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Are you also judging Sun Ho?


You probably see this piece of news or worse reports on Sun Ho using the Church funds for her unsuccessful singing career.

I do not know how to react to such nasty remarks made by the local mainstream media, i seriously dont know.

Frankly,i understand how much we are lagging behind when it comes to Gossipy/ Newsworthy Entertainment News.

But i never expect  the local journalists to be writing such remarks of personal attack, in order to be like another paparazzi of the INFAMOUS Apple Daily.

Right, you are saying that i am speaking up for my Pastor’s wife but i make sure i am stating reasonable reasons when i speak up for her.

1) How do you measure Success?

My Mum has been asking me to buy the newspaper these days (she is recovering well, and i believe God is still with her. 🙂 so thanks all! )
Mum is rather concern about the recent CHC case as well. However, i did not buy a single copy of papers.

To be honest, i feel very pissed off when reading the one sided and lop sided reports of the local papers.
It doesnt help when the content is always repeated.
Whats worse is that the repeated content is always so ridiculously warped and frankly, they are more like assumptions of ignorance than facts.

I lost faith in the papers.

After they have lost all ideas on what to write, they compare Sun Ho with Stephanie Sun, they personal attacked Sun Ho and judged her success.

I do not know how they measure success. Perhaps the easiest way to determine success is the number of trophies and prizes and  the album sales of a singer.

But Success, in my opinion is the ability of a person to influence others. 

 Whatever you said of her, you cant deny how many people she influenced right. 
I mean, spiritually, and frankly, i seen people turning to God and leading a better life after salvation through her Crossover projects.
How to deny that?

Of course, if you are not a believer, there will be tons to argue.

You would ask me why would she spread about Jesus if it is a secular singing career.

I can only say, that is why we call it the Crossover.

We do not believe that Hollywood and the entertainment industry can only contain Drugs, Fame, Sex and Money.

We believe Jesus can crossover to the ‘lost world’, we believers of  Jesus need not be boring. 

We believe that Christians need not be singing hymns all the time to be holy and proper.

Besides that, as a celebrity, she has done her part as a performer and i dont see how she is not successful.

She sings better than most of the singers nowadays anyway.

As a Celebrity of ability to influence, she did more than what a singer does.

You cant deny the good works she did, the various foundations she has under her name, the various schools and care centers and etc…

Then again, you might not know. Because the local media were busy reporting the comparison between Sun Ho and Steph Sun.

It is that important to compare, really?

Nevertheless, you may still see the numerous contributions of Sun Ho here:

For China Wine lovers and haters, sorry but that is really not the only song she has.

You really have to stop being ignorant if you KEEP HARPING ON THAT 1 MTV because i personally was touched by this song (below) that describe my Savior JESUS CHRIST thoroughly :

2) Why isnt Sun Ho talented?

I seriously do not understand the headline (in the papers) above. Is she really sucha terrible singer or performer to deserve that criticism?

She is talented. She is beautiful. In what way is she not? (again, subjective lah)

She sings beautifully, she doesnt croak like some singers. She can dance and she doesnt move like some puppets like some performers.

Having said that, this topic is debatable and is vry subjective.

Most importantly, she touches me and many people whenever she is worshiping.


I pray that you can read  updates and news with discernment and wisdom thus you may also differentiate NEWS and GOSSIPS.

Jesus Fashion

Lets not deprive the Secular world of Christ. The Crossover.
The Crossover that doesnt only revolves around “Chinawine”.
Look at the Fruits Crossover bear!

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