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A True Love Story

It is hours to 10th year (death) anniversary of Leslie Cheung. It was a hard day for me.

I went shopping the whole day, for myself and mum. I bought apparels for both of us, and even Twelve cupcakes.

I thought my mood might be better, well, i was ok till i reached home.

I was trying to search for anything online, videos or wadever because i do not have Starhub TV and only Starhub TV will broadcast Leslie’s memorial concert.

As expected, nothing online, no webcast. I can only wait for kind souls to upload onto Youtube.

But i found this clip, Gosh, i couldnt help crying throughout the clip.

I really truly respect this couple. Leslie’s death aside, this is 1 of the very rare TRUE LOVE r/s that i know of…

I cant even imagine living with an ex spouse’s ashes for a decade, enduring the loneliness, living with the dog both owned…
(omg, my tears gushed down the moment the clip play how Leslie’s bf walked the dog alone..following by the pic Leslie took with the dog)

Too real and yet romantic. Looks like, there is true love on Earth afterall.

I always thought that Romance is just dead, is just fictional…

This r/s really proves me wrong.

The saddest part is seeing all the pictures of laughter and happiness …. memories.


Credits of clip:

Alin‘s songs are really appropriate and brings out the whole feeling of the clip.

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