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This has been keeping me excited for the whole day.


Releasing soon.

Leslie Cheung’s Ex manager discussing about the toy and the up coming concert in commemoration  of the Legend.


Looks terribly real.
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I have to be honest, it is not gona be cheap. I am not a toy collector and thus it is expensive to me (approx $250 per toy figurine).
My friend was telling me it is a waste of $.

But i have to get this no matter what. It is like..1 of the last items (of him) i can get hold of.
What do you think?

Super love this.
If you are interested as well, you may log on here for more info.

I wanted to hide the link actually, apparently, not many people know where to get this (yet).
But i decided to be gracious and not so selfish. Haahhaa.

I called HK and was directed to the distributor in SG. So i basically called everywhere to get info of the figurine.

SG distributor still unsure if they will be bringing in the figurine (i did my usual whinnings to them. haha)
Was told  that there were a few enquiries already. Wonder who else in SG is as excited (about Leslie) as me.

Will update once it launches.



(Updated as of 530pm, 28 Feb 2013)

Ok, my friend who just promoted to bff status (BECAUSE HE SHARES THE SAME BDAY AS LESLIE HAHAHAHA) pasted a link on my FB and i just found out that this Toy is of Limited Edition. FML.

Meaning more people will wana buy since it is limited.

I am getting anxious.

Will i get the toy?

Stay Tuned!


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