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New Hair Jul ’13

Not gonna be a long update as i am having 1 of those “STAY AWAY AND STAY CLEAR” days.

It is 1 of those days which i refuse to talk to anyone, am feeling extremely tired and sleepy, i am frustrated, affected, very angry, irritated, vexed and the list just goes on.

But i reckon i should just do myself a favour by uploading the pictures of my “New Hair”.

Maybe i will feel better but actually i dont. Whatever`





Don’t know what to say about my hair previously. It was amazing after i did the Purple highlights mths ago but went haywire mths later,
It has not been done ever since i did my Purple Strips. It was thick and shapeless.

So i went to do up my hair over the weekend and did a 24K treatment (please, is just the name of  the  treatment. NOT the price -_-) , did highlights and get the thick tresses trimmed.

This time round, i chose to be on budget and not splurge on expensive salons, so  i went to a place in Katong, recommended by my gf. I know i will be heading back frequently, the people there are very very friendly & not in the awkward way. The boss is sincere and nice. I like the place.

I didnt take pictures of the place as it is my first visit, it is not so nice. The place is not very easy to locate if you are not very familiar with Katong area. It is inside Katong Plaza and it is actually just behind Katong I12, and it is besides Roxy Square.

At first look, the place is rather old and seemed like only aunties will patronize, my gf and Chris aint aunties though. The place do not look particularly new but it was very cosy looking. There is a young boy (around 10) serving drinks and his Mum help to do coloring. The boss Jo does the cutting for most of the customers. They are all very polite people.



Overall, i am very happy with my result. I always believe that a review is most accurate when the person actually pay for it and not sponsored.

I paid less than $230 for Cut, Treatment and Highlights. I like what i see in the mirror everyday and i like the service.
If you are keen, you may visit Jo at Katong Plaza, for exact address, you may PM me at

Is not that i am unwilling to share the address here, but would like to monitor  the number of people who are keen, so if there is any chances of getting a bulk discount for readers.

After :
Will be back for more updates, really not in the mood to talk today. So, Tata!

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