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Vdates – Jul (2)


I am back for July’s Vdates and once again, there isnt much to update this time as well. HAHA. Please dont kill me.

I have been staying home, feeling unwell, or gym-ming away. I guess you wouldnt be very interested in the boring routine life of mine either. Sob.

Ok, despite the fact that even i m bored by my own life, i am actually loving it too. ~.~

But honestly, what do you expect from me right, lol.
I am just another “rather-chill-than-party person” now.

Well, I had my fair share of fun, i partied like nobody’s business for 7days a week, i drank like a  fish, i did all the ‘cool things’ that youngsters usually do (except for drugs, and drugs was never cool to me), i flooded my blog with ‘happening’ pictures in the past, i wrote about nonsense bitchy stuffs and all..and i reckon those are more interesting topics to more people thou. LOL

But those were the Days.

And For now, it is just gonna be me and my comfy life, boring and routine to most people.
But i promise that the things i do, food i eat, places i go are practical and they are mostly needs than wants (though sometimes, you will see indulgences also lah)
I promise the things that i share here, are factual and reviews of any sorts are reliable.

*sounds like pledge taking :/

Guess that is the only thing i can offer to my small group of readers.


working out. resting and got bored, thus took a pic of how tired i look, after 30mins on the cycling machine.

So, July was ok, we are here, mid July and i cant help but say again, HOW TIME  FLIES.
Although i am not particularly anxious about August, i am looking forward  to Mummy’s bday celebration (which is in late Jul and Aug)

Mum is starting work soon, after resting at home for months for her knee. I actually like Mum to rest at home and i dislike the fact that she has to wake up so early to wrk. But she prefers working as she feels bored at home.
I guess i will miss chatting with her over  my lunch break.


After Church on Sat, went to Granny’s

Sis spread the virus to me and i was coughing like mad, caught fever too. 😦
Thus i was feeling lethargic all the time these weeks and it definitely affected my workout too. Sadness.
Infact, i was so giddy yesterday when i hit the gym and i am still coughing away now.

Oh, to make things worse, my eyes are still full of holes. Maybe i mentioned but just let me say it again, if you wear contact lenses, please note the following NOs. I know these points are  repeated but i have to do it again, because i know how sucky it is nw…if only i didnt ignore all these points back then…

1) Do NOT swim with your contact lenses on. Even if you cant see in the water. I hope i do not need to explain this. I did it because i was lazy and i want to see clearly in the water. But if you are not really stupid, you would know that the water is extremely dirty ar?

2) Do Not wear expired lenses. Even if it is just one day after the expiry date.

3) Please do NOT wear your lenses to sleep, please do NOT wear them to showers too.

Ok, there should be more points to taking care of eyes. However, i listed the 3 above because i made the mistakes and ended up with freaking holes in my eyes now. Tons of holes, according  to the doc.

I deeply regretted  for my negligence. Too late, i can only wait for the  eyes to heal.

One more advice:

Wear Daily lenses even if it is much costly to. (just an advice from doc)
It is hassle free,  you throw them at the end of the day aft wearing.
You do not need to worry if you clean the lenses properly for daily lenses.

Alright, anyway, i went to do my hair AGAIN. I realise i have been spending abit too much on my hair lately. Went to Joe’s with GF and soft rebonded  the ‘Lioness Hair’.

I am happy with the result because i cant stand seeing the awkward curls everyday when i wake up. Trust me, it was EXTREMELY frustrating.

But before i move on to show some pictures (of my hair), let me just mention this crappy hair salon that GF and i passed by, before we made our way to Joe’s.

GF and i were at Marine Parade and we alighted at the bustop right infront of this crappy cheena hair salon. I shall post a pic of the place. It is right beside OCBC bank.


There were 3 Mandarin speaking women (2 of them are from China) standing outside the salon giving out flyers and pulling customers into the shop.
I told GF that i do not trust such shops and i was right, i should have insisted of walking away.

But GF wanted to try out some services there and thus we stopped and listened. The woman was telling me that rebonding cost ard $49 and i told her i want to do soft rebonding as it is more natural. She told me that she is charging me $79 and i was like “u sure?”

The convo goes like that:

I: That is below the usual market price isnt it. What products u guys using?

She: Shiseido and Loreal

I: You sure?

She: yesyes! Come in.

Since GF is planning to do something there, we went in. Out of impulse, i just said ok to them and was hoping that they dont screw up my hair.

GF went upstairs to do her whatever, and i went to rinse my head.

Then, the dude who was washing my head was telling me about the soft bonding, with an accent.
I can hardly understand what he is talking about and he cant understand me.
I tried my best to convey the msg in mandarin but he just couldnt understand me.
Thus i have to speak in English and worse, he dont even understand a word.

I was frustrated and he  got his Manager, and ANOTHER China gal over to speak to me and honestly, tt feeling sucks.
I felt very intimidated and they started pushing me some services and treatments and in the end, they started quoting prices to me.

I was lik “look, i came in with my gf, and i wanted to do my soft bonding here only because my gf is inside here and your price is reasonable. I already made a booking elsewhere and because it is more expensive there, i tot of trying it here. But you dont quote different prices to me before and after i enter the shop and expect me to take the expensive package?!”

Then, this is EPIC:

China Manager:  I already gave u the maximum discount for your hair length, what else do u want?

I: hello? i want ntg?! i did not want this service in the 1st place, you were the one pushing it to me. why would i want any discount if i didnt even ask for tis service??!!

China Manager: Do u know of this service or not, if not, why cant u try?

I:  y should i try? I dont want. I do not want to spend that X amount of money. I do not want to.

China Manager: So much discount for you and you still say expensive. It is only $200+, you say expensive? You dont have?
*and she shoved the  bloody calculator in my face while they are rinsing my hair.

I got terribly angry by then. It is pure rudeness.

To be honest, if i was not FORCED and treated with such rudeness, i would have consider.

But right after that sentence of “So much discount for you and you still say expensive. It is only $200+, you say expensive? You dont have?”


It is  SCAM to me.

I didnt bother to argue as i was really boiling and anymore debates will lead to terrible quarrels which i deemed unnecessary. I do not need her to teach me how to use my money and what service or treatment i should do. I can understand the rational behind bosses, they are eager to share their products and services to their customers, they want to earn more, FINE. I am fine.

I went to look for gf as she has started with her treatment and i waited for her for ard 30mins. The China manager was no where to be seen and her staff was super pissed at me for saying no repeatedly.
They were so desperate that they have to keep asking me to do the cheaper treatment.
I was lik “NO. I do not want to do anything here, i am not spending here.”

Not to say $200+, i am determined, i am not spending there, not even $2.

Frankly, i pay for services most of the time, if i were to pay for something that doesnt pleases me (for eg. Food), at least the service makes up for it. As for this crazy pushy China Shop, dont even think about it.

This will be the (first) and the last time i will ever stop to listen to these desperate sales talks made by desperate ignorant people. This shop especially. Even if you are offering me a free haircut, i will still say NO.

Ok, i am done with my whining. I just want to add, i should not have neglected the fact that the staff in this salon look really bad, they do not even have decent hairstyles to begin with. I must b blind and crazy to even want to attempt soft rebonding there.
I am thankful  i did not take the risk.

So, i went to Joe’s eventually and got my soft rebonding done.
Now, i am happy. It is not 100% straight (due to my damaged bleached purple highlights i did previously) and i guess i am fine with that as i wanted a more natural effect.

I guess i will always return to Joe’s because we are like friends already. It was only my 2nd time there and we can feel at ease with each other.



The above 2 photos reflected how curly my hair was before the soft rebonding. I cant say i hate it, but they can look terrible at times.

IMG_20130716_2Ok, i have only this photo (and the 1st photo of this blogpost) to show as of now but dont worry, i will take more to show the next time round.  This is the final result of the soft rebonding. I personally like it alot. I look neater.

Look, this is service.

I was just saying that i am having headache, Joy (Joe’s employee) would rush to get Panadols for me. They really go the extra mile.
Given the fact they are not your usual atas salon and not located along Orchard road but in a humble neighborhood shopping plaza.

After the hair is done, GF and i went over to Parkway Parade to get dinner. She went over to my place and we had dinner while chatting with Mum. Sis went to some prom night thingy.

GF went home shortly and i began rolling on my bed, trying to fall asleep.
For hours, i could not sleep and i was feeling really peckish. It was not till 3+ in the morning, that i managed to catch some sleep.

Poor me.

So, here i am, having headaches and all. I have a meeting later in the evening and i cant wait for it to be over as i have to rush home for dinner. Mum is cooking sumptuous dinner tonight!

Ok, i gota go. Let the images take over, they shall explain hw i spent my week.

Till my next post, God bless!

I LOVE AND I MAJOR LOVE THIS SONG… Nouvelle Vague – In a Manner of Speaking
The images in this clip are screenshots of In the mood for Love by Tony Leung and Maggie  Cheung.
I love Wong Kar Wai’s films. not all but most of them.
Every WKW film is like an artpiece , pretty and edgy, yet there is a subtle meaning waiting to be discovered in the stories.

If you are not a fan, you can play the clip below instead, same song though! ❤ the song

Happy Lunar New Year 2013

Took this collage because of the Good Hair day i had. Quite rare.

Happy Lunar New Year, to all my asian friends! 大地万象更新!身体健康,万事如意!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as i did.

For me, CNY is more like more days to sleep in, and of course, the festival means alot to me because i am a Chinese.

I didnt go visiting with friends, neither did i club/pub hop like the past, i mainly stick to my family this CNY.

Guess it is the age. -_-

Ayte, my Chu 1 wasnt really a happy one, small hicupps at home and arguments on the day 1 of CNY. Kinda disappointed and upset but the next 2 days were alright. We spent the day together and things were cool.

I realise that i get very agitated easily recently, i mean..i am really very quick tempered but am extremely peckish these few weeks.
I do not know whats wrong but there is no peace in my heart.

It has been sometime since i last had this uneasy, not-peaceful feeling in me. I wonder why isit back again.

Guess i need some alone time with God. Dont laugh! Because thats my only way. I myself have no idea where that feeling comes from, i do not know how to address it. I guess He knows well.

Super slack now and honestly do not have much to write, pictures do the talking!


I love this forever 21 simple top. Wore it for Reunion Dinner.


IMG_20130209_14slacking with sis and mum watching lotsa shows on some scv cable channels. Major loves. The Mediacorp channels are as usual, disappointing.

IMG_20130210_3 IMG_20130210_4 IMG_20130210_5 IMG_20130210_6 IMG_20130210_7 IMG_20130210_8 IMG_20130210_10 IMG_20130210_13 IMG_20130210_14 IMG_20130210_15Thats CNY 1. No choice but to wear Red, not that i hated it.

IMG_20130211_1 IMG_20130211_4 IMG_20130211_5 IMG_20130211_8
IMG_20130211_231835Red no more. But to make up for it, Red Earrings.


.IMG_20130211_142436 IMG_20130211_143401Random self-made brunch.

IMG_20130212_005451 IMG_20130212_021205Usual Cny treats that makes 1 loses discipline.
Not the orange thou. The Orange has mould and the Chinese says “发霉”
As The Chinese pronounciation of  发 rhymes with the same 发 as “发财” – Prosperity in wealth.
We say it is a sign of Prosperity. Haha.

IMG_20130211_192006Random Andy Lay Concert on Cable again. 


Slacking with Mum with the bottle that Sis bought. We love Moscato and we eat Loveletters with it.
For Foreign friends, love letters is as below:

normal_Traditional_Rolled_Love_Letter_BiscuitsDont ask me why isit call Loveletter. I really have no idea.
Perhaps the ‘prints’ on the cookie itself and how it is rolled up like letters?

IMG_20130212_4 IMG_20130212_3Day 3 of Cny. Dress down mode, no visiting at Granny’s because it feels like crappy Sunday.
Back to work the next day. SIGH.

IMG_20130212_9 IMG_20130212_7 IMG_20130212_6With Mum and Sis @ Parkway. Had our usual Indo food at Kartini Indo Rest
(the food there is pretty decent! Quantity is very little, suitable for people who are on diet like me. haha)




Some updates on my skin after approximately 1 month use of Hada Labo and i guess this is the best it can ever go.
I combined with the Moisturizing cream and till date, the dryness did not really bother me.
Except at times, i still feel tiny bit of dryness. But other than that, is all good. Feedback from friends are good.
Guess that’s enough. I am trying their anti-ageing lifting cream soon. Hopefully better results.
IMG_20130212_1Aiyo, very ugly. haha.
Naked face. But can you see the glow?? They are not oil please. 

This pic is taken right after shower. 
I am going to slp right after this shot, no filter, no edit, totally raw.
So you can see the real result.
I duno if this is good skin but i like it la.  Might not match up with your expectation but i feel is enough for me!

p/s: I also enrolled for a Qigong class at the nearby CC. I decided to be a budget seeker as paying $130 monthly at True Fitness doesnt sound very logical to me. Although the environment, equipments and courses are more in varieties and most probably better and more enriching …But i dont believe in spending to exercise.
Of cos, my Qigong class is Not Free. But it is not as expensive. It is affordable and i hope, it is worth it as well lah.

Starting next Wed! I wanted to take up Zumba and Aerobics but the timing clashes with my schedules. 😦
They have Zumba on Sundays and by right i can make it, but they are already half way tru the lessons, i wil definitely enrol when the next class starts.
As for Aerobics, it is on every Thurs and i have Cell Group on Thurs. 😦  Maybe in the future if there is any chance.
Next class i am interested in is Chanbara! You can read more on Chanbara Here , it is very fun and interesting, i think? I am sure this will be my next class after Qigong.

Ok, so it seems like i am ‘forced’ to choose Qigong. But again, i do not  mind except that i will most probably be the youngest in the class (not a bad thing at all). I might be loved by many uncles and aunties OR they might just brush me aside because i am the odd 1. I dont mind either. haha. I just wana experience the good that Qigong brings.
As far as i know, Qigong is a great sport and it is similar to Chinese Yoga!
Read more about Qigong here.

Credits to and

Excited already! Will update on the class!

Meanwhile, i miss Church already. 2 weeks away from church due to CNY and cant wait to get the fresh words again.
Till the next post!

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