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Till the next chapter …


Today marks the last day of the trial for the time being, for City Harvest Church.

Despite the very awkward headlines i saw on the Chinese tabloids and how twisted the reports were written ( according to my Aunt who read the news on Xin Ming), these 2 weeks was really good for the 6.

I would rather say, God has been very good for the righteous these weeks.

Praise the Lord.

I am doing my last round of updates for now.

Read More Here and Here.

Here is another unique article that is worth reading. It is an interview with 1 of my favourite preachers- Pastor Phil Pringle!



I remember how i came to know about him.

I was away from church for approximately a year? After backsliding for a year, i went back to church with nothing.

I was sucha wreck, i lost my job, i lost my health, i was badly abused by an ex…

That particular service, Pastor Phil invited those that have not receive Christ to go forward, as well as those that has been away from Christ and would wish to go back to Christ. I remember dashing out despite being very embarrassed and lost (i have been away from church for sometime and was very unfamiliar).

Pastor Phil then stretched out his hand to shake mine, and asked for my name. He told me that Jesus is very happy to have me back again.

I teared immediately.

I remember that moment so well.

Is like…he can ask anyone for their names, there were approx 100 over people who went out to him. (altar call) But he asked for mine first and honestly, the way he looked into my eyes and told me Jesus is very happy to have me back, really touched me greatly.



Till the day that Truth to be set free, we give thanks to Jesus and His love and mercy.

 Romans 8:28 
And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose

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