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God Does Not Discriminate

This news struck me and i feel very affected after reading it. Read the News HERE

There is really no need for such extreme displeasure. It is clearly 2 different issues, religion aside, the venue is for commercial use.  This performer is performing in this commercial building. Thats it.

My Eg. might not be a very good one but hey, if you are someone that do not condone Gay Behaviors, you happen to open a Chicken Rice stall, and a gay comes and buy chicken rice from you, do you turn him away and say “sorry, i dont like u cos u r gay and i cant sell you because i am Christian, Bible say we dont condone Gays”

In my opinion, if Jesus hears that, HE might cry. haha.
I am sure He didnt teach us to judge.

I am a very judgmental person and i am STILL trying my best to not judge but i am not perfect so i do judge sometimes.

But this case is just ridiculous, i am surprised that it is even on the news now. People who make noise about using New Creation’s commercial building for Adam Lambert (gay) performances, you people feel the heat, you people are not happy. I am sorry but you are really abit whiny. (right, i am judging you now, how do you like it?)

Appreciating a Gay’s performance does not means condoning Gay-r/s & behaviors.

Dont understand why people just cant be rational to separate 2 different issues apart.
God didnt teach anyone to judge like that. I dont get it why must some unncessary displeasure arise from certain group of people and magnify non existing problem.

Like the Crossover project of CITY HARVEST CHURCH, people ought to understand, there are something abt commercial arts that we cant change, like attractive blingy and sexy/suggestive clothings.  So please do not judge Sun Ho for her ChinaWine song nor her sexy outfit.


Even the recently baptized Elva Hsiao (Taiwanese commercialized Pop singer) wears sexy corsets and that doesnt mean she do not love God.
Their Job is 1 thing, their beliefs is another. They are required to look attractive and not dull. Yet, they are God’s children and they glorify God.

But the fact is, they are all servants of God and they do spread gospel for God. 

We dont judge by looking at the surface, we look at the end results and how many souls were saved and hw much help was rendered.
There are even testimonies from all the people that benefited from the help they gotten from Sun Ho’s past concerts.

You do not judge her by saying that she is not famous enough to be a singer. She didnt want to be a singer just to be famous anyway. Like i said previously, she is doing something greater than just producing awesome record sales. She helped souls and these souls gave their testimonies, which sadly was hidden from public and mainstream media due to the bias system of Singapore Media.

For this case, same thing. People judge too much nowadays, and it is so sad to see gay performers living in secret and with discreet.


I used to judge Gays. But i learnt. I was wrong.

I used to think  that i can use the Bible to judge them anytime because IT IS WRITTEN. I used to think that i am normal and they are freaks.
Yes, i am that Mean (with a capital M).

Then i realised, there are many Gays that share a more loyal and sincere r/s than some of the couples (that are straight & r deemed normal in teh society)
I mean, comon, who are we to judge then?

Bible stated that we should have normal r/s (includes sexual r/s) and it simply means Men & Women.

I am not saying i am going against my Beliefs and Faith.

But we are human, right or wrong (for being a gay), we leave it to God to judge,  we dont do the judging.

We are not God. We didnt write the Bible.

We accept people even if they indeed do something wrong because every1 of us are sinners. Who are we to discriminate? You might not be a Gay, but you have anger issue, does that mean that people should discriminate you?

Anger issue is also a problem. Dont tell me being angey al the time is a smaller problem than being Gay.
A wrong, if is a wrong, is a wrong, regardless big or small wrong.
Same as a problem, being a problem, it is a problem regardless of ‘size’. There is no small or big problem. They are all problems.

God said we shld accept each other, dont remember God asking us to point fingers at homosexuals.

Moreover,  this is so ridiculous, even though New Creations Own the building that Adam Lambert is gona perform, they didnt say anything about wanting people to be gays. They merely provide the venue for commercial purposes because the place is, in the first place, a commercial venue made for commercial use.
Adam Lambert commercial or not? Commercial right? That solves all anger issues, i  guess.

*Above r my opinions and ntg associated with my church or anyone in particular. I was kinda saddened to see how human beings judge and discriminating each other. I do not condone Gay r/s but i do not discriminate them.
We are all not perfect and they are human beings too. We are the same, in some way or another.
I am still trying my best to not judge certain people, sincerely.

RIP Donovan and Nigel

I was deeply saddened by this news.

I pray that the kids are happy at another place now.
I pray that God, You help little Donovan and Nigel’s family, especially their Mummy.
Please give them peace and strength during this difficult time.

RIP Donovan & Nigel.

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