”

Wow! I felt extremely happy! He is someone i really respect thus u guys shld understand my joy when he said that to me. 😀

Later in the night, Chris treated us to Crab for dinner, with Jams (her husband). There were Jon, Mindy, 7 and me.

“Back to basic”, the great difference between that big photo with heavy make up! haha

We njoyed the food and the fellowship of course!

Njoyed the long walk with Jon and 7. It was sucha peaceful night.


Today, i feel a little sick, very giddy. 😦 i missed work. I am actually dreading tomorrow because i am gona meet up with some nonsensical person to settle some silly misunderstanding. Is like High school nonsense but i hv no choice. I do not wish to elaborate abt it. I wanted to, but i reckon Justice belongs to the Lord.

May God bless me, 7 and Gary.

For Gary Tho, my pet, my friend.

Gary Tho, Top 8 Finalist of August Man, also my pet, my bro, my buddy, my bitch, my gf’s bitch.

This is the first time (if my memory never fails me), that i am actually promoting and shouting for a pageant contest.  (ok, please exclude Michael’s Cleo Bachelor Contest, i was kinda working that time)
Nah, i have nothing against beauty contests or any pageants and whatnot, but is just never my concern because i feel it is all attention seeking, self-fulfilling crappy shows.

But thats hw skeptical i am towards such stuffs.
However, i have to admit that such competitions boost 1’s confidence and is like a benchmark of achieving/ accomplishing something in 1’s life (to some people at least).

Also, you never know what is your best and how much potential you can unleash till you are face with competition from your competitors right?

Anyways, i am clueless on how to vote here, apparently, organiser was saying they have closed the Voting, but i was informed (by organiser itself) that there is another voting system. Ok, organiser not sure about the voting system.  (-_-)

I still want to ‘support’ my buddy here, and wishing him all the best for tonight’s finale! I have never been concern about contests like these, but i know this mean alot to him. If i am not wrong about him, he isnt someone who just join for the fun of it (though it is fun too lah), but i know he is very serious in activities he engages in.

So Gary, if you win, please know what to do, i am yearning for oysters and i am dressing up (although not according to the 1920s theme the party wanted) for you, for your night! You are already a winner ok?

Haha. If you dont, dont worry, you are still the best. No offence to the other Alisters but i saw you guys and i was like…. ok Gary my bitch is still the best.


Happy Birthday Singapore and the August babies!

Happy 47th Singapore. I love you and i dont hate the Govt! 😀

Honestly, it is an eyesore for me to see people hating the Govt. I am not a Pro PAP person. I can be quite angry sometimes over the high living expenses, for the difficult times in SG, for the actions and decisions made (high amount of foreigners that jam the whole train, the high cost of buying a car, and the list goes on).

Honestly, i do not love the Govt, or rather, the PAP. But i am extremely thankful for them as well, i believe it is clear that, without them, we can never be proud of ourselves when we go overseas, we can never be the safest (i feel we are) country in South East Asia, or even Asia.
I thank the Govt for everything, i see how Singapore transform from a slump to a country of high standard now.
In short, we really have to give credit to the Govt, so we dont wake up to riots, we dont see drugs going around or people holding guns and etc.

Frankly, just 1 trip to our neighbour country and i am filled with thanks when i touch down back to my Home- Singapore.

I seriously feel that haters should stop hating, be better or go join the Govt to make Singapore a better place than just typing behind computer screens.

We Singaporeans should be proud of ourselves, why are there numerous haters hating and blaming? If you are poor, work harder!
I am not born rich, neither am i even consider rich now. but i do not blame the govt because they didnt make me poor, instead, they kinda motivate me to work harder. Thus i can tell people that are not from Singapore that “If i can survive in Singapore, i can survive anywhere”.

When will haters stop hating? No idea, they blame the Govt, they curse my Pastor, they blame everything except for themselves and when i take a look at these people, these are usually the people who will never be contented with life or they are just the ones that are not achieving much  that want to whine about everything in the world. Do something instead yo!

Practically, if you are so unhappy staying in SG with its Govt, migrate. Because the Govt is not gona change to please everyone, deal with it or just leave it.

Thus, Thank you Mr Lee Kwan Yew, i dont particularly love you but you deserve much thanks, and much appreciates goes to the Govt, PM Lee and his staff. Mr Tan Chuan Jin has also lent a great help to me and my family. So comon, i am not some rich, spoilt brat that speak up for the govt.
I believe the poor are suffering, my heart goes out to them, and i believe the Govt will try their best to help too, even if not the entire parliament, there will be help. Just hope, not whine.

Sad to say, nothing is fair in this world, even a beautiful country like France, they have beggers everywhere. Look at our neighbours ard SEA. Are they better off? Would you like to stay there? They are not countries that are difficult to live in, except that you might or might not have to face tons of riotings and drug trafficking.

No1 is perfect, no organization is perfect, accept it, be the best yourself and stop expecting. Love your country and even if you cant love the Govt, be thankful and fill yourself with gratitude.

Also, i would like to say Happy Birthday to my Dearest Mom. I love her so much. I will never be able to find a better Mummy other than her.
She is not the perfect Mum, but she is the best mum to me, EVER.

Mummy i love you so much, you are probably the only person other than Jesus, that loves me unconditionally and someone other than Jesus, i would give my heart and life to.

Happy 52! Long live Mummy! May God shower you His blessings of Love and bless you with Good Health and joy!
I know i havent been the best daughter, i know i am very rebellious during my younger days and i upset you aplenty. I hope is not too late to make up to you my dearest Mum.

Happy Birthday to Gary, a pal of mine, also, a belated HBD to my dearest 7. Thank you for being my friend, you both are awesome!

God Bless the above!

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