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Vdates June 2 (Featuring my first Flea)

Yawns. It is Monday and it is hazy…

IMG_20130613_6Hi Everybirdie~

The air is smelling like dead rats ever since the haze attacked us from Sumatra last Fri. I really do not know when will Indonesia stop giving its neighbours haze. It is really frustrating and i really think it is legit for everyone to skip work and school due to the crazy air pollution (that is if the Govt decides to be kind to its people)

Ok, that is my first rant of the day. I am peckish because my eye hurts and my nose is blocked. I am tired and above all, it is Monday.

Anyway,updates about last week. Work and Work and Work and then met gf for a mtg with Stacy. Glad that everything is on track and i am still praying for God’s guidance on each step we are taking.

GF came over to my place for awhile before heading home. It was Flea the next day and my family and i have to wake up early.

As usual, we overslept but still able to make it in time (just not that early).
The better spaces were all snatched up, but is ok, the space we  got is not too bad as well.
We reached there at around 10.30am.

It was our 1st flea and we were quite lost and things gt quite outta ctrl in the beginning. We lost our cool and poor Mum has to endure with our peckish attitude. 😦
Having said that, i really appreciate her presence even though she keeps nagging. -_-


The venue for the flea was at Lucky Plaza Level 6. Oh, it was organized by ForFleaSake.
Honestly, the place is full of dust and it is rather dirty. It is new and obviously not renovated, the cement floor was rough and full of dirt.
The table provided was not fantastic and shaky but we can still make do with it.
The 2 chairs provided were obviously not enough but i guess we can bring our own stools the next time.


I am glad Sis and i made  good preparation in terms of A&P and Marketing, with the nice signages.
When we were setting up our booth, we realised that our booth did stand out from some of the rest because of the efforts we put in. I am not saying this with arrogance but i thought is good to credit ourselves because of the hardwork put in. *pats* on the shoulders. 😛


our e-poster, we gave out all the 50 goodie bags!


However, 1 thing good about the venue is that it is air conditioned, thus it make up quite abit for the dirt and all.
At least it is not under the hot sun isnt it?

Our neighbours are fine except for the 1 opposite us. Sorry but i have to rant about this neighbour and i have tagged this post with all the relevant tags, i hope they see this post and reflect.

Frankly, i dont really bother about making friends or sucking up to others because i really feel that is fake. Of course, i will smile and greet each other lah. I am not that rude.
I know of those people who compliment each other, chatting up like as if they knew each other for decades, exchanging phone numbers and all during such event.
But i am just not like that. Neither is the sister.

For us, if we click w you, we click w u. If you find us meeting your expectation as being your friends, then well, great (& thanks!)! :))
If not, we can just dont talk and mind our own business.

Back to the neighbour opposite us….

They arrived later than us and  the moment they arrived, they made hell lotsa noise. 1 of them was playing music loudly from the ipad and the other 3 were talking aloud. No offence but i almost thought i was in a foreign country or MRT trains (you know how the mrt train is like nowadays right? hope you get the drift)

I actually shook my head at the loud music, NOT with approval but with a bit of disgust. 1 of them noticed and felt displeased.
I really cant be bothered because i really think it is very inconsiderate to disturb others with your loud music.
There are many people who does that in the train and it is equally disturbing because honestly, not everybody wants to listen to your PSY’s Gentleman.

As the time goes by, they started saying aloud abt how cheap we were selling our stuff.
(Yes, i sold most of my stuffs at $5 each. Of cos, there are some items that are priced at $10 and above)

Though no names mentioned by them but there wasnt anybody around us selling as low as $5 like us.
So…who else can they be bitching?

It goes like that (in mandarin) “I wonder why some people would sell as low as $5 in this kinda place”

My heart was like “bitchplease, this kinda place? what place? it is Lucky Plaza, not ION. The shops inside Lucky Plaza itself were selling $5 and lower for a piece of new top – yes i recced and checked. Moreover, this is a flea. Most impt of all, it is really none of ur business how much we are selling our stuff ”

Ok people, so you know, if you are holding your flea there, just take note. The crowd is mostly our friends from Philippines, they prefer friendlier prices starting from as low as $1. I am serious. Anything above $5 is considered pricey. I guess it is the location and competitions.






The very very cute helper/CFO of the day. MUM! 😛

Well, i came up with the idea of selling 3 for $5 and yes, our neighbour ridiculed us in their sarcastic manners by shouting across to the air directing at us. Then they started peeping over at our stall, that dude who played loud music started studying my posters, 1 of them looked over at our display and rolled her eyes, the rest just keep checking how much we are selling.

Really, i find all that uncalled for. I was busy thinking of how to sell off everything i brought to the flea as i really do not want to see  them anymore.
Maybe i am selling them at ridiculously low price but it is better than keeping them at home that fetches Zero value.

I have to be honest, most of my dresses which i bought at $30/pc and above were sold off at $2 that day.
If you think i dont feel the ache, nah is not true. I do.

But as i mentioned, those dresses were pre owned, some pre loved which i do not wear anymore. Despite the good quality and condition, i basically do not touch them anymore, so it is pointless to leave them at home with me.

By noon, almost all the stall owners start to feel the same as me ( i think?). Initially, there was no 3 for $5 except for our booth, there was no 1 pc for $2 either. Guess every1 realise that prices need to be adjusted and thus by around 2pm, everyone is selling at the same price.

Needless to say, the neighbour opposite me who ridiculed me, followed my pricing all the way. Funny part is, they actually went to print posters like what we did.

No doubt, business is all about copying and seeing who can improvise and does better. I am fine with what they did. But i am not fine with their insults.

If it is me, i wouldnt copy some1 i insulted or ridiculed. 

It doesnt make sense.

I wouldnt check out my competitors’ sales and roll my eyes at their items either, there is something call RESPECT. By doing all that, it is not that you do not respect others, i think you do not respect yourselves and your items too.

Jealousy speaks alot about your self esteem. Enuff Said.

Then we had lunch, the chicken rice opp the flea was awesome and Mum ate that. Sis and i tried Jollibee. Despite the raves about it, we only find   the fries nice. Chicken is very MEH. Spag is MEH. You may try and q for approx 20mins if you really want to try but i am saying that it is not worth it. Even the chicken from the chicken rice stall opposite is more  crispy than the chicken at Jollibee. 😡

We continued to sell and 1 hr + before we close, we sold the items cheaper than ever. Everyone else is shouting for $1/pc.
Speaking of cheap items in BKK? Bitchpls, just pop to fleas in Singapore.

Of course, as i mentioned, venue plays a part. I am intending to get another venue for the next flea to test out different market and audiences.
Happy as some of the customers actually turned back with their friends and they recommended us to their friends. Some even left their numbers and requested for us to sms them on our next flea. Sis was good with PR and she managed to make many customers happy.
The neighbour wasnt too pleased and kept looking over with some hatred in their eyes. Even Justin (a friend of sis who came over to visit in the noon) felt the hatred targeted at us. We were like...Oh Whatever.

Maybe it is God’s arrangement. Maybe He just want us to wrk harder, maybe He knows that we are fighters not losers. We fight with our spirits and strive to do better and not crap with our mouths  and stare with our eyes.

At the end of the day, we cleared our space and threw away all the rubbish. The space was clean and Mum said that we need to behave like civilized people and not leave our trash around.
Our neighbour opposite, on the other hand, left tons of boxes around, with plenty of trash.

Speaking of being civilized….I think Mum really taught us well 😛 She has been asking me to keep my cool because we prayed before we made the 1st business of the day, and Mum said that Jesus is watching and He will not shortchange us.
Mummy is really cute. 🙂

We made quite abit from the flea, considering that the items sold were so extremely cheap. I am happy that we are able to get rid of things that we no longer wears, but they are no trash. They are all in very good condition and i am glad that the new owners of our clothes appreciate them more than us.



It was a tiring day but it was really good experience. We lost abit of cool towards each other but alls good.

Uncle fetched us home and Mum and i ended the night with very sinful Macs and a Leslie Cheung Movie while Sis went out with her bf.


It is the first time after countless weeks that i am able to sleep straight away upon lying on the bed. I was so tired. -_-

Then, another week starts today and i am still not very awake. Time flies and July is approaching, how scary.

On a side note, my gym and workout regime is doing me good, i will post pics soon, the arms are more toned and boy, i love what i see in the mirrors! :p



Remember these 2 dresses?
They were sold and the buyers really HEART the dresses vvvv much.
Sis managed to get another new piece of the Black Crochet Laced. We are selling it at our next Flea.
It is so lovely and has that wonderful slimming and flattering effects!
Fits UK 6 to UK8.

Stay tuned for our next flea!

Alright, i will y,plan for another flea in July, do stay tuned for the next flea as there are many Brand new items waiting to be owned!


Till then, God bless! 🙂

Let’s Flea!

Hi Everybirdy!

This is just a post to inform you of the GREAT FLEA i am having (with my sister) tomorrow at Lucky Plaza!

Date: 15th June, Saturday 2013

Time: 12pm to 6pm

Venue: Lucky Plaza Level 6 (beside Jollibee)

I have been to different parties but never a FLEA PARTY. I am not sure what i am getting into but quite certain it is gonna be fun.

How Fun ah? – I am glad you asked.

I don’t know.

But brand new items (dresses/tops/bottoms) starting from $5 and pre owned items starting from $1?
(pre owned items diff from pre loved, pre owned means we owned them but never have the chance to wear them because 1)too small or big purchased online, 2) impulse buying) 

Bring a bigger carrier (if possible) to bag those lovely items home!

One of the very exclusive piece we are featuring is this GORGEOUS Crochet Lace LBD (BRAND NEW):

fleaModel: Lindy

Be charmed by this sophisticated crochet-laced tube dress with the sweet heart neckline flaunting your figure! Most appropriate for almost any occasion! Get yours on Sat! @ Flea Party, Lucky Plaza level 6 (besides Jollibee) emoji

As we are no celeb/bloggers/models/aliens/mermaids/wadever. You might have difficulty finding us. I have attached a peekture of us.  It is not hard to spot us (i think) and i have pink hair. Ok well, just strips of pink.


Ok, gtg.  See you on Sat!

P/S WE ARE HAVING A FLASH SALES AND CLOTHES BUFFET every hr! (items will be starting from as low as $1 for pre owned and $5 for brand new)

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