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Vdates April week 1


Hi there^ Its been sometime since i last updated about myself.

As you already read, the last few posts are all about Leslie Cheung and his death anniversary and etc.

Well, a little updates about myself over the past week.

Aunt and Mum went Easter service  on Good Friday with me to church, Mum enjoyed the drama as usual and Aunt is very touched.

I didnt ask her, i knew she used to be a skeptic when it comes to Christianity. But she responded to whatever the Pastor says and she prays on her own without me asking her to. I just let things  flow itself and i do my own prayers. Other things just fall in place…

Please pray for me and my family yea, my aunt said the sinners prayer:) !

Mum is looking very mischievous. omg.


I have alot of friends who are stubborn when it comes to this topic, like opening their mind towards Christianity?
They will tell me things like “I will never convert no matter what”, “dont need to tell me anything about Christianity, i will not want to listen” and etc.

Well, i dont blame them, i was like that in the past.

However, i feel there is no wrong in opening up to know more about different things, Just like my friend who asked me to go to the buddhist temple ‘to have a feel’ of what the religion is about, i did not reject.

Of course , i know how it feels,  i was a buddhist / taoist since young till 3 years ago. But it feel that there is no wrong or right in choosing your own Faith.

What i did not feel from being a buddhist or taoist (the love and r/s with God),  & what that did not make me a better person during those times, i experienced it when i am a Christian.

So why would i go back to those days? I feel i have experienced the best already and i wouldnt even think of going back.

But this does not stop me from opening up my heart and mind to listen to others when they have something to say about their religions, however deep in me, i know what is the Best, this wont change.

Thus i am a little upset whenever skeptics say those things that shut me up totally when they want me to share about Christianity. I am like… “you ask me share isnt it?”

Haha. Then i realised, some people arent really sincere in listening to my sharing on my views and  choice of Christianity, these people are purely prepared to ‘argue’ with you. Like…they came prepared, so no matter what you say, they will ‘counter’ you with their own views and it is usually very negative towards Christ.




Ok, anyway back to Aunt, i am thankful to God that she was touched, I absolutely believe that NO ‘brainwash’ is needed.
She was skeptic not only towards Christ but also my Church especially.
But i guess the Power of God really is almighty and it touches 🙂 She is feeling happy throughout. 🙂

Also, i would like to add, Aunt can feel the peace and calmness not due to me (obviously) and also, she kept an open mind and really stayed neutral when she went to church, her mind was blank and wasnt full of negative critics and biasness.
So next time, before saying you do not feel anything even after going to church, it is not exactly wrong, but you can try going to the service with an open mind instead.

And i would like to emphasize, just like the past, nothing about $$$ was mentioned like what the media makes us to be like. Other than the usual offering which every other churches also will mention, nothing about soliciting $. Thus Aunt is very comfortable. CHC does NOT  solicit money from anybody-members,non members, public or “Reporters-that-visit-for-whatever-reasons”

IMG_20130329_1Pastor Kong delivering a very powerful message on Healing.


The Easter Drama by the Drama team. It was awesome as usual.


Serving for Greeters for first service on Good Friday.


We then booked a cab and went to Bedok for dinner. It was rainning Cats and Dogs and there is no way to take a train, EXPO is terribly packed.
I really cant wait for church to go back to Suntec. 😦





We had Dinner at this place call Kungfu Paradise. The concept is alittle like Xin Wang but it looks better from the outside. Food is super MEH. Service is not very bad, as in the servers are patient towards my requests. However, they are really very forgetful. I need to repeat 4 times for my ice water, 2 times for my chili sauce and etc.

I spent GoodFriday with my family and i am happy, i am thankful to my church mates for the flexibility too. Because i have to take care of my Mum and Aunt, i cant really concentrate serving and am thankful for the understanding mates.

The next day, i prepared and wana head out to serve the 3rd service and before i head out i actually scalded my palm. It was looking horrible with bruises and blisters. I was in great pain and i could not make it to serve on Saturday. I ended up sleeping at home.

The past week was ok ok but i remember being really hurt by my sis 1 of the nights. I can write a whole page of the incident but i decided to forget it.

I am still very much affected and hurt over her behavior and words but i rather not talk about it.  I just pray for God to give me grace to forgive and to bring back the harmony and peace…

I have been very stressed recently. I guess it comes with the age and the increased level of commitment. Sometimes i feel that i am almost ‘there’. Very suffocating and i really just wish to lay there doing nothing.

Sometimes, i know i might be heading towards Depression.

For me,  Depression used to be an uncontrollable state of emotion.. it used to be.
After i know God, i have learnt that Happiness is a choice, sometimes i can hear God saying to me – dont give up, I am still with you!

You see, i know when i am at my brim, i know i might be slipping back to the dark sad days but i remind myself  everytime (when i am about to give up on everything)… if the terrible 1 year of abuse can be over and i am alive and kicking, living even better now…what can be worse  than that that i cant take?

Sometimes, after being stretched for a certain will really come out stronger.

Things are better and will be better.

Anyway, this is another busy week. I missed Qi gong last week because i am extremely tired and stressed out. I ran 5mins more than usual last week.


I totally dread running and exercising, i will be lying if i say i love Sports. I never like sports. But i want to keep myself fit. 
Trust me, i make tons of excuses when it comes to exercising. But the moment i started running, i find it kinda hard to stop.
You will want to run 15mins initially, but you will always tell yourself to run alittle more, which ended up in a 30mins run. 
And each time, you feel better about yourself after the run. #truestory

Today, i have Qigong and i cant wait for it to be over as i am signing up for Zumba next. Decided to attend classes on Sun this time as i have enough of being SO TIRED working out after a working day.

Running tonight again, still deciding on the route to take tonight…

Will be doing up something special for Gary’s clinic opening on Sat, gona spend my Sat with Mum  after the opening. Another busy week.

And before i know it, first quarter of 2013 is almost over 😦



Happy Good Friday 2013


Happy Good Friday and Easter Weekend!

Thank you Jesus.

Thank you for everything, 2000years ago and now and forever.

Love you!


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