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Clubbing is NOT Sex-ing (wrong marketing lines woes)

Recently, i see a huge amount of OBSCENE advertisements and shout outs from different Night spots (in my FB)

The insenstive artwork i saw of 1 of the clubs. We can disregard the distasteful art, but the tagline is just cheap.
*i adjusted the colors though, and is slightly different from original artwork,

My Facebook is filled with shout-outs from different Nightclubs (NOT the sleazy dirty ktv nightclubs. Nightclubs in this sense, are the discotheques in Sg). and these shout outs have alot to do with One Night Stands, have alot to do with casual SEX and full dodgy hidden meanings.

Firstly, i am not gonna preach about how holy sex should be, it is my belief that when 2 become 1, not only 2 flesh r joined together, but also, their souls and spirits. It should be shared between husband and wife and…. yea, and it should be special in this way and so it is.

Even if sex is not a great deal to most people (like how i used to think in the past), it shouldnt be taken lightly.

Casual sex is fun, but empty (ok, i dont even think is fun because i am a woman, perhaps?)
Casual sex is cheap (even a whore needs to be paid, if you are a free 1, how cheap can you get?)
Casual sex leaves regrets (i guess i do not need to address the issue of Aids here.)

Whatever it is, SEX should never be the main focus of Clubbing. SEX shouldnt be the main marketing focus or direction of an organisation.
I know, i know that Sex sells. I was marketing for a Nightspot located in Clarke Quay 1 year ago, and i practically ‘live’ at the clubs 3/4 of my life back then, seeing tons of different people.
How would i not know that if a Club is filled with sexy hot babes, there will be men, very naturally. Very naturally, sales will be better too.

However, the thing i am saying here is…. shout outs lik – <“I wana Suck and Lick you all night” @ “ReBorn’s Lollipoppy night” >, <“I am yours tonight, play me all over” @ “Monk”>, <“Rub you the right way at “Kaya factory”> are plainly cheesy and downright  low-class.

Do you REALLY think that, by saying all that, can attract attention of the right crowd?
The smaller clubs are really desperate for attention as competition is tough here, yes.

However, the so-called “atas” and premium club that’s located in the central of Singapore, in a prestigious Hotel, is shouting about 1 night stands on a weekly basis, Is it necessary?

Whats worse than labelling yourself as a members only club, but on the other hand, promoting your club as a whore den?

I wonder if the marketing person (of those places) is just a sex maniac or he/she just couldn’t  propose better taglines, or better stuffs to shout about, besides sex.

To be Fair, not all the clubs in Sg are that cheap. 1 example is Zouk. ( i am not promoting Zouk even though i personally like the place)

They are cool in their way, i dont really see the ‘sex element’ in their marketing collaterals. (yes they have pretty models on the posters sometimes, but nothing too over, no dodgy taglines, no casual sex promos)

I know, Clubbing is indirectly linked to decadence and sex. However, i do not see the need of obscene and somewhat offensive taglines. (unless you’re a strip club).

Many forget that, Music is the main element of a club. Some do not care, some do not know nor understand. Is ok. Is sad, but is ok.
I dont know my music very well, i listen to all kinds, as long as it is pleasing to ears, i do not prefer any specific genre.
Thus, when people laugh at me when i do not understand ‘their music’, i am fine, sometimes, i feel, no1 understands ‘my kinda music’ too.

Clubbing can be fun, with the right amount of booze, Good company, Great Music. They will make a great night for most of us.

I seriously do not think that, by adding tons of Sex promotions and shout outs, will entice the experience of Clubbing much.
Look. those sleazy taglines, sex-filled contents of the marketing collaterals do not really reflect very well on the Club’s Branding and image too.

As Club goers are getting younger and younger nowadays, “thanks for educating them about 1 night stand this way”.
“You really help the society!”
Yes, internet, porno,media are alreadydoing that, but because of your irresponsible “sexual marketing”, you just did your part in encouraging casual sex.
Nope, dont deny that, you help out in that area by portraying  that casual sex is ‘cool’.

No matter how we whine, this sad fact might not change much of how the clubs want to do with their image though, however, i sincerely hope that kids can be smarter.

Honestly,it is difficult for the marketing team of a Club nowadays, we know. So difficult to stick to promoting music and other stuffs BUT sex. Thus, if their ideas are limited, we gotta remind ourselves that..Clubbing has very little to do with Casual sex and One Night Stands.

*been there done that, the wild days of partying, the experiences of decadence. not at all innocent and pure. just my 2 cents on how people market their business nowadays. in no position to critisize, but have my right to blog my views, at least-i believe,

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