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It is finally Friday! Thank God for everyday and especially Friday!

Was taking a breather downstairs because it was too cold in my room. Witnessed a car accident. The loud bang was shocking.
Nobody is hurt, but the black car is totally crashed.

I feel uneasy. Anyone would be uneasy, but i feel even more uneasy because the car looks familiar.
Well, i glanced briefly at the driver and nope, i dont know the driver but my heart still skipped a beat though.

A sick feeling was in me, is like… what if the driver is some1 i know or i love? Moreover, the car seems like it is the same model of someone i know.

It dawn to me that accidents happen everyday, life is fragile, yes we know that but sometimes we need to be reminded of that.

People nowadays take everyday for granted, too easily.
Sometimes, is not until you witness such things, having the image right at your face, then you would realise that “Everyday is not Guaranteed, is not expected”

Everyday is actually a great blessing to every1. Some people fight for their life, their every breathe while some of us choose to live by everyday.

It is not easy to stay positive or happy during hard times, i can safely say that because i am a very negative person by default. Nobody would feel happy if they are facing financial difficulties, facing rejections from people, disappointments in life, fighting illness and etc.

But, sometimes, when we think that our problem is so huge, we forget that there are bigger problems that others r handling. Yes, other people might be able to handle bigger problems and you dont give  a damn because you just do not want problems in your own life. But, that is not possible as long as you are alive. Our problems may be big today, but there is nothing bigger than our God, the creator of all things. If you aint a believer, yet you are still blessed with a life, look, problems are dead, you are alive, problems cant be changed, but you can, change the way you react, think and strive on from there.

Frankly, i am trying very hard to be thankful everyday that i am alive. It is really not easy for me to live above emotions and problems too. But we really have to try if we really still want to be alive. Nothing is really ‘the end’ till the life is finished, thus, learning to be positive is essential, for every human kind.

At this time, i remember Pastor Phil (Advisory Pastor of CHC) saying this: during hard times, you need Faith when you need Faith.
Sounds deep, but actually, it makes total sense. When you need Faith at that very time, you need Faith to believe in what you need – Faith.

I sincerely pray today, for the safety of my love ones, and may Lord keep us steady and peaceful with Faith. Renew my Faith oh Lord!

 I suddenly want to post this old school Cantonese song by my favourite artiste. He is mesmerizing as an asian, singer, performer and actor. I love the meaning of the song, sometimes, i wonder if the song is written for human or God, it really make sense to confess such undying love and pursue for God. Whatever it is, it is really 1 of my fav songs. For those that do not understand Cantonese,  i hope you can read mandarin.

这一生也在进取 I am progressing in life
这分钟却挂念谁 But who am i missing at this moment?
我会说是唯独你不可失去 I would confess that it is you that i cannot lose
好风光似幻似虚 Those glamorous days seems lik illusions to me
谁明人生乐趣 Who really understand the joy of life?
我会说为情为爱仍然是对 I would say it is right to pursue Love
谁比你重要 Who can be more important than you
成功了败了也完全无重要 It doesnt matter if i win or lose
谁比你重要 Who can be more important than you?
狂风与暴雨都因你燃烧 Rain or shine, i burn for you
一追再追 I will pursue on
只想追赶生命里一分一秒 I want to pursue every second of my life
原来多么可笑 It is actually hilarious
你是真正目标 But you are the real goal
一追再追 I will pursue on
追踪一些生活最基本需要 Pursuing the basics of life
原来早不缺少 In reality, i do not lack

有了你即使平凡却最重要 Having you in my life, even being ordinary is meaningful
好光阴纵没太多 There aint much good times
一分钟那又如何 What is 1 more second of that
会与你共同渡过都不枉过 As long as i am with you, it is not wasted
疯恋多错误更多 Passionate and wrong r/s we had
如能从新做过 If i can start over again
我会说愿能为你提前做错 I would be more than happy to with you regardless

只得你会叫我彷佛人群里最重要 Only you will make me realise that you are the most important among all the people around me
有了你即使沉睡了 Having you with me, i would smile even while i sleep..

As usual, i will do some simple translation in my own understanding for you guys. 🙂 Nice, i am. haha.

Have a Blessed Friday every1!

p/s cant wait to spend my Fri with mummy and sis again. Love them!

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