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CHC Trial in 2 Days

This is a ridiculous Google search by I-really-dont-know-who.

Anyway, the Trial is starting and i guess there will be people like that.


I just want to say, CHC Trial will not divide Christians,  we are all God’s people. Yes, i do agree that there will be discerning Christians and non discerning Christians.

There are far too many people who want to have a say in everything, they are not even from church, so i am very upset why are they critisizing so much when they are not well informed as we do.

Secondly, i doubt the characters of these people and i do not really want to feel that way towards people whom i call ‘Friends’.

So…. yah, i do not wish to see nonsense because such nonsense hurts the eyes and heart and is really not worth seeing.

It is 2 days away from the Trial, and i Pray that God can bring Wisdom and discernment to His people.

Praying for you City Harvest Church!

The date is drawing near.

Is only a week left to the trial.

I hereby pray that All Glory to Jesus name.

Truth prevails.

We support the Crossover.

It is saving lives.

We saw and we testified the lives saved.

I am 1 of them.


Thank you God.

Thank you CHC.

500 days of New Life

500 Days.

& lesser.

 approx 500 days for me to be completely bleached. 

a complete cleansed heart.

no memories at all

only realise it till i see it

i am very relieved and very very thankful 

extremely happy for myself


From e bottom of my heart, Thank you God. Jesus. CHC. Pastor Kong, Sun Ho, Eng Han & Janet, Mum & Sis, BBG211, Seven, Mel, Gary.

Thank you, Valencia.

Thats right, i thank you for being so strong despite the really bad shits you went through and standing stronger than ever.

I love you.

Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

Amazing and i wonder when will i know how to love like the above.

Anyway, I started serving a ministry in church. Initially, i have alot of agenda for serving. I shall not reveal much though, nothing evil, but i thought about alot of things before i decided to even consider.

After i consider of going into a ministry, i argued with myself on the ‘pros and cons’ of serving. Look, basically, serving God and His people shouldnt have any cons but i manage to convince myself with a few reasons that are not so valid.

Firstly, the 1st thing that came to my mind is that…cmon, Sat is a day for sleep and i should wake up without the help of the alarm clock.
Yes, church is at 5pm and i have sufficient time to sleep till church begins, i can sleep till noon. But if  i serve, i would prolly have to wake up 2hrs earlier? To wash up, have lunch and prepare etc.
And what if i head out till late the previous night?

Alot of other thoughts came to mind and i am sure it is not from God.

How can i put up with being so lazy. Is sleep really that important in life? Yes it is, but i am sure we can sleep all we want when the time is right, when we are old or sick, when is time for us to sleep forever.

As i am arguing my laziness with God, this verse came to mind: Proverbs 20:13 Do not love sleep, or you will become poor; Open your eyes, and you will be satisfied with food.

Honestly, i am still struggling with my weakness, though sleep might be 1 of them, i have other worries but i believe, because i am serving the almighty God, He will not allow temptation that i cant bear to cross my path.

Besides, i feel extremely happy to share with the different people on God and his wonderful amazing works, the differences He made in my life.
My 1st time serving last week was a fantastic experience. May God bless me with more! 🙂

It is challenging at the same time because you cant explain with logics and words on spiritual experiences. I have many skeptical friends who come to me doubting God and Jesus. It breaks my heart that somebody else is doubting my beloved Father and Jesus. I really feel heartbroken when some1 doubt and say nasty thing about them because i feel how real THEY are to me.

I cant explain fully sometimes, there are millions of reasons why this happened, why that happened, in the bible. There are people saying that bible was written by human and etc.  and i thought – Yes, some1 has to be of physical form to write but it is prompted, guided, instructed by the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I firmly believe that.

1 of my close pals even challenged me and said that he went researching in library for years, on Christianity.
and i thought – Honestly, what is Faith? It is a leap of  Faith to believe in the unseen.

Jesus Himself said: Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

I am not in the position to convert anyone but i would like to emphasize that what Christians should and will have with God, is a relationship, NOT a religion. To understand Christianity, it needs more than just reading and researching.
If you really need and want to know HIM, you have got to experience HIM.

No offence to the other religions, but when i was asked if i ‘encounter or experience’ the other ‘Gods or deities’, i can safely say..NOT really.
But i did saw miracles performed by religions. I cant really explain that but honestly, they are like magic than miracles…in my opinion at least. I was made to worship out of fear and i can safely say that, there is ZERO feelings, NO LOVE, invovled. They are strangers to me, that ‘will bless me’ if i offer joss sticks and as long as i worship them. Again, this is my personal experience and i am not against religions.

All i can say is, there is NO r/s nor love in that and i did that for around 24 years before knowing Jesus.
My life was empty.

I am not trying to convert anyone here, i just want to speak up for my Jesus. People that doubt HIM should never assume HE never existed. I mean, you may doubt but you cant be sure of your own assumption.

On the other hand, i cant describe my encounters and experiences with Jesus to you, even if i do, would you believe me?

Quoting Pastor Phil: You will never believe no matter how many miracles you seen or heard. You will only believe through the word of God.
Honestly, to me, no matter how many million times of miracles and testimonies you hear, you will only believe if you go through 1 miracle yourself, in another word, experience HIM yourself.

Anyways, everyone has their own timing in coming to the Father. He gave us the choice, but i am thankful that i am special because i manage to cross path and even be HIS friend, daughter, in my lifetime. 🙂

Sometime earlier, i was helping out the hospitality team in my church to minister to a group of Koreans.
1 of them is my friend Daniel Jongyup.

He is back to SG after he went back to Korean in Feb (end of internship). Daniel and his church members (New Eden Presbyterian Church ) went to the Native village of Malaysia for a mission trip and transist in Sg to visit City Harvest!

It was really fun knowing them and they are all nice and fun people. Many were touched by Pastor Kong’s msg that day and i was extremely touched too. I can never forget that verse Pastor Kong repeated so many times:

Hebrews 13:5 -6 Keep your lives free from the love of money and be content with what you have,because God has said,

“Never will I leave you;
    never will I forsake you.”[a]

So we say with confidence,

“The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid.

May God bless Daniel’s church, of course, its members and its pastors. We will meet again!

Btw, i am currently reading this book given by my friend – Heaven is for real. (if you have not already know about this book :P)

Have been wanting to buy it and finally i got it, for free! haha. It is a nice book and i am half way through. It is highly recommended, you may find out more on this book at the following website:

Ayte, thats all for today, 2 more days to weekends! God bless every reader a good week ahead!

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