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Picture says a thousand words

 HiHi! It is Deepavali tmr and everyone is on Holiday mood today even though it is Monday. It is the best Monday for most of us and in fact, most of the people are not wrking today, they took leave for the super long weekend.

I dont feel like blogging at all now.  Just too ‘nua’ (lazy).

However, i want to share some pictures and thus…. haha.

Went for painting class yesterday with Gary and Seven. It is a 1 time class but i am falling in love with painting.
I always think i cant paint because i am not open to learning new things, moreover, painting seems to be a hassle, with all the coloring and brushes…

I also feel that i cant even paint or draw a decent image but i realised that painting and drawing is very personal. There is no right or wrong (of cos, the teacher will guide you on the strokes and brushes, usage of colors la, you wouldnt wana be too far off from professional right) and you can just draw whatever makes you happy!

To me, i feel better after painting because i painted my wishes, my visions and my desires. Upon completion, there is a sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.

I personally feel that, 1 can also release their emotions through painting, at least that works for me 🙂

I will get the details of the painting place and post it here. The teacher there is a young lady and her name is Jane. She is extremely helpful and nice. She is always encouraging me when i was feeling inferior of myself. The class was supposed to last for 2hrs and i took ard 3 hrs!

Haha. I spent too much time painting the sky and towards the end, i have to rush! My painting is more simple, direct, one can almost tell what i am painting about. I guess thats just me, i am not so deep to understand and i believe i am quite an open book.

(though i really dont understand why some will feel that i am closed and i m too ‘mysterious’. I am really not, if you know me, i will share almost everything with you!)

Gary and Seven painted some abstract pieces and i asked Seven about her painting after guessing what she wanted to portray.

Gary’s painting was very awesome too! I thought it is about life and the emotions in life, but he probably dont mean it tt way la. haha.

Anyway, we had fun and it was very interesting, the studio is small and cosy, with loud indie music (which is very soothing and nice while you paint). The teacher is so patient and nice. I will definitely go back again! 🙂

Here are the pictures of us.. and i was telling Gary that we are there for camwhoring instead of painting because we camwhored quite a bit for ard 10mins before we got started? haha

Can you tell which is mine?

Tada! (i feel my painting looks like 10yr old’s beside the both abstract paintings. But Gary keep encouraging me haha)

  Gary’s sketching before painting. (din manage to catch 7’s, she sketch so fast and she begin coloring so fast too!)

Thats my sketch.

Coloring starts! 😀

Seven sketching

Gary’s beautiful drawing!

Seven’s painting of ‘Promises’!

My painting of Peace,Hope and Love!

(i will only tell u if u ask me what my painting means!)





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