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Vote for me! – Noshii

Hi everybody!

Today my little friend here needs a little favour from you!

I shall let him do the talking since he is the 1  that needs help.


“Hi! My name is Noshii! I am nominated as the Most Gorgeous Pet 2013! If you think i am up to it, please help to vote  for me and let me clinch the title!
Let me do a little introduction, i am currently staying with my Mummy and 3 other friends, Miko, Toro and Belden. I would love to think that Mummy loves me the most but i am not allowed to say that because the other 3 will get jealous. Oh well…

Mummy’s friends adore me too, they always pinch and hug me whenever they see me, whether i like it or not. I know, it is not that easy being handsome.

Besides being good looking, i am also a very loyal individual. I love my ball and i love to eat. I love to snuggle and i love attention (that explains why i am in this contest).
If you want to find out more about me, please vote for me! I will tell you more about myself once i receive more votes!

Til then, see ya!”

You may take a look at my other pictures:



453361993182look, that is me and my model friend Miko. She wanted to take part too but Valencia JIEJIE is abit confused on how to enter 2 dogs at 1 go leh.


To vote for Noshii, please go to this link:

Lookout for Noshii’s picture and Click vote.

Thank you so much!

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