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Miss You Much Leslie Cheung 10 years 1st April

Thank God for the uploads by your Fans.
Bits and pieces, here and there.
Although it is not a complete clip but people like us that did not even have the chance to watch a single second of the concert, are already thankful for the bits and pieces.
Still looking forward to seeing more.

Yesterday was a tough day for me and i do hope that today will pass quickly. It is terrible.
I have hated Aprils Fool day ever since..


Alright, my friends are worried because they feel i am obsessed but i guess i have a reason (many reasons infact).
I have never know or seen you in real, but your words, movies and songs have accompanied me through the tough times.
For a person who suffered from Depression previously, i am glad that i choose to live on.
I am also appreciative of how your case study became a wake up call for all judgmental individuals (towards Depression patients).

Also, for the more thorough experience HERE.

You are breathing in my memory, Leslie.

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